VivaAerobus Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

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With a VivaAerobus travel policy, passengers get the peace of mind that they’ll be refunded up to $700, which is less than what they would otherwise pay. We provide detailed information about policies and cancellation process, which gives passengers an easy way of knowing what they should do in this specific situation.

  • VivaAerobus could cancel your flight at any time. Check the itinerary before you book a ticket to make sure this doesn’t happen.
  • VivaAerobus will respect all of its cancellation policies, as well as any related provisions in the event of cancellations.
  • If you want to cancel your VivaAerobus flight reservation, you don’t need to go out of your way. You can cancel it right through their portal or the over phone with the company.
  • We charge a fee for changing or cancelling a reservation. If it’s done less than 4 hours before departure, the flight will not happen.
  • VivaAerobus has a wonderful cancellation policy. Ticket holders can cancel their flight in advance or as soon as they find out the airline needs to reschedule the flight. The policies apply to individuals and groups alike.
  • If you’re on a VivaAerobus and you need to change your mind about traveling, you have 24 hours from the time of buying your ticket to get the money back. Learn more about our cancellation policy.
  • In the cases where VivaAerobus issues tickets that exceed the aircraft capacity or cancel a flight where passengers have been denied boarding, a full refund must be obtained without collecting any VivaAerobus ticket cancellation fee, and is subject to the VivaAerobus flight canceled compensation policy.
  • You may request a travel certificate due to unfortunate circumstances like the death of a loved one. The ticket will be validated with the death certificate or medical certificate provided by the passenger.

VivaAerobus 24 Hour Cancellation

VivaAerobus has a 24 hour cancellation policy. It lets your flight be canceled within 24 hours if you’re already past the scheduled departure time., for instance, if you buy your ticket seven or more days before the flight. You can find important details about the cancellation policy here.

  • They are not specific to any one country, they must have originated in or be bound to the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.
  • Fly VivaAerobus directly with the airline. Get up-to-the-minute flight status and rebookings.
  • If you book your reservation via a travel agent such as Expedia, Cheapoair, etc., then VivaAerobus does not apply with regards to the same.
  • You have to make at least a 7-day advance reservation for the VivaAerobus.
  • I’m sorry, VivaAerobus 24 hour cancellation policy is not applicable to groups. Group contract will have rules your group may be subject to.
  • We guarantee Zero Fare tickets won’t be subject to a pesky 24-hour cancellation policy, and you’ll only need the occasional flight credit if you can get a desired ticket at no cost.
  • VivaAerobus’s cancellation policy does not apply to flights that do not originate in the US and are not included in United States Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines.

VivaAerobus Cancellation Fee

VivaAerobus does not give bookings back. Once the flight date has been reached, the ticket cannot be changed. If a change is needed, VivaAerobus charges an airline change fee which could cost more than the original ticket price. Here is the overview of their policies for changing flights before that time –

Domestic (within Mexico)

VivaAerobús Reissue Fees Online Phone Airport
Itinerary Changes (Flight departs in more than 24hrs) 80 USD 90 USD 150 USD
Itinerary Changes (Flight departs in less than 24hrs or up to 4 hours before the flight departure) 110 USD 120 USD 200 USD

International (To and from Mexico)

VivaAerobús Reissue Fees Online Phone Airport
Itinerary Changes (Flight departs in more than 24hrs) 45-54 USD 45 USD 50 USD
Itinerary Changes (Flight departs in less than 24hrs or up to 4 hours before the flight departure) 62-75 USD 62 USD 67 USD

How to Cancel Flight with VivaAerobus?

The VivaAerobus app/website allows passengers to cancel their flight and provides information on how to navigate the process over the phone, being easy to use.

VivaAerobus Cancel Reservation Online

This is how to cancel an existing VivaAerobus flight reservation online.

  • Visit, and find cheap flights today on our site with the ‘My Flight’ tab.
  • To make sure your reservation number is correct, you must enter your surname and city as it appears on your reservation confirmation. Otherwise, you won’t see the flight details displayed.
  • According to the number of people, the VivaAerobus lets customers cancel a flight. Our cancellation policy allows people to do so within 24 hours of the purchase.
  • Our flights and itineraries are available on your booking form, so we recommend that you visit the Cancel tab after retrieving them.
  • The VivaAerobus cancellation process protects our customers. In order for the process to be approved, the total number of passengers in your booking event has to be two or lower.
  • You will see your VivaAerobus refund amount on the screen. You can use the ‘Refund’ button to process the cancellation.
  • After you submit your reservation, you will receive confirmation and any follow-up emails on the email address provided at your VivaAerobus booking page.

VivaAerobus Cancel Reservation Over The Phone

Failing to cancel your ticket for VivaAerobus can lead to charges, missed flights, and other unnecessary hassles.

  • If you are unhappy or have changed your mind about your travel plans, contact the VivaAerobus executive team to cancel your reservation.
  • Your confirmation number is important for the flight to be displayed on your itinerary. Enter this six-digit information exactly as it appears on the itinerary, or else your itinerary will not show unless you have a confirmation number that matches yours.
  • In order to make a new booking, customers must cancel their existing one within 24 hours.
  • After completing the cancellation request, an automated email would be sent to the original form of payment letting them know the cancellation has been processed. Once 7 business days pass, any outstanding balance is credited back to your original form of payment.
  • If a reservation request is cancelled in the process of booking, we will email you with confirmation on your VivaAerobus booking email address.

VivaAerobus Cancel Reservation At The Airport

Here is how VivaAerobus can help you with the cancellation of your trip at international airports.

  • Travel from your arrival airport to your destination using the service of VivaAerobus.
  • Make your payment confirmation necessary before obtaining a reservation. Cancel your bookings directly at the hotel, home, or accommodations upon their requests.
  • You told the agent if your reservation qualifies for a VivaAerobus flight cancellation refund.  If it does, we will let you know.
  • If you want a refund of your VivaAerobus flight, it must be done within 24 hours after booking
  • If you’ve made flight reservations at the airport counter, you might also be able to get a refund in the form of a cheque issued by VivaAerobus.
  •  When one has requested to cancel a VivaAerobus reservation, they will receive confirmation of this on their email address provided when booking.

VivaAerobus Ticket Cancellation in Case of Delays, Overbooking, and Schedule Change

VivaAerobus ensures all passengers are granted the full amount a compensation when a flight is canceled, both in terms of refund and additional travel refund. Additionally, VivaAerobus will reimburse travelers for any overtime payments incurred in case a departure is delayed. Additionally, travelers can claim not just cut-price refunds, but also extra travel and hotel expenses they might incur as a result of these sudden changes to their plans.

If your VivaAerobus flight is canceled because of flight delays, you’re entitled to a refund of forty euros.

  • Airline policy – Passengers are entitled to compensation if their flight originates in Mexico or the US.
  • Circumstances surrounding flight disruptions: to be eligible for VivaAerobus flight delays cancellation compensation, the departure scheduled change need to be a result of extraordinary circumstances.
  • Passengers who are entitled to compensation for the cancellation of their flight because of a violation of the Rules of Air Travel can claim it up to 6 years after the disruption.
  • If you experience a delay of more than 2 hours and it was not the result of weather conditions, flight cancellations or any other Force Majeure event, VivaAerobus will give you an on-board credit equal to 500 euro.

Here’s some important information below which you’ll want to read carefully in order to claim VivaAerobus canceled flight compensation.

  • Contact us if you’ve booked a ticket on a flight that you need to check your itinerary before you travel. We can quickly send you the booking confirmation with all your transport details.
  • Hotel receipts, airport transit expenses and meal tickets are shown on the papers so passengers can be sure they they receive their money.
  • When you purchase a flight for your vacation, there are many numbers listed. To find the flight that’s most appropriate for you, use our search bar to compare flights from multiple airlines.
  • Let us help you find the flight schedule of flights that are delayed. We can tell you exactly when they will arrive at their destinations.
  • Schedule the details of your itinerary- those affected by weather or other challenges, like a strike or traffic jam.

VivaAerobus Flight Cancellation Compensation

VivaAerobus Flight Cancellation Compensation

With VivaAerobus, passengers are eligible for canceled flight compensation of up to 750 USD for all flight delays or outright cancelations due to airlines.

  • When VivaAerobus issues tickets that exceed the aircraft capacity or when VivaAerobus cancels a flight where passengers have been denied boarding, we are there to help people.
  • If the flight delay or major schedule change for more than four hours | more than four hours
  • With VivaAerobus flight cancellation, there is a delayed trip up to two hours, resulting in overall travel inconvenience.
  • If a passenger missed their connection or stopover

 As per the VivaAerobus refund policy, passengers are entitled to a number of different cancelations compensation offerings—from a 300 USD voucher to more than 750 USD.

VivaAerobus offers eligibility for flight delay compensation. We offer a two-hour window of when your flight can be delayed before you qualify, etc.

  • Meal or refreshments
  • The phone and internet provide the capability to organize further travel arrangements. The computer can also be used to send emails.
  • If the new flights demand the required circumstances, Overnight accommodation is a good option in many cases.

VivaAerobus has a flight delay cancellation compensation entitles passengers to more than 4 hours for cancellations and delays – In the case that you’re delayed with your own arrival, or in other words get delayed four hours or more, VivaAerobus compensates customers with no hassle.

  • The flight distance between point A and point B is less than 1500 km. They charge a price of 300 USD if this condition is met.
  • The flight distance between point A and point B is between 1500-3500 km. There is a price for the stays at point A. It will cost 425 USD per night if paid upon arrival to that destination.
  • You might have to spend 700 USD if the flight distance between point A and point B is over 3500 km.

VivaAerobus Refund Policy

VivaAerobus Refund Policy

It is important to have a clear overview of what you should expect when you cancel your VivaAerobus trip.

  • In accordance to our VivaAerobus refund policy, if you purchase a ticket with this future travel credit and it truly is lower than the original price, we will not give any additional refund due to positive or negative funds in your favor.
  • Passengers are not compensated or refunded by airlines for the causes attributed to guests being unable to board a flight.
  • A passenger refund will be offered to each involuntary flight cancellation, provided the passenger meets all their other obligations that were set before the service began.
  • We want to make sure you get your refund. If you cancel online, on the app, or by phone, we’ll issue a refund in your same method of payment.
  • Our team will process your refund on the same form of payment you used for your purchase. They may take 7 days or more to process the credit card refunds, depending on the volume of refunds we need to process. Other requests for refunds that are related to booking tours may be processed in 20 business days.
  • The company will not refund your purchase or change your flight, even if you cancel within the travel policy.
  • Travel Certificates issued to purchase new flight booking are not refundable. If you get a travel certificate but the value of your flight still hasn’t run out, don’t feel like you can just ask to be refunded because you won’t get it.
  • If a flight is canceled in case the aircraft capacity is hit or any passenger is denied boarding, a full refund will be required without any cancellations fees and uncompensated cancellation.
  • To make sure everyone enjoys the best flights, the refund amount is calculated based on the variables mentioned in the VivaAerobús refund policy. If we exceed your altitude ticket pricing or if you’re traveling with kids under two years old, there’s a lower refund percentage
  • If your flight has been cancelled, you share your airline ticket with us using our convenient website and get a refund. The quicker you do, the sooner we can process your refund.
  • VivaAerobus’s cancellation policy lets you request a refund if the trip is affected by any of their rules and fees.
  • Our fares are non-refundable and must be confirmed before the purchase can be made.

VivaAerobus Flight Cancellation Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

VivaAerobus allows passengers to cancel their flight tickets within 24 hours of purchase, as long as there is a minimum of 7 days before the date that the ticket will be used.

Passengers can expect to get compensated up to 750 USD if their flight is cancelled more than 4 hours in advance, or they are attributed with the airline.

  • If VivaAerobus issued a ticket that exceeded the aircraft capacity or cancelled a flight, the company will reimburse the cost of any unused portion of the ticket.
  • If the flight delay is more than four hours or a major schedule change, please call our service provider at 1877 480-7391
  • If a flight delay results in flight cancellation, customers will not have to fly standby.
  • If the passenger missed their connecting flight, they may be able to redeem frequent flyer miles.

There is a strict cancellation policy if you want to request for a refund, but no fee is charged. It is also only allowed for changing your flight tickets and not adding more flights.

Visit our website to find a flight. Enter the six-digit confirmation number and the last name of the passenger. Only flights that are purchased within 24 hours of booking can be canceled following the generation of reservation.

Cancellations are made easy with our service. Those who want to cancel a trip can quickly and easily do so as long as they know where to start.

Partial refund requests for unused or partially unused flight bookings can be processed by calling our refund phone number. VivaAerobus would process a partial refund request only subject to fare rules and is available on the unused portions of the tickets only.

We allow you to cancel a reservation without any fee 24 hours after the date the reservation is made provided that the scheduled departure date of your reservation must be seven days before the planned departure date.

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