Turkish Airlines Change Flight Policy – 2022

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If you are traveling soon, it is good to know that Turkish Airlines make it easy for you to change your flight. They would rather cover your plans with a new one before the old one has come to an end. This gives you the power to choose and lets go of anything that might have distracted you from enjoying your trip.

So let’s see the change flight policy of Turkish Airlines in detail right here:

Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy: Main Highlights

  • Turkish airlines has a change of flight fee policy. If a passenger does not purchase their ticket from an official way, such as the website or on their Turkish Airlines app, the impact fee for changing your flight is $25 and your new ticket will be issued in the same manner for all cancellations and diversions that require fees.
  • Turkish Airlines has a very customer-friendly policy. If a traveler changes their itinerary within the risk-free window, there is no change fee. For refundable tickets, Turkish Airlines has instituted a zero-change fee scheme.
  • If you don’t want to pay a change fee, make sure the travel date falls before or after March 21, 2020 and December 31, 2021.
  • People can make changes to their ticket on the day of departure. If the changes are made before the flight departs, one will only have to pay a change fee. Otherwise, one will have to pay for the entire ticket value if there is no time for corrections.

If you have any difficulty understanding the Turkish Airlines change flight policy, please feel free to visit the Turkish Airlines AO General Directorate office where they will help you with whatever questions you have.

If you have any questions about anything, you should contact Turkish Airlines. They’re located on the 33 floor of the General Management Building on the ground property in Yesilkoy, Istanbul.

How to Change Turkish Airlines Ticket?

Changing a Turkish Airlines flight is possible online or offline. We have detailed instructions in our post on this matter.

We are glad you’re considering to make your next travel arrangements through our online portals. There’s only one step, which is easy and straightforward, to get the best travel experience.

  • You can sign up for Turkish Airlines on their official website. You can complete account authentication by using your registered email address and password.
  • Tap on the “Manage Trip” tab to change your itinerary and make other changes in your trip experience quickly.
  • It’s easy to find the perfect trip. Once you connect your desired destinations and dates, we’ll give you the most cost-efficient options for that day’s flight itinerary.
  • Change the needed changes to suit your requirements.
  • Now, instead of the system automatically suggesting what you want, it will suggest recommendations.
  • You will need to pay the Turkish Airlines change fee before the booking process will be finalized. Once everything is complete, you will receive an email with all of the confirmation details.

Making changes to flight dates online is often not the best option. Here are five alternatives to help you through the process.

From Airport Counters

  • Some people can show an email confirmation that they got from the airline or an SMS confirmation with a link.
  • We ask the available agent to process the change request and verify everything is complete or provide more information if necessary.
  • Our agents can review your request, find you a better seat and make changes to your flight itinerary according to availability.
  • When purchasing your ticket, do not forget the change fee that’s charged to you. It should be given at the time of purchase and it can be refunded if you don’t need your ticket anymore.

From Kiosk Tower

  • The Kiosk is a building located near the suburban terminal on the other side of runway.
  • Follow the on-screen command.
  • Enter confirmation code and passenger name.
  • Pay the fee to change the ticket. Get a new ticket that doesn’t have the change fee on it instantly.

Have a question or have some feedback about Turkish Airlines? Call the customer service number.

  • Dial change flight department/ customer number.
  • Choose the preferred language
  • Connect with an available agent through voice or video. Or press the command to ask a question.
  • The agent will ask you to provide a confirmation code and the passenger’s name, which will be needed to finalize your booking.
  • Let’s check if the change you are requesting is possible. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • You can easily request that the agent check if there was a change and offer to pay a fee. You will get an updated flight itinerary on your registered IDs which includes the new e-ticket number.

Turkish Airlines Change Fee

With Turkish Airlines, if you make changes to your itinerary, the only variable is the type of fare (one way or round-trip), along with the timing of your change and theroute.

International Route

  • Turkish Airlines has yearly fees and change fees which passengers must pay. A roundtrip to the USA can cost up to $1200.
  • Sometimes, airlines charge additional fees. These fees can often be avoided when purchasing a ticket in advance or using some sort of discount code.
  • We offer plenty of discount options. If the journey date falls between March 21, 2020 and December 31, 2021 our customers get a zero change fee.
  • If you want to change the day of your flight and are willing to pay around 70% of the total ticket, an airline change fee can easily be paid at any kiosk before departure.

Domestic Route

  • Turkish Airlines have increased their fees on short haul flights. Passengers will now be required to pay between $60 and $120 as a result.
  • Changes to your scheduled travel are free if the new journey time falls within the time period covered by the travel insurance (so, also free if it means that you’re taking a later flight).
  • If you want to make changes on the same day of departure you need to pay the entire seat price as a Turkish Airlines change fee.
  • Most airlines charge a change fee for making changes to your flight. If your airline does not, you can cancel your flight without having to pay the change fee.

Turkish Airlines Change Date Policy

  • The Turkish Airlines change date policy states that you cannot change your reservation on the same day of departure. You have to pay the regular fee for changing your reservation and do so before a certain cut off time.
  • The airline breaks the flight change arrangement into small segments. For example, a passenger changing their departure date would pay $200-$350 for international routes. The total can vary depending on where you are travelling to or from.
  • A Turkish Airlines passenger can change their flight only if it is the same (same route, same cabin) and has a different date. To upgrade their airline ticket, they might be required to spend more money on top of the normal change fee.
  • This airline provides a policy that if you make a booking for your trip and dates don’t change, Turkish airlines does not charge you an additional fee.
  • According to their change date policy, a passenger who does not buy a seat at the time of booking will not be able to use the Turkish Airlines change seat selection feature.

Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

  • Turkish Airlines is changing its name. Those with reservations that were made after the airline’s name change cannot use the same booking number; it no longer matches. Anyone who had a reservation before the change can use the same booking number but be aware of the change fee.
  • The name change service is available only to passengers who booked their flights through official channels. Those who purchased tickets from third-party platforms would also contact the third-party agent separately.
  • According to the Turkish Airlines rule, a passenger must make changes at least one hour before the scheduled departure time. If they do not do so, the passenger has to pay the full ticket price and we cannot change it anymore.
  • Turkish Airlines does not allow their name change function to happen on flights over six hours in duration. Make sure to check with their customer service before departing for long-haul flights, or visit the ticket service for more information before those departures.
  • To change a name, the passenger has to fly on the same routes and between the same destinations as the person they are changing their name to or who’s name they don’t know.
  • Passengers who complete the check-in process will not be allowed to add a name change after they have arrived at their origin point. If they make any changes, the full amount of the ticket change fees will apply.

Frequently Asked Questions: Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy

Turkish Airlines offers both restrictive and non-restrictive fares. All tickets are subject to a change fee of 200 USD per ticket, or applicable fare difference, with the provision that any changes to a restricted fare will not be accepted without an additional fee.

Tickets that are non-refundable and restricted are meant to be secure in the knowledge that you will get your travel value.

If the un-flown segments are not completed, there is no change to the Turkish Airlines booking.

Turkish Airlines don’t give a full 24 hours off the bat for international travel, but they make it easy to find someone else to change your ticket. If a passenger wants to do this within 12 hours of purchase, they’ll have to pay 200 USD. Beyond this, Turkish Airlines’ booking is non-changeable.

However, all of the flights originating to or from the US and Canada are only eligible for 24-four risk-free changes and cancellations.

Turkish Airlines charges expensive change fees for domestic flights. They vary depending on factors like the type of ticketed airline, number of stopovers and the actual date of the trip.

To change your flight date, contact customer support. Authenticate platforms like the airline’s website will give you the phone number to reach a talented representative who can do this for you.

Yes. You can easily change the date of your return flight with the help of Turkish Airlines’ dedicated customer service team.

Turkish airlines will be the way to find an available seat easily. You can avoid tiredness from traveling and also save money by taking a flight through this website

Turkish Airlines is looking for a way to best serve its customers. To confirm a flight change, please visit the nearest airport, check your confirmation email or talk to their customer service representative.

Turkish Airlines imposes a change fee if you changed your flight date. We currently have covid-19 and there is no charge for using it.

Travelers willing to purchase a Turkish Airlines meal ticket can save money. You may incur extra charges for certain meals. Contact the airline for more information or click on “I Understand”

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