Turkish Airlines WiFi Guide 2022 | How To Connect TK WiFi?

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Turkish Airlines is an airline which operates scheduled flights to 315 destinations. This makes Turkish Airlines one of the most popular airlines in the world.

Turkish Airlines offers free wifi on international non-stop flights. You can purchase inflight wifi starting with $2.99 to use in economy class or buy a card for business class for less than the cost of beverage service.

A Quick Look

Name Turkish Airlines
Founded 1933
WiFi yes
wifi provider Türk Telekom infrastructure
website turkishairlines.com/

Turkish Airlines Complimentary WiFi Plans:

Citizens of Turkey, from business class and Miles members to senior citizens and visitors, can enjoy a hassle-free wifi experience using Turkish Telecommunication Company’s infrastructure

Class Complimentary Access
Business class+Miles&Smiles Elite or Elite Plus Card Holders Unlimited
Business-class 1GB
Miles&Smiles Elite and Elite Plus Card Holders 400 MB
Miles&Smiles Classic and Classic Plus Card Holders 10 MB

Turkish airlines paid wifi plans

With more broadband speed and complimentary wifi, it’s easy to stay connected while traveling. Economy class passengers have the option to purchase a paid wifi plan below.

Limit Fee/cost
20 MB 2,99 USD
50 MB 4,99 USD
100 MB 7,99 USD
250 MB 14,99 USD
500 MB 24,99 USD

Important Note:

We outlined the different options for wifi service and television broadcasts. Passengers flying with A350, A330, B787 and B777 type aircraft can watch international TV. You can watch up to six international TV broadcasts with this service.

Which of the aircraft have WiFi?

Turkish Airlines has a website that provides the following details: all the current and future aircraft have WiFi.

  • A350,
  • A330,
  • A321 NEO,
  • B787,
  • B777 and
  • B737

How to connect Turkish WiFi?

Connecting with your device’s hotspot can be tricky, but the following steps will help. Follow these steps to connect with other devices.

  • Ensure your device have wifi system
  • Enable flight mode on your device
  • Enable Wifi and tap on it
  • You will see Turkish airline wifi access
  • Connect with it and
  • Now you are ready to browse.
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By Which of the Devices and how many devices I can use WiFi?

Completely depends on which devices you have compatible. They are always prepared to provide wifi service when it’s needed.

Who is the wifi provider in Turkish airlines?

Türk Telekom is a company that provides wifi. You can find more information about them through google.

Can I use NetFlix onboard in Turkish?

Data allows you to use Netflix and all social media. If you still do not understand anything, go talk with the air hostess or use their guest services. They can help you!

What kind of Inflight entertainment have in TK?

You can stay connected with the past, current and future. You can see and listen to anything from classic movies to songs or purchase a piece of land.

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