Tianjin Airlines Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

Tianjin Airlines is a Chinese airline that operates scheduled passenger and cargo flights out of its primary hub at Tianjin Binhai international airport in China. It’s said to be the most customer-centric airlines thanks to its cancellation policy which is said to be the most flexible and convenient, without charging an exorbitant fee when it comes to changing or canceling. Here are the noteworthy highlights:

  • Tianjin Airlines’ flight cancellation policy is that in case there is an issue in relation to the flight, it will offer tickets for refund, flights for free, or a waiver for changing your ticket.
  • Airlines don’t give any refunds when passengers cancel their flights because of irregularity. They would only refund the cost for a non-refundable ticket. They also refund passengers for a fare when it was incorrectly charged, but they charge them again for a Tianjin flight cancellation fee.
  • If the Tianjin flight is cancelled by the airline, the airline will arrange for the passengers to schedule their next ticket. In such a situation, passengers can also request a refund for their Tianjin travel.
  • Tianjin Airlines offers multiple flight cancellation policies. Your ticket is still valid, if you wish to change the date and time of your flight and it is within 7 days before or after your scheduled departure according as the seat availability.
  • The pilot announced the segment has been used for a flight, stating that a Tianjin flight cancellation would not be applicable.
  • The company will acknowledge the refund for a flight with a full refund. The company will offer a return or partial refund depending on the available ticket value.
  • Tianjin Airlines is the only entity to make cancellations. In cases where a trip includes any region with a Tianjin Airlines that doesn’t operate out of China, the airline will allow for a mix fare.
  • Passengers are allowed to cancel any Tianjin Airlines booking up to 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure.
  • You can cancel your delayed or canceled Tianjin Airlines flight for free provided that you requested the cancellation within 24 hours of the flight’s originally scheduled departure date.

Tianjin Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation

In accordance with the Tianjin Airlines cancellation policy, passengers are allowed to cancel their flights within 24 hours from the date of purchase without paying any Tianjin Airways cancelation fee.

  • Tianjin Airlines requires flight cancellations to be made at least 7 days in advance before the flight takes off.
  • Tianjin is going to have a 24 hour cancellation policy. For example, a person who only purchases the non refundable fares will still be able to get a refund if they cancel their trip within an hour of booking.
  • If a cancellation within 24 hours is not applicable, then the condition of that good would be in accordance with the term of the contract.
  • We do not have any cancellation policy when people book their Flight with travel credit, or the Tianjin mileage club program.
  • For customers who need their money back sooner, we take the form of payment needed for the Taiwanese Government and refund back to our customers’ credit cards in a span of 10-15 working days
  • If you cancel your purchase within 24 hours of making it, the cancellation fee is $225. If you request to cancel your purchase after that time, there is a cancellation fee at Tianjin Location of $375.

How to cancel a flight with Tianjin Airlines?

Passengers can cancel their Tianjin Airlines flight reservation online, by phone and by contacting the nearest Tianjin Airlines ticket office. Let’s understand how to can request Tianjin Airlines flight cancellation by these following methods –

Cancel Booking Online

There is a specific way to process the Tianjin Airlines cancellation online. It should include contacting Tianjin Airlines and pressing important moment for them.

  • Visit Tianjin Airlines’ portal, and you will be able to easily find a flight to suit your needs.
  • Use our search bar to find the last name of a booking, then use that information to retrieve it.
  • Click to select an itinerary you would like to cancel. Click on the ‘Cancel’ button right next to it so you will never choose the flight twice.
  • As per the cancellation policy of Tianjin Airlines, passengers who are not using their entire flight can only wrangle for a partial refund.
  • In order to find out how much your Tianjin Airlines booking is eligible for a refund, please continue to the next page.
  • Once you’ve followed the Tianjin Airlines cancellation process, click to submit your request and complete the terms of agreement.
  • If a passenger does not wish to travel with Tianjin Airlines, he or she can cancel their non-refundable ticket and get their ticket back to the original form of payment in 7-10 business days.
  • On Tuesday, September 30th, passengers who book their Tianjin flight from Houston to Beijing on Sunday November 2nd will be sent an email informing them that their flights have been cancelled.

Cancel Booking Via Phone

To pay a refund of your fare or you can receive expenses if your flight has been cancelled, contact Tianjin Airlines customer service number.

  • You can cancel your Tianjin Airlines flight if you have a large fee. Fill out the form on the website with 13-digit ticket number and they can get back to you soon.
  • Perhaps your booking won’t qualify for a refund, but will the agent confirm that with you?
  • Tianjin Airlines have a cancellation policy. Whether you need to cancel your flight segment or not, passengers can only cancel the unused portion of their ticket with this company.
  • Let our agent know if your flight is cancelled. They will calculate the refund amount generated on your reservation.
  • Once you get to the point and agree with the amount, you can ask that the agent cancels your booking.
  • Passengers who want to cancel their booking on Tianjin Airlines will get a refund back to the original form of payment in 7-10 business days.
  • If your Tianjin flight is cancelled, passengers will be notified with the email address provided when they booked.

Cancel Booking at the Airport

This option can be used at the last minute provided that the flight must be changed or canceled up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure. To cancel Tianjin Airline reservation –

  • Head over to Tianjin Airlines for more information about their flight rates and availability.
  • We will check with the genet to see if your reservation is cancelable and take appropriate action.
  • If your Tianjin Airlines flight is successful in carrying out a cancellation, the agent will calculate the refund amount.
  • We ask what type of property you would like us to provide with all of the information that we have gathered. Once you are sure, we will cancel your booking and let your insurance company know as well.
  • Tianjin Airlines releases our payments after the booking cancellation request us completed. We can expect it back in 7-10 business days.
  • When passengers book flights with us, they will receive the Tianjin flight cancellation confirmation at the email address provided at the time of booking.

Tianjin Airlines Flight Cancellation In case of Delayed Flights

Passenger Concerns about Tianjin flights can be made. Airlines have a 24/7 customer care team to assist with the cancellations.

Delayed Flights

Airlines don’t give refunds in case of extenuating circumstances outside of their control, but passengers will still be covered for a full refund if their flight was cancelled or significantly delayed. Passenger would also get bonus compensation from Tianjin flights in case there are other unforeseen circumstances.

  • Airlines provide passengers with notifications for delay, cancellations, and diversions. They give their customers updates within two weeks of the scheduled departure date.
  • If the passengers know about Tianjin Airlines ticket cancellation and it’s done within 14 days before the flight departure, then they can claim a full refund for their booking.
  • If Tianjin flight delays and cancellations, the airline will attempt to contact passengers through email or telephone if passengers have provided the airliners with their information.

Passengers can claim the Tianjin Airlines canceled flight compensation up to 550 USD per guidelines from the Chinese Aviation Authority. Here are the cases where passengers might be eligible for this, as follows:

  • If their schedules change significantly, maybe they will have to stay home for more than three hours
  • If the passengers miss the flight connection
  • If the passengers are arriving at the final destination or a stopover less than four hours from their original arrival time.

Tianjin Airlines Refund Policy

Tianjin Airlines has a policy that covers  the following major need-to-know information about their refund policy.

  • If your airline is not so good, the Tianjin Airlines refund request is free of charge. You may have to pay a cancellation fee if or when another airline decides it can be cheaper.
  • The airline allows Tianjin air reservation requests to be canceled without waiting for the American Airline’s specified time after completing all the necessary information. Tianjin ticket cancellation refund is only supported by Passenger Name Record history and additional documentation to show that it is valid.
  • The refund policy asks that you only visit the airline company before travelling if you would like to return unused tickets.
  • Our ticket cancellation policy will credit back a portion of the price to the original payment method has 10-15 days.
  • Tianjin Airlines complicated refund process takes a lot of time, so refunds are processed with travel credit and can be used for new flights within 365 days from the date of purchase.
  • Tianjin Airlines has a strict policy for requests for refunds. If you are within the timeframe of your flight and want to request a refund, you must talk with the closest ticketing servicer or go online.
  • For all Tianjin passneger ticket service due to visa denial, passenger need to present the refusal proof issued by embassy, and it should be consistent with those on the passenger ticket, and should not be altered, in order to guarantee safe record of the travel.

If you would like to get your money back for an experience on Tianjin Airlines, please submit your request in writing.

  • What happen if a flight is cancelled and Tianjin Airlines doesn’t allow a refund? If a passenger doesn’t have enough money to buy another ticket, they will be able to get the ticket sold back for a 20 percent penalty of the initial price.
  • To make it easy to get a refund, Tianjin Airlines has a specific policy in place. Surely you can give them a good reason why they should go your way and change their mind.
  • We require all tourneys to fill out this form with the correct details. If there are any errors, or if the information given is not enough for us to make a decision on your refund, we will contact you via email as soon as possible.
  • Tianjin Airlines has certain rules for refunds. In case of death of a passenger, illnesses/injuries, passengers can avoid paying cancellation charges in the first place. They need to submit paperwork and proof of their illness/injury in order to qualify for a refund

In the case of involuntary Tianjin Airlines refund requests, email us with your name, order number, and reference a photo or screenshot of the request.

  • Tianjin passenger party name and Swissair itinerary history would be supported with the PNR history and further relevant supporting documents.
  • If the passenger would like a refund, it must be issued with a written confirmation from the airline. It can either be on the boarding pass or be sent to the customer via email.

Tianjin Ticket Cancellation Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tianjin Airlines is a top-level airline and so the last cancellations we put out were disappointing. But don’t let that deter you! Tianjin Airlines doesn’t just give out money on the spot, but they are willing to work with you and stop at nothing to get your travel needs fulfilled. For lost, delayed or change in itinerary call our customer support team at +86 531-512125828.

Tianjin Airlines’s flight cancellation policies are designed so that passengers can rebook flights with the option to receive a refund if possible. Additionally, their cancel fee is proportional to how close your originally scheduled departure is to the day of your new departure, which means it changes based on when you cancel.

If a cancellation has been made, the change of travel plans will not apply to the segment that was used by the passenger.

It will be easier for passengers to request a cancellation or refund by submitting the ticket that they have made through us, the airline, providing all of their personal details and cancelling it at the same time.

Cancellations are not charged for passengers that are from the United States and are departing from a U.S. airport. Otherwise, you can also cancel your flight within 24 hours from the date of purchase without paying any Tianjin Airlines cancellation fee if your departure date is at least 7 days in advance and it is an itinerary originating in China and going to one of the United States.

There are varying cancellation fees depending upon the class of service and the cabin selected. Looking at our article will give you a detailed overview of what each fee might be.

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