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Vueling Baggage Allowance, Weight & Fees Guide 2022

It’s important to know what can happen when you are travelling, so that you’re not too surprised when something out of the ordinary happens. For example, some airlines might charge a lot for luggage and other things.

Vueling Airlines is the leading budget airline in Spain. Many people will want to know how much they need to budget for their trip, so this article will help them with their travel planning by focusing on use policies and guidelines.

Quick Look-up Table

Carry-on Allowance:   Check-in Baggage:   Excess Baggage Fees:  
Weight limit: 10Kg   Weight Limit: 23Kg   Individual baggage weight bag limit: 32 kg   Accumulated baggage weight limit: 50 kg  
Base price- Free   Base price: 8-32 euros for 15kg   Added fee for each extra Kilo exceeding 23Kg: 10-12 euros      
Dimensions: 55cm X 40 cm X 20 cm   N/A N/A

Carry-On allowance

Vueling allows passengers to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item. However, there are some weight limitations for the carry-on bag. The weight of the carry-on can not exceed 22 pounds or 10 Kilograms. In addition, the dimensions for the carry-on bags shouldn’t be over 55cm X 40cm X 20cm ( height, length, width).

Passenger’s can bring in a small bag without any extra fees. Passengers must not bring anything that obstructs the passenger from sitting in their assigned seat.

One way to make sure you can bring your personal items on board is to check their size. Some of the most important items you will want to carry on with you include laptop cases, cameras and so on. There are also places staff won’t mind bringing your bags and purses if they don’t go above their own personals item limits.

Check-in Baggage

The maximum check-in allowance for a passenger is 23 kilograms. It can cost between €8 and €32 for the 15 kg baggage, depending on where the passenger is travelling. The passengers are also required to address any luggage they are planning to carry during the booking process or, they could also choose to call Vueling directly with their notification. Or, if a passenger fails to do so, has their bag go missing or does not show up at the airport at all

Baggage Weight Online Booking Price
15kg bag 8-32€
20kg bag 10-37€
25kg bag 15-47€
30kg bag 25-62€

Excess Baggage Fees

There is an extra charge for baggage that exceeds the weight limit. Passengers can also take three pieces of luggage at most, a purse or a bag as long as they’re less than 32kg in total weight (airport rule).

Sports Equipment

Passengers travelling to Spain on Vueling airlines may choose to check in with sports equipment. This equipment includes, and is not limited to: snowboards, skis, golf clubs, surfboards, bicycles, and windsurfing accessories or equipment. Each piece will cost the passenger 45 euros.

Pet Policy

Vueling Airlines allow pets on their flights. You must provide your pet with an approved carrier, the carrier should not exceed 24 by 29 by 21 centimeters, and the weight should not exceed 8 kilograms for some flights. It is also a requirement that you mention your pets during the booking process. The additional fee of 40 euros ($46) applies.


Persistent changes in the guidelines and policies make it difficult for customers to get accurate information at any given time. It is our policy to provide only general information when an airline makes a significant change like this, and we advise you to do the same.


Is musical Instrument allowed to be carried in Vueling airlines?

Yes, there are restrictions on the amount of time you get to carry it with you. Refer to the Carry-on allowance section for details regarding the guidelines and limitations.

What is the baby luggage allowance in Vueling Airlines?

Traveling with an infant on a flight? Checked baggage can be brought on board as long as it’s stroller-friendly and includes your infant. Two more pieces of luggage can also accompany you if they are child-sized or less than 27″ in height.

How safe is it to send luggage via courier?

Send your luggage via courier, with no risk. Our service includes a trusted courier to pick up and deliver your items in the USA and Canada

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