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VivaAerobus Flight Change Policy – 2022[updated]

VivaAerobus understands how planning a vacation can be stressful and difficult, leading to travel plans canceled at the last minute. With the VivaAerobus policy, you are able to change your trip date and destination stress-free. You can change your flight date and origin, or even book a totally new trip this way.

VivaAerobus Change Flight Rules

Let’s understand why it is important to comply with changes before making a change to your reservation.

Flight Change by VivaAerobus 

VivaAerobus reserves the rights to change different aspects of these flights. If you plan to travel to either Rome or Naples, it is important that you check the flight schedule on the airlines’ website prior to departure. We recommend passengers check for all details as some unforeseen changes, such as weather conditions and safety concerns sometimes necessitate a last minute adjustment.

VivaAerobus Change Fee

First, it is important to know that the Vivaaerobus charges change fee and other benefits in your booking. You will need to upgrade or change your itinerary in order to use those additional benefits or enjoy the greater travel experience.

VivaAerobus is a flight booking website. It calculates an estimate of the change fees for your route on the side under the advertising section.

For Domestic Travel – 

VivaAerobus Ticket Change Fees Online Over the Phone
Itinerary Changes (Flight departs in more than 24hrs) 150 USD 175 USD
Itinerary Changes (Flight departs in less than 24hrs or up to 4 hours before the flight departure) 200 USD 225 USD

For International Travel – 

VivaAerobus Ticket Change Fees Online Over the Phone
Itinerary Changes (Flight departs in more than 24hrs) 200 USD 225 USD
Itinerary Changes (Flight departs in less than 24hrs or up to 4 hours before the flight departure) 250 USD 275 USD

VivaAerobus 24 Hour Change Policy

Passengers are allowed to change their flights on Aerobus under the VivaAerobus flight change policy, and no change fee will be assessed if passengers make the changes within 24 hours of buying a ticket provided that the scheduled departure date must be 7 or more days at the time of moving tickets. Fare differences may apply.

VivaAerobus allows you to change your flight up to three days before departure. These are the booking types that are eligible.

VivaAerobus Flight Changes Types

What types of changes can be made to a flight reservation? Let’s look at what the different options are.

VivaAerobus Change Flight Date

With VivaAerobus Reservation Change, passengers can move their trips up or down a few days before the departure by clicking the ‘Manage Booking’ button. Some rules enforce that online change requests cannot be accepted for some fares.

VivaAerobus Name Change

With all the changes with type of flight and name Chas looked over, if you are planning on booking someone else’s ticket feel free to contact us and we’ll help!

However, passengers can request a name correction. If an error or misspelling is found, this allows the VivaAerobus to easily correct their name right away.

VivaAerobus Seat Change

If you’re already booked a seat and want to change your seat preference, the VivaAerobus allows on certain flights only. If you are changing your ticket within 24 hours of the flight’s departure time, it’s free. If it’s more than 24 hours before the flight departs, it will be very expensive.

VivaAerobus Seat Change Fees Online(From-To) Viva Tiendas Airport
VIP Priority 50-60 USD 85 USD N/A
More Space 60-100 USD 125 USD N/A
Preferred 40-70 USD 100 USD N/A
Regular 30-50 USD 75 USD N/A

VivaAerobus Route Change

Before departure, passengers can change the origin or destination only if they’re traveling on an outbound flight. If the outbound flight is already flown, no changes would be permitted.

How Do I Change My Flight with Vivaaerobus?

Passengers can change their flights online as well as over the phone. Let’s understand how to request a flight change by performing the following steps:

Change VivaAerobus Flight Online

Are you booked on a flight or just planning it? Prepare these steps first to make sure your changes are done correctly.

Change VivaAerobus Flight Over the Phone

We provide useful solutions to any flight check-in issues. Our representatives are knowledgeable with changing flights even before the online check-in goes live.

VivaAerobus Schedule Change Policy

VivaAerobus publishes its flight schedules up to 11 months in advance and gives ample time to the passengers to make adjustments to their travel plans. In some instances, VivaAerobus may make changes to the flight schedules after it is published to accommodate changes in aircraft and routes. Depending on these changes, the schedule change may include: ‘

The VivaAerobus Schedule Change Policy can be found on our website. Here are some things passengers should know before buying tickets.

VivaAerobus Flight Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes! We allow you to change your reservation’s flight date, time and/or route. All Reservation Change requests will be subject to the airline’s penalty in buying a different flight, or applying for a refund in a fare difference.

You can cancel or change your VivaAerobus reservation online. The app makes it easy to get the ball rolling on any changes.

Booking a new time or date for your flight, let us know. Simply fill out this form and someone will get back to you soon.

When you booked your trip, you received a confirmation email. If you didn’t receive this, it can be found in My Bookings on the bottom left of your screen.

Combine that with our filters, which are easy to create, and you can find the ticket number on your own.

All you need to do is – 

If a passenger wants to change or cancel their flight, they have the option of doing so before 4 hours cuts off for international flights or 2 hours for domestic.

Passengers can change their flights to a new flight provided that the same departure and arrival airports, destinations and airlines are the same. The user must confirm their travel by 24 hours before departure of the earliest confirmed itinerary date.

You can arrange for a later or earlier flight if your originally scheduled date is not available. To use the change flight credit and avoid paying the foreign transaction fee, you would need to rearrange your travel dates and cancellation date within one year of your original departure date.

Passengers can change their flights for free if they happen to find a better schedule within 24 hours of booking as long as it’s at least 7 days before the flight originally scheduled. You will have a fare difference but, otherwise, you’ll be able to change your booking.

From the homepage, you can see where your reservations are and better plan your trip. You can pick which exact seat you want to sit in or change it if you have already picked one.

If there isn’t an available seat at the time of check-in, we’ll let you know when and where a seat is available.

If a passenger makes a significant schedule modification, and/or his time is delayed by 4 hours or more out of their personal control, the passengeris entitled to a refund of any subdivided tickets.

Air travel for VivaAerobus can only be booked as a mixed file, in which the options are either ticket change or cancel. Customers who have name changes need to cancel the flight and reset with the new passengers name.

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