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Utair Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

Utair allows passengers to cancel a flight with low fees. This makes the airline a great choice for travelers who frequently encounter unexpected circumstances.

What would you do if your flight was cancelled? We’ll tell you about the rules airlines have around cancelling flights and why it might be confusing. Plus we’ll tell you how much Utair wants for a cancelled ticket and we’ll share advice on what other airlines are like

Utair Ticket Cancellation Guidelines

Different age rules will be applied for children under 5 years old and seniors. Children under 5 get discounts, so when the number of passengers exceeds one hundred for a particular date, regardless of fare condition, children under 5 will receive 50% off of their fee.

Minimum Economy

Optimum Economy

Premium Economy


Utair 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Under the guidelines of Utair’s cancellation policy, you have the option to cancel the reservation and claim the entire ticket value as part of your refund. No cancellation fee will apply. The refund will only be provided – if – 

How to Cancel a Utair Flight Ticket?

The Utair airlines provides online cancellation through its mobile app, while you can also talk to the airline’s staff over the phone.

Cancel Flight Ticket Online

The easiest way to find the app you need for your phone is to visit our website and download the mobile app from the iOS or Google PlayStore.

Cancel Flight over the Phone

For flights that are not purchased online, you can call the airline’s helpline to speak with their airline representative and consult the latest travel policies.

Utair Airlines Refund Policy

If you purchase a ticket through the airline’s booking channels, your reservation is guaranteed to be genuinely accepted and approved by their airline representatives. You are also entitled to a full refund if you cancel within 24 hours of the purchase or have an issue with the flight option or reservation arrangement that was authorized by .

Utair Cancel Flight Compensation

The UTair cancellation policy will contact you if there is a flight delay. Otherwise, if you agree to it, the airline will not offer compensation. In case the flight doesn’t me well with your plans, you can request a refund of any unused tickets.

In case your flight is delayed, you will be offered benefits. Such as food vouchers or phone credit

Flight delay What will the airline offer you?
2 to 4 hours Offers meals and refreshments
4 to 6 hours Meals as well as access to communications
More than 8 hours Hotel accomodation and airport transfer

Utair Cancellation Fees

As per Utair cancellation fee, airlines do not generate any fees for postponed flights within 1 days of purchase. However, the cancellation only applies beyond 24 hours from the purchase contract, and varies with the ticket type and class of service booked

Minimum Economy Optimum Economy Premium Economy Business Class
Ticket cancellation (in USD) Not allowed Not allowed 200 200
no-show cancellation Not allowed Not allowed Not allowed 250
Reservation Class F, Z, P, K, L, H, V, O, U, X, R, B, N, G, W, E, S, T, Y F, Z, P, K, L, H, V, O, U, X, R, B, N, G, W, E, S, T, Y F, Z, P, K, L, H, V, O, U, X, R, B, N, G, W, E, S, T, Y A, D, J, С

Utair airlines customer service policies are easy to understand. Regardless of how much time is left before your flight leaves, you can cancel your trip and still retain the booking value.

Yes, now you do have the final word in all cancellations, not just by Utair airline. Now all passengers should consider before they cancel, how much value they get out of their booking. Or, in case they change their mind and want to reschedule when the next flight has a lower price.

Utair Cancel Flight Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The airline’s website provides multiple ways to book a flight or change your reservation. You can also quickly speak to customer service via phone.

Airlines have a penalty if you change your reservation. For the Standard Class and Business Class arrivals, there is no penalty for changing your seat. If you need to change your reservation to an aircraft type not available on the original reservation, you may be charged a penalty of 200 USD. The Minimum Economy and Optimum Economy are ineligible for cancellation as they’re reserved with changeable fares.

You can access your flight information through the Utair mobile app. You also receive notifications by email if there are any changes to your reservation.

You can cancel the reservation and receive a full refund up to 24 hours after it is purchased. There will be no cancellation fee if you cancel during that time period.

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