Vueling Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

We don’t want you to worry about what happened to you once Vueling canceled your flight just because they did so with some misinformation. We created this guide to let you know what the truth is behind the Vueling Air cancellation policy and that should make it easy for you if anything like this happens again.

Vueling Air Cancellation Policy

Vueling has its own cancellation fee, as well as additional fees depending on how far in advance of the flight you cancel your ticket. But hey, if you’re able to read up on the Vueling policy before getting to the airport, you might save a few bucks!

  • The Vueling cancellation policy specifies that a flight can be cancelled anytime by the passenger if they have a refundable ticket, but it has to be 48 hours from the booking and the actual travel date.
  • You won’t be able to get a refund after the ticket’s expiry date has passed.
  • We offer refunds no matter when the tickets are purchased. There is always time to get a full or partial refund even last minute!
  • In cases where the passenger does not have Cancellation Insurance coverage, airlines have no fees for canceling flights.
  • We provide our customers with the option to cancel their flight reservations for free up to 48 hours before a booked flight. If a cancellation is done, there will be penalties and refund that can be used towards future travel.
  • According to Vueling, if you cancel your airfare, the carrier will not charge any cancellation fees if the cancellation is made for one of the following reasons:Bereavement of passenger’s immediate family member.Flight canceled by the airline.Date change by the airline.The booking date is similar to the cancellation date.
  • Bereavement of passenger’s immediate family member.
  • Flight canceled by the airline.
  • Date change by the airline.
  • The booking date is nearly the same with the cancellation date.
  • Bereavement of passenger’s immediate family member.
  • Flight canceled by the airline.
  • Date change by the airline.
  • You can cancel or change your booking without commitments, without worrying.

Vueling 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

  • The Vueling return policy for a 48 hour cancellation period requires, if the ticket is non-refundable, to have a date less than 7 days before departure. However, it’s free.
  • There are only a couple of airlines that offer international tickets on their website, same as companies that offer international trips with unauthorized gateways.
  • Let’s say you need to get a refund on your ticket that you booked. You have 24 hours to cancel the ticket through the airline. However, if you decide to skip the call center and choose an offline cancellation option, they may charge a premium fee.
  • When the allotted free period expires, passengers pay Vueling cancellation fees ranging from 10% to 60% of the total fare. Passengers are refunded for these costs after deducting them from the total fare amount.

Vueling Airlines Cancellation Method

Passengers can cancel their planned trip in whatever manner they choose, as Vueling offers a variety of options for making the termination process easy. Continue reading for more information about the Vueling Air cancellation process. The Vueling airlines refund request can be made through the following modes:

  • OnlineWebsiteMobile App
  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • OfflineCustomer service numberAirport counter
  • Customer service number
  • Airport counter
  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • Customer service number
  • Airport counter

Vueling Airlines Cancel Flight Online

Consumers who may have trouble or want to cancel a purchase can do so through two platforms: the official website and smartphone app. There are no specific requirements regarding expertise, both methods are easy to use and carry out a cancellation swiftly but effectively.

  • Create a reservation or flight and travel on You can then create an account by filling out the signup form or using your username and password to login.
  • Head to the Manage my booking section.
  • Confirm the information on your website. Our documents need your passenger’s accurate family name for confirmation.
  • Select your desired journey from the available list.
  • Select the passenger name.
  • Tap on the cancel tab.
  • To confirm your cancellation, enter the reason for your cancellation and click confirmation.
  • The system can calculate the penalties for canceling or rescheduling for a refund. It will show them on the screen and let you know what the value of your cancellation is.
  • We charge a 10% cancellation fee for all reservations. Get your full refund within 21 business days of any cancellation completed!
  • You can launch the official app for the company and login or create a profile wherever the app is likely to be downloaded from.
  • Visit the Manage my booking option.
  • Register with the booking reference or confirmation number on thier ticket in order to know what flight and seat pending space is available.
  • Select the journey and tap on the corresponding tab.
  • You can choose to cancel or reschedule an event. You’ll have dedicated support all the time, if you need it.
  • Choose the reason for cancellation. 
  • Vueling provides a refund for your cancellation fees and taxes. After you fill in all the information, Vueling will show you the value of your Vueling refund in advance.
  • After the cancellation process is done, you’ll see the following notification on your phone: “Your booking is canceled.”
  • Let’s cancel! You won’t want to leave without taking care of this first.
  • A confirmation email with your password information will be sent to your approved email address.

Vueling Airlines Cancel Flight Offline

We allow passengers to cancel their flights for many different reasons. Some of the most common are being out of town, schedule change, delay or cancellation by Vueling Air. To cancel your trip use either the phone or our customer service center.

  • To cancel your Vueling flights, call the Vueling Air customer service number. For more information, click here and select a cancellation option from the available options.
  • We’ll select the best agent based off of the criteria you entered and make a trip over to them so you can start your new job.
  • Get a notification that your flight has been cancelled and make informed choices.
  • To avoid issues with cancellations, the agent will fill out a cancellation form on your behalf. They will include all needed information such as your name and this number.
  • When filling out the refund form, the agent will ask you to choose between a cash refund or travel credit.
  • You can select the mode you want to get a refund on and automatically receive a refund when you reach the desired amount.

Note- you can cancel your flight for free up to 48 hours before departure with outside sources, but if you prefer to cancel via the offline channel, you will be charged a service fee.

  • Mark your presence at the Vueling counter.
  • You can fill out an on-screen form to help the agent manage their Vueling flights.
  • Fill out the form with the following information: Name, Age, ID number, Departure date and all other required documents. Your passenger will receive confirmation before departure. Thank you!
  • Passenger name
  • Age
  • ID number
  • Departure date
  • Confirmation code, and all other required documents.
  • If you’re still not sure, we want to help you. Fill out the form, send it to a specialist, and we will be able to help get your questions answered quickly.
  • The agent will initiate the cancellation process on your behalf, ensuring you’re not charged for services that were not provided.
  • The refund value for your Vueling purchase is determined by subtracting the cancellation fees from your total ticket fare.
  • Passenger name
  • Age
  • ID number
  • Departure date
  • Confirmation code, and all other required documents.

Vueling Cancel Flight Compensation Rules 

  • When you cancel a scheduled flight, the airline Vueling guarantees that you will get a full refund or they will arrange an additional flight on another airline at no additional cost.
  • Vueling refunds delayed international flights. If your flight is delayed by two hours or four hours, you get travel credit on future trips. If your flight is delayed by more than four hours, you can get a refund in full or in the form of money or credits on future flights.
  • If delays cause a passenger to miss their flight, they will get travel credit to hold onto and use on future flights.
  • If the flight is delayed for over 4 hours, the passenger will be refunded in full for any form of payment. Credit point refunds are available as well if customers don’t want their money back.
  • When your flight is delayed for more than four hours, we will reimburse you for what you lose as a result.
  • Many airlines will refund customers in full if their flight is delayed by more than four hours. As a result, credit point often satisfies the policy, but money will also be available only for those who search for more information about policies.

What are the clauses mentioned in the Vueling flight refund policy?

Vueling flight refund policy

There are three clauses listed in Vueling’s flight refund policy, which are talked about below.

  • If you need a refund on a flight, contact the ticketing company and they will provide you with a solution.
  • There are no refunds for members that purchased their tickets from unofficial outlets.
  • If the flight is canceled by the airline, guests are eligible for a full refund.
  • We have a 30-day return policy and offer full refunds if you contact us within 30 days of paying for your order.
  • When a passenger books a flight but cannot go on the flight, he or she is not issued a refund.
  • People with travel insurance can cancel their flights for free. They won’t have to worry about getting a refund. They will be given travel credit in the form of vouchers within 7 days as a different option.

Vueling refund policy for refundable tickets

  • If someone has a fare that they want to cancel on Vueling, there will be no cancellation fee. According to their refund policy, the passenger would only have to pay a 60% cancellation fee for all flights on the ticket,
  • If a passenger is unhappy with their flight experience, they may communicate with airline officials in order to receive a refund.
  • Vueling offers a range of options for travelers who are looking to reschedule their flights or cancel them altogether.

Vueling refund policy for non-refundable tickets

  • If the airline would not charge cancellation fees for the departure date between canceled periods, the airline would not charge cancellation fees.
  • The risk-free duration of a ticket allows buyers to cancel their trip free of charge. After this point, they must pay the full price in cancellation fees.
  • Vueling provides a lot of different scenarios where they won’t charge you an cancellation fees if you need to cancel your ticket due to losing a loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions – Vueling Cancellation Policy

Yes, you can change your booked flight. To do this, though, you may need to pay a cancellation fee according to the Vueling cancellation policy.

If you have to cancel a Vueling flight, we offer free cancellation and a travel credit. If customers cancel within 24 hours of booking, we also offer full refund and risk-free change facility.

A passenger has to cancel their Vueling flight 48 hours before the flight is set to happen. If for any reason, the penaut can’t cancel through their platform within this time frame, then they need to pay a fee in order to cancel their trip.

You have to submit the following when you want to cancel a flight at Vueling- 1. Carry all the essential documents like- ticket, ID proof, passenger’s authorized documents, and all other required documents.2. Fill out a form you’re given* at the agent desk stating all the necessary details.3. Pay the cancellation fee (which is typically based on price).

Yes, you will be given a full refund after deducting the cancellation fee. However, according to Vueling’s policy, you can get your money back even before departure if you cancel 48 hours before departure- check the website or call on customer service.

If you paid with a debit or credit card, the airline will refund your value within 7 to 10 days. If you paid with cash, the airline takes 21 days+ to refund your value. On the note to pay by cash, if you want the cost of your canceled reservation as a cash refund-you need to contact the airlines customer service first.

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