Volaris Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

With Volaris Name Change Policy, passengers can change their name and safety requirements after buying a ticket to the correct one. We provide you with information about the airline’s policy, penalties, and consequences.

Rules for Volaris Change Name on Flight Ticket

Airfare prices change quickly, so you may get an unexpected bill for the time between flights if you’re not careful. Smaller budget airlines have also been known to charge passengers to store luggage which can sometimes cause passengers to be without a travel companion.

  • Passengers will be able to purchase a flight using their eGift certificate or be able to use the airlines’ electronic credit.
  • You have already marked a no-show on the specific flight segment.
  • We require minors and elders to book an entire reservation for any trips by phone. If a passenger books by booking the trip (“booking” can mean via telephone, internet, or in person) but isn’t an adult, a live chat agent will offer to help confirm the booking.

You should also consider other rules before asking someone to do something, as well have a look at what you need to know.

  • You must have the name on the flight booking exactly match the name on your passport or government issued photo ID. For example, a driver’s license for domestic travel and a passport for international travel. If an airline denies you boarding or entry to the destination, it may be due to this name difference.
  • The airline allows minor spelling errors to be corrected up to four characters on the first, middle, or last name. If your ticket is canceled, or you miss your flight because of a typo in your name, you will have to pay a non-refundable fee of US$200 alongside any fare difference.
  • The airline only sells tickets in the name of the passenger who had purchased them.
  • Concerning fare rules, passengers should note that some Volaris booking rules don’t permit changing a reservation name. In such a case, the passenger must request flight cancellation and claim a refund before making a new booking according to their correct name.
  • If you need to change your ticket with Volaris, then there may be a Volaris flight change fee and any applicable fare difference.
  • Name changes or correction requests cannot be processed immediately. Therefore, no name change or correction is requested within 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
  • When there are multiple airlines involved in the Volaris′ flight, travelers may request the name change with that airline. All other airlines require travelers to get in contact with them directly.

Other Rules Covered Under Volaris Name Change Policy

Passengers who booked their flights on Volaris.com or via the airline’s Call Centre can request to change a name at the airport in Mexico. Many airlines offer this service, such as Aeromexico and Air Canada. For a non-refundable fee of 200 USD, passengers can request the name change per flight segment, so you have the possibility of making possible changes and traveling hassle-free.

  • The name change service can only be processed on the flight operated by the airline that the agent is serving on. You need to send a 036 ticket stock number with the booking to complete the process.
  • People can only request a change to last names up to 24 hours before their flight. Some passengers might be asked for an upgrade or change in ticket type and will have that cost applied as part of the name change process.
  • Customers are not allowed to request changes in their passenger type. There is a Volaris name change policy that stated which one is to be requested by the customers
  • Sometimes, there are multiple passengers in the booking. One of the passengers needs to request the name change or correction. The passenger simply needs to contact Volaris customer service phone number and we’ll take care of it.
  • Sometimes, when passengers change their names, they may get a new ticket for the same trip and this can happen if there is no capacity for the type of booking that the old ticket was for. In these cases, passengers will have to cover any cost difference that might need to be refunded.
  • The new fare prices are available online through the Global Reservation Platform. A name change cannot be requested online.

Volaris Name Correction Policy

Passengers must contact the airline to change their name. It wouldn’t be possible for passengers to edit the incorrect name on Volaris’ website. The airline charges a small fee for this service. If a passenger doesn’t want to do that, changing the name isn’t possible without some sort of ID which is required by their policies.

Airlines will not make changes to customers’ booking unless the change is within three hours of departure and is less than ten travelers.

  • He is making the changes despite the fact that departure time has already been set for the flight.
  • The itinerary begins with a flight from multiple airlines or code-shared/interline agreement partners.
  • Scheduled departure is within 24 hours.
  • Passenger has already taken the outbound flight.

How to Change Name on Volaris Ticket?

Passengers who want to change their name on your next flight can do so online or by calling the airline’s reservation number.

Volaris Change Name on Flight Online

A passenger just needs to visit the airlines website on their phone. Navigating to the PNR and last name of your boarding pass helps you manage your entire booking process. There is a fee per flight that varies, so use our service to pay this difference and get where you need to go

  • Visit volaris.com and use our Manage Booking section.
  • If you’re making a booking and are provided with any specific guest or room changes codes, you enter these in the searching tab.
  • Update your profile to select the passenger you would be like to request a name change on.
  • If you wish to take part in the book giveaway, enter the correct name in the required field box.
  • The airline will likely charge you a fee for having different names on your tickets. Take care of this by rescinding your booking.
  • When you are done with your purchase, and the success has been confirmed, you will be linked to the booked landing page.
  • Passengers who book a ticket to Europe will receive an email confirmation with their new, updated name and three days of itinerary.

Change Name on Flight Over the Phone

Volaris will charge a fee for name changes made over the phone. Contacting support through our website is much better because you have instant access. Name change fees may be different for other airlines.

Types of Volaris Change Name Request

As per the Volaris name change policy you can request the name change due to misspelled name and more. Each name change has its own limitation and procedure, as it is mentioned below.

  • Volaris allows passengers to change their name when they’re travelling. If you’re unsure of your correct name, or haven’t had a chance to update your passport ahead of the trip, Volaris makes it easy. You’ll be reissued a similar or higher class fares which may differ depending on availability in the country.
  • Airline passengers can change their name on the ticket to accurately reflect their legal name. Passengers are asked to submit documents such as a legal decree or an updated photo ID in order to validate the changes.
  • The airline allows minor name changes. They allow you to correct any spelling errors up to four letters on the first, middle, or last name.
  • A reservation can now be made to change one’s middle name or last name. For example, people with two last names could apply for the procedure of getting their names mixed up to aid in security checks during international travel. It is always recommended to verify all the passengers’ details before purchasing the airline’s reservation, confirm that the details on the flight ticket must appear identical as

Volaris Change Name Fee

Name changes are subject to the corresponding fee, which means that the airline will approve or deny the name changes.

Before booking travel, it’s always recommended to verify all the passenger’s details before purchasing the airline’s reservation, confirm that the details on the flight ticket appear as they do on any government-issued photo ID.

We do not charge any change fees within 24 hours of booking. Check our fees below, fee sections include the total value and carrer division, as well as what type of fare unit (bus, airplane) these changes fall under.

Scheduled Departure TimeOnline (In USD)Over the Phone (In USD)At the Airport (In USD)
Less than 15 days 250 + fare difference250 + fare difference300 + fare difference
More than 15 days 300 + fare difference300 + fare difference350 + fare difference

If you change your name and remember to confirm the information to Volaris when updating your name, this should be a quick process. Make sure you follow any additional instructions on the back of your ticket as well.

Volaris Name Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, passengers can correct the first, middle, or last name up to four characters with our flight correction process.

Before you purchase a Volaris reservation, it is best to confirm that the details on the flight ticket are as they appear on your passport or any government-issued photo ID.

These requests can be made by airline customers who change a name on their flight booking or via the reservation portal. Name changes are subject to potential penalties and charges, depending on the specifics of each situation.

Change the passenger’s name to a preferred name and provide it over the phone.

  • Dialing and waiting for someone’s executive to be connected is the easy way to book an international flight.
  • Representative will travel to retrieve your booking if it is not retrieved yourself.
  • Spell out the passengers name when they give it to a chauffeur or taxi driver.
  • As per our name change policy, a name change request may be subject to change penalties and an optional fare difference.
  • Fill out the form, making it clear what the request is and all necessary information to submit, then pay the appropriate fee.
  • When travelers request a flight itinerary change, they’ll receive an updated confirmation email that reflects the current selections.

Passengers can change their names before they depart on Volaris flights with a non-refundable fee of 200 USD. Passengers are only allowed to request name changes on flights booked on Volaris.com or via the airline’s Call Centre.

At Volaris, we charge extra fees for respective fare changes. We highly recommend checking the person’s details before purchasing the reservation. You must always match their information on the flight ticket exactly with their government-issued photo ID.

If a customer changes their mind about a ticket purchase within 24-hours of booking, then the fare difference will be waived. If passengers need to change their name or correct any personal information, they would still be liable for the fare difference that is not waived.

Airlines do not allow passengers to change their ticket to fit the age they would like. They often will only allow you to switch to a different type of ticket, or even cancel your trip altogether if you cannot meet these specific rules.

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