Utair Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

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Utair offers passengers a flexible cancellation policy. This allows passengers to preserve the value of their booking beyond the length of time designated on their ticket.

Here are the cancellation policies you can use when booking or cancelling a flight with Utair. We also share a detailed view of their refund policy, which is something you should be aware of before making a decision on what to do with your booking.

Utair Ticket Cancellation Guidelines

If an airline’s policy states offer changes or cancellations, and they cannot guarantee the original fare because they are experiencing high demand and need to “balance out” their refunds, they will apply fares that are equivalent given the situation.

Minimum Economy

  • The fare is completely non-refundable.
  • In the case that you cancel or request a change in your flight, Utair will do their best to accommodate you.
  • Airport surcharges are refundable as long as they are used towards airport related fees like layovers, baggage fees and ticket fees.

Optimum Economy

  • Fully unutilized/unflown/unused flight tickets are refundable.
  • Utair cancellation may apply.
  • The only cost associated with a ticket is if it’s an airline flight. Each airline has their own policy on no-show fees.
  • Sometimes a partial ticket isn’t good enough. If you need your money back, sometimes you may have to wait until the value of your ticket is more than what’s needed.

Premium Economy

  • Providing a passenger with a refundable transit card may require some weather for which passengers are encouraged to schedule in advance.
  • Missing a flight due to complications or circumstances beyond your control? No problem. The airline can sometimes be reasonable with you in this case and provide assistance. Sometimes the airline will even offer a voucher or discount for future flights to make up for lost time or inconvenience experienced.


  • The fare is refundable. 
  • If you did not get what you are looking for and canceled your reservations, you can easily recover the cost of them before leaving.
  • No refund is provided if one of the passengers doesn’t show up, or if they book a flight the minute they arrive.

Utair 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

You have the option to cancel your reservation free of charge under the guidelines of Utair’s refund policy. The next day after you purchase it, there will be no cancellation fee.

  • If you cancel a purchase within 24 hours of purchasing it, we will return 100% of your money back.
  • If the departure date was 7 days away, official end date must be at latest.
  • We work hard to ensure our passengers can enjoy each other during the whole journey.
  • The right to cancel 24 hours after a flight has already been partially booked is available only if the passenger requests a change before the booking is made.

How to Cancel a Utair Flight Ticket?

Utair was started a few years ago as a low cost airline. With its mobile app and how easy to cancel your flight, everyone is able to go on vacation when it’s most convenient for them.

Cancel Flight Ticket Online

Simply visit the download app from the iOS or Google PlayStore to get started. You can connect with your existing Amazon Prime account or use a new one when you do the following -.-

Utair Cancel Flight Ticket Online
  • To book your flight on the Mahalo travel website, find your reservation number and last name in the system, enter all that into our search engine.
  • Tap the flight option that needs to be changed and go through the process.
  • After you cancel your flight you will be given an option to either see the information on a mobile screen, or print the information.
  • The refund amount would be calculated after adjusting the cancellation fee. A $175 flight cancellation fee will be adjusted before determining a refund.
  • Tap to confirm your selection and the cancellation confirmation will be sent on the registered email.

Cancel Flight over the Phone

If you are holding a restricted fare or feel uncomfortable making a flight cancellation online, call the airline’s representative’s assistant at the Utair number.

Utair Airlines Refund Policy

 As per the Utair cancellation policy, if you book a ticket through the airline’s booking channels, you’re allowed to cancel your reservation within 24 hours without penalty and claim a full refund. In addition, some things that you should know before making a cancellation are-

  • Outside 24 hours after a cancellation, you will be issued a refund minus the airline’s penalty.
  • If you made a booking with a third-party travel agency, contact the original point of purchase for all refunds and related cancellations.
  • Complicated rules dictate the airlines ability to refund. You should check the terms and try to find a deal that is available.
  • The airline will issue a refund with respect to the booking made with a credit card in a timely manner, and refunds will occur in one billing cycle from that date.
  • For bookings that have a debit card as the form of payment, refunds are typically credited back in 10-15 business days.
  • When someone receives a money return, we issue the refund by issuing a cheque in the name of the buyer or passenger who paid for their ticket.

Utair Cancel Flight Compensation

Utair Cancel Flight Compensation

You’ll lose any “perks” your airline might offer when you cancel your flight. This can also include discounts and travel insurance, so be sure not to book a trip that you may need later. If something comes up and you have to cancel the ticket, make sure you tell Utair about it if the policy states what will happen.

Your flight has been delayed. You’ll get a travel voucher along with your boarding pass/ticket if the delay is more than two hours.

Flight delay What will the airline offer you?
2 to 4 hours Offers meals and refreshments
4 to 6 hours Meals as well as access to communications
More than 8 hours Hotel accomodation and airport transfer

Utair Cancellation Fees

The airline Utair does not charge a fee for cancelling a reservation within 1 day of purchase. The cancellation only applies beyond 24 hours of purchase, and varies with the ticket type and the class of the service booked.

Minimum Economy Optimum Economy Premium Economy Business Class
Ticket cancellation (in USD) Not allowed Not allowed 200 200
no-show cancellation Not allowed Not allowed Not allowed 250
Reservation Class F, Z, P, K, L, H, V, O, U, X, R, B, N, G, W, E, S, T, Y F, Z, P, K, L, H, V, O, U, X, R, B, N, G, W, E, S, T, Y F, Z, P, K, L, H, V, O, U, X, R, B, N, G, W, E, S, T, Y A, D, J, С

Utair airlines consider something unusual. Bookings don’t get canceled for various reasons, which make it easy for people to have a positive experience with their travel plans. People can still find themselves having a successful trip even if their original flight gets changed.

Yes, now you do have the final word in all cancellations. The airline that you booked will not give a refund for your ticket unless you cancel at least 24 hours before your flight. Although this does make sense, passengers should consider the value they get with their booking before cancelling it simply because they changed their mind. Or, in case they even want to reschedule the flight for a later date.

Utair Cancel Flight Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can cancel your airline ticket 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; there are two ways of reaching customer service. One is on the airline’s website, and the other is through phone number wherever you live.

Yes, some airlines have a cancellation fee. However this is not applicable to the Premium Class and Business Class fees. To cancel flights on the Minimum Economy or Optimum Economy you will still have to pay a fee but not a cancellation fee.

Using our mobile app, you can easily track your flight status, get information on the carriers or airport you’re traveling through and stay informed about how your flight is progressing.

It is a wise decision to cancel your flight if you find that it isn’t right for you. If you do, there are no cancellation fees associated with that.

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