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Vueling Flight Change Policy – 2022[updated]

People are often confused when it comes to making changes to their flight tickets due to the fear of shelling out more money. To help passengers make changes easily, save money, and enjoy rewards on the go, Vueling Airlines has created its own custom made policy on changing a flight.

Vueling Flight Change Policy: Key Highlights 

Vueling 24 Hours Flight Change Policy

When you book a flight with Vueling, you have a 24-hour window to make adjustments. Be sure to take this opportunity to make changes if needed! To learn more about the free 24-hour change policy that Vueling offers, check out this website!

Vueling Airlines Flight Change Policy According to Fare Types

The carrier aims to make its customers’ travel experience comfortable. It’s updated much of its policy and has made components for different fare types, so you can easily find information specific to your needs.

This ticket is the most affordable of all the fares offered by the airline. However, due to its uncomfortable nature, this fare only appeals to very fanatic travelers who are looking for savings.


The Optima and Family fare tickets are similar to the basic fare ticket type, but they have extra bonuses. These are ideal for passengers traveling with friends and families. With these tickets, you can carry more luggage and complete check-in faster.


Vueling offers “TimeFlex” fares in business sectors and they’re classified as business class tickets. They’re more expensive than cheaper routes but they have greater comfort and flexibility.


Vueling Name Change Policy

Following the Vueling magnitude revolution oneworld, their name changed to Vueling. It’s thus time for you to find out about all of the different policy changes.

Vueling Flight Change Fees

Airline change fees vary depending on which type of ticket you need to change, the length of time since issue, and where your new flight takes off from. Explanations for all Vueling Airlines can be found below:

Methods to Change Flights with Vueling Airlines

Vueling, like most airlines, provides flight change services via multiple networks. Many people choose to make changes online because it saves them time and resources. However, they can still do offline on certain occasions. The downside of offline procedures is that you must physically visit the site (official outlet), pay more money (called service fees), and put in more work.

Online change process

Online Assessment is easy to create and perform. This method offers 4 quick steps that involve visiting the website or app, filling in survey responses, submit your results, and choose your next steps.

Remember to complete the authentication process by logging in with your username and password.

You can open or close your reservation from the manage booking option.

Visit my trip section. Select the type of trip you want and fill out the required information.

Ensure that the information provided above is correct and select what changes you want made to your ticket. Then pay the change fees according to the Vueling flight change policy.

As soon as the algorithm is finished, you will be able to see what has been applied.

Once the process is completed, you’ll receive a confirmation email on your registered IDs with instructions for the modified ticket.

Offline change process

The procedure for planning a trip with Vueling requires more items than the offline option. You should consider waiting to invest in your trip through Vueling counters and customer service number before you decide on this method.

It is best not to book your trip to Spain using secondary sources like airline website or filling in a form because they will place you on the shortest line. Instead, only email us at over the phone and we can make sure you are on the right track.

Dial the Vueling customer service number or any other toll-free number as per your location.

Request management. Request an official contact in the form of a phone call, email or messaging to get connected with them.

Help make your move easy by pointing out all the documents that need to be changed, and tell the agent what needs to happen next, such as initiating change request process on your behalf.

Reminder to file for returns (generate and print a receipt, bag items for return to store, fill out the product care card)

We will figure out the best itinerary for your trip based on availability and how long you plan to stay.

Step 6 -Pay for your Vueling airfare with the one of the available options. This is an official tax-free process. Our customer service will deliver a receipt and the most recent tickets to your confirmed email address.

Frequently Asked Questions – Vueling Flight Change Policy

To change the seats, just call the Vueling customer service phone number. You will select one of the available language options, then be connected to an agent who will ask your name and other necessary details. Once you have provided all the information needed, they will connect you with a new seat if there is one available. All you need to do is pay for the charge.

We’re easy to make changes! If you need to change your flight booking, the airline charges change fees on top of the ticket price. Vueling Airlines has a different policy for passengers who booked their tickets indirectly through a third party.

To change your partner’s name, you will have to pay a change fee. It all depends on the airline policy and availability, as each one of them has a different policy. The outcome is uncertain because that decision depends on these things. Not in the risk-free area: A change fee fare differenceWith Flex Pack service: No change fee fare difference

Yes. If modifications are done outside the risk-free period.No. If modifications are done within 24 hours of booking it won’t affect your rental value.

To change the passenger name, they have several options. Some of them are mentioned on the air carrier’s website:-· A live chat feature is available on their smartphone app and official website · They can call Vueling customer service · For postal applications please email them at · A Vueling airport counter is at your disposal too · It is also possible to change your booking through the mobile app.

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