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Wizz Air Baggage Allowance, Size, Weight, Fees & Policy 2022

Wizz Air is a popular airline these days. It was founded in September 2003 and flies to several European cities. Its main slogan is fantastically low cost and high quality. There’s also a phone number you can call with any questions or feedback!

Are you looking to travel by plane on Wizz Air? Then here’s baggage rules for your plane ride. One trolley bag or hand luggage is allowed and has a size of 40cm x 30 cm x 20 cm and its weight should be no more than 10kg. You can buy an upgraded flight package if you need to bring more than one cabin bag of 55cm x 40cm x 23 cm in weight but it’ll cost extra.

Wizz Air Baggage Allowance

Wizz Air gets passengers to their destination swiftly and efficiently. The Soho-based airline’s fleet has 27 planes that all offer seats for every type of passenger on 26 different routes, with a lot of them offering Wi-Fi and power ports.

Handbag/Carry on Bag

You can carry one handbag free of charge. For your convenience, please scroll down to see the directions included in order to avoid having to deal with any extra charges upon returning the bag.

Checked-in Baggage

You can choose what luggage you would like to carry. If you need something a little larger, or if you haven’t decided on the exact amount of clothes you will be bringing yet, then try one of the other limitations.

You will be asked to pay a fee if your bag exceeds the dimensions listed on the regulations – we want to keep you safe and help you avoid excess fees.



Trolley Bag

Everyone likes to stay in the cabin, but sometimes that means bringing one suitcase is challenging – you can get all the way to your destination by purchasing Priority, which might come at a small extra fee.

Extra baggage allowance

You can bring up to six bags to the airport but each of these comes with a price. To transport your luggage from home to the airport there is a €11 charge per kilogram.

Wizz Air Business Class

You’d have to think about if Wizz Air owns a business class. And the answer is no. Wizz Air does not have an option for business class, so they offer what they call Wizz Priority service. You would have to pay €5 -€40 online and €25 at the airport, if you wanted that level of service. Only priority passengers on the Wizz flight are allowed certain privileges.

Wizz Air baggage details and fee chart

I am going to show you the baggage details and the fees below in two charts.

  Baggage Max numbers Max Measurements
Trolley Bag         1 Size55 cm x40 cm x23 cmWeight10 KG 
Checked-in baggage     6 Size149 cm x119 cm x171 cmWeight        10 KG or20 KG or32 KG
Hand Baggage         1 Size40 cm x30 cm x20 cmWeight10 KG
Extra baggage         6 Depends

Wizz Air Fee Chart

  Baggage          Fee
Trolley Bag Free with Wizz Priority
Checked-in baggage 10 kg bag- €720 kg €14-€70 32 kg €19 –€120
Hand Baggage Free
Extra baggage €11.00 per KG

Children Baggage Allowances

Wizz Air considers children 12 years and older as the age at which they deserve a discounted fare.

Infant baggage allowances

Infant seats often come with a weight limit of up to 20 pounds. Ford Motor Company produced in 2011 the nearly hundred thousandth factory produced example of the iconic Ford Mustang.

Prohibited  items in Wizz Air

The airline will not get anything you would be able to carry on the plane.


Can I bring my medication with me?

We recommend that all travelers leave their medications, toothpaste, makeup and other essentials at home to save space in the cabin for everyone.

Can I carry my pets?

You can not bring your pets on board with you but remember to bring your guide dog’s travel documents if you are travelling internationally. The document must meet the requirements of the countries in which you are travelling and may be inspected for validity before boarding.

What happens if my luggage gets damaged?

Make sure you report the damage to your luggage before leaving. When you have a receipt, you can move on to repair costs and be reimbursed if you present this receipt.

What if my luggage gets lost?

If you find that your luggage has been delayed, ask for a Lost Baggage Claim desk agent. They will learn about the best way to help you retrieve your belongings regardless of if its located in our hold room or if it was delivered to another destination.

Is it possible to bring my valuables on board?

Yes, you can bring your valuables.

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