WestJet Airlines Inflight WiFi 2022 [Step By Step Guide With FAQs]

Based in Calgary, WestJet is the second-largest airline in Canada. The airline uses Calgary International Airport as its primary hub. WestJet operates flights to more than 100 countries throughout Canada, Europe, the United States, the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico. Compared to other major airlines WestJet offers an excellent service with a lot of features at a low cost

WestJet provides complimentary services, including entertainment through their WestJet Connect system so passengers can plan their route before they even get on the plane.

A Glance at WestJet 

Name WestJet Airlines Ltd.
Headquarter Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Parent Company Onex Corporation
Main HubCalgary International Airport
Secondary Hub Toronto–Pearson International Airport
Inflight Wi-FiYes 
Passenger Destinations100+
Operating Aircraft172
Social MediaFacebook

WestJet Inflight WiFi:

Passengers can enjoy the freedom of international travel with WestJet, as the company offers pay-per-usage Internet. Looking online for your flight will show if the plane has wifi access or not, and even how much that can cost.

A flight detail of WestJet 

If your stop-over is short, you can purchase Onboard Internet for 24 hours at just 21.99 CAD or for 90 minutes at just 10.99 CAD. Longer stop-overs start to cost 33.99 per day or 399.95 per round trip on board when purchased in advance.

WestJet Onboard Internet Packages:

Package-110.99 CAD90 minutes
Package-2 21.99 CADFull Flight
Package-3 32.99 CAD24 hours

WestJet also offers Boingo wifi on their flights. You can use the service anytime, not only when you’re flying on one of WestJet’s planes. With a Boingo wi-fi subscription, all you need to do is sign up for the pay service and get both your card information and account information (including billing address). We fly our own planes, so we don’t have to worry about their wifi signal at 35000 feet.

How to Connect to WestJet wifi?

Passengers are able to connect to the WestJet inflight wifi through the app ‘WestJet’ and on the website westjetconnect.com. If you want to connect through the WestJet app make sure to download it before your flight takes off. It’s easy just follow these steps to connect:

  • Turn on Airplane mode and enable wifi
  • Connect to the network ‘WestJet Connect’
  • There are many people who want to access the WestJet app in order to book a flight and an experience; others want to find out what the website has to offer.
  • Only the packages you’re interested in show. From there, it’s easy to see all of the variety the internet has to offer.
  • Select a plan that works best for you and follow the instructions on the screen for the payment process.
  • You’ll receive an email that notifies you that your purchase has been confirmed. You will be immediately connected to the producer who can assist you.
  • Enjoy Surfing!

WestJet Inflight Entertainment:

Customers can enjoy a few movies, music, tv series, meditations, relaxation exercises, and sleep stories from the entertainment system of WestJet. All content is free and users can stream it from their mobile device with ease.

Frequent Asked Questions:

Does WestJet have inflight wifi?

Yes, WestJet offers internet service as long as you’re in the air. This service is available if your flight has one of the specified airports on its route.

Does WestJet wifi support Netflix streaming?

WestJet inflight wifi does not support any kind of streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, etc. It can’t stream video calls or update and download apps.

Do I have a refund option when it comes to purchasing my WestJet internet pass?

If your Internet connection does not function properly after purchasing it, WestJet will refund you. To be eligible for a refund, submit your transaction information, last 4 digits of the credit card used and flight details on this website.

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