Can a Ford Transit Camper be Converted to a Ford Transit Truck??

Have you noticed many small delivery vans running through our cities and suburbs lately? They are a miniature version of the popular Ford Transit cargo vans, called the Ford Transit Connect.

The compact shape of small cars, their excellent gas mileage, and the ability to ride on our city's narrow streets make them a great choice for metropolitan driving.

It also makes them a durable choice for van customization.

Ford vans on a passenger vehicle chassis were built to replace the cars of old.

What Is a Ford Transit Connect? 

Transit Connects are perfect for small camper van conversions. It is boxy design allows it to be easily built out as a camper van.

Are Ford Transits good for camper conversions??

Yes, the Transit Connect comes in two lengths. One is short and the other is long. It has a wheel base of 105” on the short model, and 174” on the long model.

Does the Ford Transit Connect Come in Different Lengths?  

The Ford Transit Connect's interior is 49" tall, so anyone under 4 ft tall has to sit down.

How Much Weight Can You Stand on the Bus??

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