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Wizz Air Flight Change Policy – july 2022

Change your travel plans easily with Wizz Air’s change policy. They make it easy for people to book flights online or with one click. You only have to pay 50% of the cost that you selected as your new itinerary and Wizz Air also offers flexible rebooking policies including maximum flexibility

Wizz Air Change Booking Policy

You must change your flight at least 24 hours before departure. You cannot rebook a flight from the same journey within a year.

Wizz Air Name Change Policy

Planes must adhere to strict requirements if they want to fly with Wizz Air. There are different passengers name change policies on the company’s website, which should be carefully read by anyone who flies with the airline.

Free of charge if you make a typo error, please alert Wizz Air staff straight away, so they could fix the text for you and you will still be able to fly for your trip.

How Can I Change my Flight with Wizz Air?

Wizz Air customers can adjust their reservations from property to property. One way is to walk through the steps of altering an existing booking, and the second way is by creating a new booking from scratch.

Booking changes online is easy with Wizz Air! Find the cheapest fare for your travel. Our website also has information about our flight schedule and other services available such as baggage delivery and booking a hotel.

In case you’re having issues with working with us to make a change for your Wizz Air booking, call our 24/7 helpline and we’ll book the changes for you. We never discriminate between making a change because of age or disability; if that is the case then we can help you out.

Wizz Air Change Check In Details

Passengers on a Wizz Air flight can still change their flight registration or purchase any additional service once the flight check-in is completed.

Wizz Air Change Flight Fee

Online change fees vary according to the days left until the scheduled departure and are assessed on a per passenger basis in addition to a fare difference. Here’s overview of change fees as per Wizz Air round-trip change policy –

Duration Wizz Air Change fees
More than 30 days to go 40 USD
Between 7-30 days 45 USD
Within 7 days from scheduled departure 50 USD

Wizz Air is one of the cheapest airlines in Western Europe, so passengers have no need to worry about changing flight fees.

Wizz Air Flight Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Firstly, you will need to login to your Wizz Air account. Next, navigate to the tab ‘My Profile’ and edit your email address. After that, click on “Save change” to finalize the change. It is always easy to reach our Change email for changes in cases where it isn’t possible.

Booking changes must be processed more than three hours before departure. You need to visit your departure airport and head to Wizz Air change booking counter. Keep your six-digit booking reference handy, and check to see if the Wizz Air flight change policy is applicable on your reservation. You can pay for changes in cash or through debit/credit card.

Wizz Air checked-in their customers faster online, so they added a new functionality to the light tickets. The three changes they allow are changing the gender that may have been wrongly selected, your middle name and adding an extra three letters where one could have been wrong.

If your flight is on the same day and only the flight schedule was changed, you will be able to choose which seat you want. If your flight schedule has been changed to another day, you will be asked if you want to change your seats at no charge.

Wizz Air has a policy in place that allows passengers to changed their flight reservation or purchase any additional service as long as the check-in is complete. Passengers will also have to pay a fee if they want their ticket changed at the airport before boarding. But, Wizz Air lets passengers update their seats once the check-in is completed for free.

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