Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

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Turkish airline’s policy for ticket bookings requires that a name be identical to the person buying it, so you must use the name on your passport or government-issued photo ID.

Name change on the ticket is not allowed once a booking has been confirmed. Passengers need to double check all the details before they book the flight.

Turkish Airlines allows customers to change their registered name if that’s what they choose to do. There are two cases where this is possible: 1. If the customer enters their details incorrectly on the airline registration, 2. When the name has been spelled incorrectly in any promotional material printed by Turkish Airlines

  • Turkish Airlines misspelled name request
  • Translating Chinese names into their English equivalents
  • Changing gender
  • Correcting date of birth
  • Swapping the given passenger’s name and/or surname.

Any client who is unhappy with their flight name can make a request for correction at Turkish Airlines.

Here are the length guidelines for all of your correction requests – cases with the Turkish Airlines name change, Turkish Airlines name change after marriage, Turkish Airlines no last name, Turkish Airlines name misspelling, and wrong name on Turkey Airlines ticket .

  • You must have a TK document to get a ticket for the event.
  • If you’re giving a speech to a conference or convention and the flight number begins with 235, it’s important to make sure that the flight operates by Turkish Airlines.
  • One uncorregated Turkish Airlines request for corrections is permitted
  • The airline does not allow you to request a passenger switch unless you cancel your flight. In this case, the consumer needs to get a refund, re-book with another airline, and then request to switch passengers.
  • Turkish Airlines has a policy for changes in the booking once it is completed. For a single-passenger booking, the change can happen before departure; however, for a group booking or any other kind of reservation, it would be subject to the terms and conditions as specified by a contract.
  • Overcrowding on the flight would have a restriction on the Other Airline the Turkish Airlines name error requests would be restricted.

Turkish Airlines Misspelled Name Rules

As Turkish Airlines name correction policy – 

  • This calculator can accommodate up to four characters in the first name, middle name, or surname. The count of four characters shall not be misunderstood as four characters each for first name, middle name, and lastname.
  • Turkish Airlines, an airline with over 1,600 destinations all over the world, made an error when they misspelled a name so it was fixed as soon as possible.
  • This permits all the legal considerations associated with marriages, divorces, and legal name changes, including those for Turkish Airlines named changes.
  • Changes in travel documents happen during the booking process and occur with your departure date.
  • The name change policy of Turkish Airlines is only allowed on ticket such as made from accumulated Miles
  • Turkish Airlines purchases ownership to make the best use of your reservations.
  • If the Turkish Airlines name change request is approved, then the original flight segments need to be retained. The previous flights will then be reissued on some other airline or their price will be lowered.
  • Sometimes, the original PNR needs to be canceled to avoid the no-show and a new one can be issued once that happens. In most cases, passengers are able to claim their refund for the unused part of their trip.
  •  Turkish Airlines has a fairly strict policy against alteration, addition, or elimination of Passengers Type Codes (PTC), Date of Birth (DOB), or adding infant on the ticket.
  • The Turkish Airlines executive may ask for the legal documentation that can confirm whether or not the given name change request is legitimate.
  • Turkish Airlines name correction policy applies on all types of fares, whether restricted or non-restricted. They also work with classes of service to protect their customers from accidental overcharges.

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles Name Change Process (For Travel Agents Only)

Here is the complete overview of Turkish Airlines’ new flight booking service through miles.

Correction Type Acceptable Changes
1. First/Middle/Last Names 2. nicknames and inverted names 3. Adding middle name 4. Adding NO to the last name Turkish Airlines Name change Policy allows changes and corrections to the name provided that passengers need to submit a legal document for validation. 
      Legal considerations such as marriage, divorce, and legal name change.  OSI Turkish Airlines name change cost would be applicable. No waiver code would be applicable under any circumstances. 
Turkish Airlines No Middle name on The Ticket As per Turkish Airlines name error rules, middle name addition, elimination, or correction requires rebooking It involves the creation of a new PNR or record locator, and original flight segments need to be booked on a similar or higher available class of service.

Please follow these easy steps if you have a Turkish Airlines name change request that you need processed without hassle.

  • It’s possible to add a middle name on Turkish Airlines by request. There is also the option to remove one if necessary.
  • If a passenger has more than one ticket, before processing their name change for Turkish Airlines, split the PNR for the passenger whose name needs to be altered. After completed editing the traveler’s name, create a second new PNR by retaining the same flight segment in economy class service.
  • Travel agents need to get the original booking class and flight segments back. If these are not available, they will have to book them in a higher priced one or a different service. Passengers should be responsible for any applicable fare difference.
  • We welcome using the SFPD in the booking system, solving the common issue of people choosing a different name but still needing their ID to arrive.

Turkish Airlines Name Change Fee

The Turkish Airlines charge the price of 300 USD for a new ticket, but the cost changes depending on when you purchase it.

Turkish Airlines change in name fee. The new commercial name and symbol will remain the same for any class of service and trip type, fare types, and passengers. Charges for a brand change would depend on the fare type and passenger type.

How to Change Name on Turkish Airlines Ticket?

Turkish Airlines guests can change or correct their name online at the airlines’ portal. In addition, all the Turkish Airlines name change requests can also be approached via the Turkish Airlines name correction phone number. Let’s go over a step-by-step guide of how you will be able to complete your name change requests – 

Change Name Online

Here’s what you need to  – 

  • Visit the turkishairlines.co web page, register your accommodation reservation and click on Manage’ tab
  • Click the ‘Manage my booking’ section and enter the six-digit reference number and the passenger’s last name in the required field; you may enter your booking code as well.
  • Using our name change request tool, you can quickly change your name on PNR without difficulty. Click the link to start the process.
  • Guests are allowed to change up to four characters in their first name or middle name while they are staying at one of our hotels.
  • Somebody misspelled the name on their ticket, so click on the Save button then click the Fix Name button to fix it.
  • If you need to change your Turkish Airline name, you can do so here. If there is a difference in the ticket prices and fees, those details will be available on this page.
  • Once the request is approved, guests will be notified about the change confirmation email on their email address provided at the time of booking

Change Name via Phone Number

To change your name and have it appear on your Turkish Airlines ticket, go to turkishairlines.com/change

  • Remember your six-digit reference. It’s the quickest way to get connected to your Turkish executives for pre-bookings of meetings and seminars in the near future.
  • We allow guests to make changes to their reservation details as well as pay for their vacation directly on our site
  • Turkish Airlines has strict rules for issuing its name change request. You will need a legal document to make the request official.
  • Change your Turkish Airlines name, and pay the fee difference, but only if you find a cheaper fare.
  • Guests will receive an email confirming their change or they can click the link given in the provided confirmation email.

Change Name via Tools (For Travel Agents Only)

All you need to do is  – 

  • Visit turkishairlines.com to see how easy it is for your business and enjoy an incredibly beautiful site.
  • When you’re a member at a travel agency, make sure to use the “Log In” button to access your account.
  • To find your misplaced Turkish Airlines reservation, visit our My Bookings tab. Then enter the Group ID to proceed.
  • Click on ‘Edit/View original booking’ and then enter the PNR number from your reservation.
  • Download the passenger’s personal information. Get any additional details about the voyage card with a single click.
  • To upload a file to requesting notary, you first need to download the document. Once downloaded, then you will take it to your nearest notary (you can pay them at the same time) who will also help you get to the right place.
  • Enter the latest person’s name or email address into our app and save/retrieve that person’s information.

Turkish Airlines Change Passenger Name – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you need us to change your name according to a diet, health condition, special needs, or other reasons, please call our customer service. And Turkish Airlines would cover up the fee of Turkish Airline name change.

Turkish Airlines has a name policy in place to prevent any swapping of passengers. If this occurs, the passenger must cancel their flight booking, receive a refund on their ticket and then rebook for the new passenger.

Turkish Airlines charges a fee of 300 USD for any change to the name or ticket number. The cost does not change depending on which class of service, when the ticket was purchased, or what type of fare was used with the new ticket. Passengers would be liable for any applicable difference in fares.

All flights must have a first and last name on the ticket. In addition, they must match the passenger’s passport or government-issued photo ID. If the middle name is included in the official document, they need to also be added while booking their tickets

Legal obligation and fair request of Turkish Airlines name change are considered to be approved. The executive may ask to see legal or fair documents in order to approve the given name change requests.The fee is 300 USD after the flight booking has been confirmed.

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