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Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance, Sizes, Fees & Weight Policy [2022]

Having to pay excess baggage fees can be annoying but not as much as having to do that in the airport and worrying about boarding as soon as possible. Plus, if you’re unsure whether or not your destination has a specific policy, it is always good to check with them about their rules directly.

Turkish Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

The total dimensions of checked baggage allowance by Turkish Airline amount to 158 cm. Additionally, for economic passengers, the weight is restricted to 20 kg. The weight allowance for the items of Business class passengers is 30 kg. Bags weighing more than this would have to be admitted with excess baggage fees.

Turkish Airlines has different classes depending on how many one pays. Economy flies with a 20 Kg allowance, Economy Extrafly has a 21 Kg allowance, Economy Ecofly allows for 15 kg and Economy Primefly lets passengers have a weight of 25 kg. However parts of these tiers are limited in Turkey.

For international travel, the allowance for the economy and business class checked baggage remains as stated. For infant passengers, 10 kg bag items could be checked in along with a collapsable buggy. However, the stroller has to be no larger than 115 cm in dimensions.

Turkish Airlines Cabin Baggage Allowance

Those travelling by air included, the maximum size of your luggage is under 55 cm in length, 40 cm in height, and 23 cm in width. As long as the heavier load doesn’t exceed 8 kg, your personal item should be no more than 14 inches square. The weight limit includes both items and each passenger can carry one cabin bag/luggage as well as their smaller personal item. Business-class passengers have a maximum 2 bags/luggage that must not weigh over 8 kg.

If your checked luggage is too heavy or too large when you fly, it is sent as a separate checked shipment. If you have another bag checked along with the cabin baggage, there will be an unexpected charge for excess baggage fees on top of that.

Duty-free items are allowed to come on the plane without any of the restrictions that would otherwise apply. Curtain weights under 116 x 60 x 11 centimeters will also be admitted with duty-free products and suit cases.

Passengers are typically asked to keep the personal items (such as laptops, small gifts etc) underneath their seat while the cabin baggage (such as backpacks, big suitcases etc) goes into the overhead compartment.

It’s important to keep in mind that if you are carrying liquids, it should be in a container that contains exactly for the weight (1 liter) of the liquid. You cannot fill the container past 100ml or else your liquids will not be allowed in the cabin. Security personnel will not allow those containers into the cabin.

With restrictions on liquid solutions, there are a lot of options for what you can bring in your carry-on. If you have baby food or formula, it might be easier for the TSA agent to find a solution within your liquids allowance and leave it in your bag when you need to go through security.

Medicines need to be in original packaging for you to carry it on the plane with you. People who have special devices can bring them with them to go in the same carrying case. If you have a doctor’s prescription among your items, it’s allowed inside of the cabin in addition to its original package.

Most large items like makeup and tennis racquets are allowed in the cabin as long as they come with a paper bag and do not have any type of caps or lighters attached, are weapons, or have liquids.

Turkish Airlines Excess Baggage

You don’t pay excess baggage fees with Turkish Airlines before you check in. However, they have a luggage calculator on their website which gives you an idea of what your fees could be depending on the weight or number of extra items you’ll bring.

There is a waiver on the fees that come with international flight if you are a student. There may also be a change in your transfer baggage allowance, but it depends on what kind of air travel you’re doing and whether or not you’re going on a connected flight

Our company offers a solution for excess baggage fees. There are two things our company may help you with: if your bag exceeds 32 kg, it won’t count as part of your checked baggage allowance, and it has to be divided into more than one item in order to get the weight down.

Turkish Airlines Special Item Allowance

People traveling on Turkish Airlines often carry musical instruments, sports equipment, or pets when they fly with them. There is a rule stating how much weight may be carried on the plane. All travelers are supposed to take care of the airline before check-in by informing them in advance.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment can either be taken in as a replacement for the bag checked by passengers or extra items that you have to pay for. Some sports equipment is only considered as baggage with no checking, but if it is divided into pieces usually like a tennis racquet, they may be taken inside the cabin.

If your sports equipment is over 32kg, it must be split into two bags. You should also have the equipment packed in a special package. Before you book tickets, you should inform the airlines of the size and type of sports equipment you will be packing. This will ensure space inside cargo for your items on board.

The sports equipment allowed and their limitations:

Musical Instruments

The Turkish Airlines does not have any policies against musical instruments most of the time.

Instruments below 118 cm can be carried without paying any fee when inside the cabin. There is a limitation on what instruments can be brought into the cabin, but it is possible to bring them in for free.

Cellos can also be brought to the cabin, however there’s a $25 fee per piece of luggage and the dimensions are 24 x 17 x 13. They must not weigh more than 75 kg, so please make your reservation with the airline at least 48 hours in advance if you need to bring a cello.

Musicians are only allowed to bring saxophones and trumpets in their luggage as carry-on. They usually have to be packed inside a sturdy hard case. If they exceed the amount of checked baggage allowed, they’ll have to pay fees.

Pets On Flight

[Bringing pets for the first time? We provide specific instructions on bringing your little friend on board. This is what you need to know!] For breeds that are known to suffer from respiratory diseases, they will be traveling with you in the cabin. To help things go smoothly, make sure you have their necessary documents like a health certificate before heading onboard.

You have to make a reservation in advance and have to confirm you “are” indeed bringing your pet at least 6 hours before departure time. A lot of different things have rules when traveling with pets – some require advanced reservations, some demand that the pet be in a certain area, such as cockatoos having to stay in special apartments, and others don’t allow pets at all. For cats and dogs, they can travel on an airplane as long as they’re separated by cabins.

Airlines have a process for dealing with people with health allergies about pets. Some airlines will provide notification, but you may have to contact your doctor to let the airline know what steps to take.

People traveling with service dogs can avoid difficulties entering the carrier of a commercial airline.

Pets can be brought to the cargo hold but they have to be inside a crate with a hard area. It has enough space for the pet to breathe properly along with proper ventilation and no chance of water dripping in. Soft crates are not allowed because they cannot protect animals during emergency landings if a response team is needed.

Turkish Airlines Restrictions

Some items are prohibited on flights. These rules apply to items that can interfere with the airplane’s mechanics or could be considered dangerous to other passengers.

Final Thoughts

You can learn whether Turkish Airlines follows their rules or not by checking the airline’s excess baggage section. Business passengers seem to get more privileges than economy class passengers, which can’t be helped since they charge different prices for each class. For now, regardless of what your class is, you can learn more about your luggage here.

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