Virgin America Baggage Allowance, Carry on Weight, Size & Fees

If you’re looking for an airline within North America, Virgin America might be the best choice. As a domestic airline, it has a lot security and has a good baggage weight allocation which could benefit you more than other airlines would.

To purchase your economy seat tickets, be aware that you’re only allowed to bring a small, personal bag onto the flight with you – one that is 24″ x 16″ x 10″. This will include all parts of the bag, including handles, wheels and hidden pockets.

Carry-on baggage allowance

Virgin America has its own rules about carry-on baggage that vary depending on the different seat classes. There are size and weight restrictions for each class type, which can be found in the seat types at the top of each line.

The limitations of complimentary carry-on baggage are noted in the table below:

ClassNumber of bagsSize restrictionWeight allocation
Main Cabin and Main cabin select1 standard bag and 1 personal or laptop bag.24 x 16 x 10inches or 23 x 36 x 56 cm for standard bag.22 pounds or 10 kg total
Upper2 standard bags and 1 personal or laptop bag.24 x 16 x 10inches or 23 x 36 x 56 cm for standard bag.Each bag cannot exceed 26 pounds. The combined weight cannot exceed 35 pounds.

There are restrictions for running certain classes and due to the serious nature of these classes, there are certain regulations to follow.

  • It holds your laptop and important documents in an organized manner. It also contains any medical essential items such as baby food or medicine when needed.
  • When traveling, you must make sure that you are packing your carry-on properly. You shouldn’t be giving people the idea that they deserve to sit in the front of the plane or on an overhead bin while they don’t.
  • Carry-on baggage is difficult because it has different “rules” that luggage companies have imposed on it. You can work with them to figure out the best size and weight allocation for your stroller, wheelchair, and crutches.

Checked-in baggage allowance

Virgin America has check baggage allowance restrictions, depending on your seat and bag size. They are based on seat categories. If your bag exceeds their imposed weight and size restrictions, you’ll have to pay an additional fee. The bags are rolled up to the aircraft, but they’re complimentary and come with the ticket that you buy.

The restrictions have been listed on the table below.

ClassNumber of BagsWeight allowed                Size allowed
Main cabin1 bag50 pounds maximum157 centimetres or 62 inches in linear dimension
Main Cabin Select1 bag50 pounds maximum157 centimetres or 62 inches in linear dimension
First2 bag50 pounds each157 centimetres or 62 inches in linear dimension

You can take in extra 10 bags as long as you pay an extra payment of 25 USD. The new bags must follow the same regulation that has been imposed on the complimentary bags. Of course, if the size or weight of any of the old or new bags exceed, you are supposed to pay an extra fee for them depending on which regulation you are breaching exactly.

 Excess baggage fee

The bottom line is, if your bag exceeds the weight and dimensions that have been specified by the airline or shipping company, you will be charged an extra fee.

To check more than 50 pounds of baggage costs an additional 25 USD for every bag. To check an excess of 70 pounds, the carrier will charge 100 USD for each additional bag in addition to the weight restriction fee.

If your bag exceeds 100 pounds when you arrive, it may need to be sent on ahead at an external carrier.

For bags bigger than the size limit, passengers will be charged 75 dollars per bag depending on how large it is. Anything that is above this height will not be allowed on board.

Penalty fees are excluded if you happen to be part of the military or are disabled. All wheelchairs and crutches carried will not be charged the extra penalty fee and will always be allowed unconditionally as long as you can authorize them.

Special equipment

Musical Instruments

If you are going to check-in musical instruments, they will be given the same baggage allowance. There will not be any extra fee for them unless you have already used the baggage allowance space with your other checked baggage.

You aren’t allowed to use a baggage belt around your instrument because it could break, just put a tag on top of the package to notify that the item is something fragile and needs special handling.

Sporting goods

Sporting equipment is not allowed without authorization on the plane because of safety and security. Common sporting equipment like bats, balls, and cues are allowed inside the cabin with all passengers. Sharp sporting equipment such as bows, arrows, fencing rapier, etc do not need pre-authorization and are allowed aboard with passengers who carry the items in their carryon baggage or checked luggage after cleared by security.

We provide a way for you to pack your flight kites, bikes, and other small life vests that weigh less than 2kg. Make sure to pack them properly so they will not be damaged or broken during transport!

Sporting goods must be checked-in and will incur a fee. You will be charged the same amount for carrying your sporting goods as you would be if they were being checked-in.


Firearms, replica guns, ammunition and starter pistols are not allowed on board. You can pack them in your checked baggage, but you must have authorization from the higher-ups before you can bring them onboard.

Electric items

You can take any electronic device on your checked-in baggage. However, they must be inside your carry-on and any physical article that is plugged-in will have to also go inside. In addition, if you are going to transport your electric bicycle, you must disassemble it by removing the battery and attaching it separately before packaging it up.

Other luggage will be given the same status as jets and checked baggage. If a size or weight limit is crossed, the standard penalty fees will be paid. The same case will apply to other electric items like a wheelchair or medical equipment that uses electricity.

Of course, if you want, you can also put up a tag on your bags to describe what is inside of them. This will help handlers know what to do with that bag when they are loading or unloading on it.


Keep luggage restrictions in mind when traveling as these can vary depending on the country you’re visiting. Lastly, always carry small amounts of powdered items like makeup with you to avoid inconveniences and fines.

This is because this drug was banned federally and the airport authorities will not let you board the plane with any amount of that powder on you.

 Explosive and flammable items

You may not bring any items into an aircraft that could possible cause a fire. No cooking oils, gas canister liquids, explosive material such as explosives or blasting equipment (firecrackers) are allowed to be carried onboard the aircraft.

When you must take a hand warmer with you, it must be battery powered and meet the TSA 3-1-1 guideline. It will not be allowed to transport under any circumstances if it does not meet these guidelines.

Edible items

When you travel by plane, you only need to worry about packing clothes and other important items, because we provide complimentary meals and beverages at our first class seating. If you are traveling in a main cabin on our jet, eating food is allowed but limited to certain amounts.

You can take a soft-sided bag that’s about the size of a typical backpack onto the plane with you. Make sure to mention what’s in the bag in case your flight is delayed or flight staff searching you bags have cause issues.

Restricted items 

Virgin America has a variety of policies with different protocols on carrying certain items that have been dubbed as contrabands. The airline authorities will not allow these items onboard for any reason for the safety of the passengers. There are strict restrictions for passengers to bring items below on this list and an explanation can be found below.

  • Anything sharp or pointy that could cause puncture or damage to anyone or anything. No knives are allowed inside. Knives that exceed 5 cm will not be allowed inside under any circumstances.
  • Chemicals or poisonous substances including pesticides, as well as shampoos, detergents, and other similar substances, should not be in any of your bags.
  • You can’t bring matches, lighters or anything that is considered fire-hazardous into the venue with you.
  • Contain devices like stun guns and tasers that have the potential to harm and immobilize people.
  • Unless you have a doctor’s prescription to prove your need for them, any sort of medicines or drugs that you buy without is illegal and has the risk of harming oneself.
  • There is a rule which forbids the premise of any fruits on you or in your belongings. Even then, the total volume of fruit in liquid form must not exceed 100 mL.
  • Only silk and cotton based candles are allowed in the store. These candles are also able to be burned in utensils.

Pet policy

You must pay a Patreon for your pet if you get one on the plane. You can not reserve any particular seats with your pets because there are no arrangements. You are also required to pay an extra fee for traveling with your animals of 100 USD per animal. There is no limit what-so-ever as to how many pets you will travel with.

It’s important to note that the dog you are taking must be accompanied by an appropriate kennel or cage, which does not cross the maximum dimension of 18 x 15 x 8 inches or 45 x 38 x 20 centimetres. After all, your pet will be in there for a long period of time, so everything has to be secure.

As a pet owner, you show the airline authorities your receipt for all the vaccinations that you’ve gotten for your pet and proof that it’s at least 8 weeks old. You must bring this in no more than 30 days of buying the ticket.


How many bags can each passer carry along with them?

If you’re traveling in the regular cabin, passengers must be able to fit their bags under their seats with no problems. There are 2 standard carry-on bags allowed per passenger. In addition to that, first-class passengers are given an allowance of 2 extra small luggage or laptop bags.

What is the extra fee if your baggage is overweight?

On the first bag that is 70 pounds or heavier, passengers need to pay an additional USD 25 for every bag if it exceeds that weight. Additionally, any bags weighing more than 100 pounds are not allowed. (“Exceed” meaning exceeding the limit of 99 pounds.)

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