Thai Airways Baggage Allowance, Size, Weight & Fees 2022

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One of the world’s leading airlines, Thai Airways provides services to many different destinations around the globe. Its highly regarded state of service and quality is what makes it such a popular choice among travelers.

If you have bought a ticket for a flight with Thai airways or thinking of buying one, they should take note of the baggage allowance and requirements that the airline brand follows. If you are on an economy ride, they will be given one carry-on bag complimentary with their purchased ticket. The bag can be a maximum size of 56 x 45 x 25 cm (22 x 18 x 10 in).

Carry-on baggage allowance

Bangkok-based Thai Airways is known for its lax and flexible carry-on baggage allowance since it has a large weight and size allowance compared to most other airline brands.

  • The maximum dimensions of standard carry-on are 56 x 45 x 25 cm. This includes wheels, handle and other features which might come in the way of your traveling.
  • The maximum dimension of the small bag or purse is 37.5 by 25 by 12.5 centimeters. This average size allows you to have an easy time carrying your things and reaching all these items within your reach.
  • If a carry-on bag weighs more than 7 kg and an extra small bag weighs less than 1.5 kg then the total weight cannot exceed 15 kg.
  • Businesspeople can carry just what they need when traveling in our bag. It is a small bag, but it holds a lot of our most important things.

As well as the baggage mentioned above, passengers can also bring in walking sticks or crutches if they happen to be handicapped, sick or elderly.

Checked-in baggage allowance

Thai airways follow different regulations for all seat types depending on the route it takes. They also have different baggage rules depending on the seat type, with checked-in baggage allowance guidelines given below.

For domestic routes:

Class Maximum weight
Royal Silk Class   40 kg (88 pounds)  
Premium Economy Class   30 kg (66 pounds)  
Economy Class   30 kg (66 pounds)  
-Infant not occupying a seat   10 kg (22 pounds)  

Have you gained weight on a domestic flight? You might want to ask your airline about additional weight privileges.

  • If a Star Alliance Gold passengers travels with an excess of 20 kg, he will be automatically entitled to take it.
  • Single Gold members in Thailand can enjoy 30 kg more than any other levels of membership.
  • Members of ROMP can get silver status and receive the benefits of extra baggage allowance.

For international flights between Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and the North American continent.

Class Weight
Royal First Class   50 kg (110 pounds)  
Royal Silk Class   40 kg (88 pounds)  
Premium Economy Class   40 kg (88 pounds)  
SAVER Economy Class   20 kg (44 pounds)  
FLEXI Economy Class   30 kg (66 pounds)  
FULL FLEXI Economy Class   35 kg (77 pounds)  
Infant not occupying a seat   10 kg (22 pounds)  

The company has the following guidelines for a promotion and must follow them to avoid having accounts closed for initiating suspicious activity and/or suspecting of manipulation.

  • Passengers can only bring two pieces of luggage that are within a certain weight limit. When online passengers purchase items not allowed to put on their checked bags, Economy class passengers may no longer be able to bring the purchases without paying a very hefty fee.
  • Royal class travelers and passengers bringing in two bags can fly internationally with Royal Silk within a size limit of 158 cm (62 inches).
  • Those travelling with the VIP cards can bring more extra weight in the luggage, based on the number of their own cards they possess. 10 would add 10 kilos of extra weight- but 30 would give them 30 extra kilos.

For international flights between US/ Canada:

Class Maximum Weight Dimensions Number of bags
First (Royal First) 32 kg (70 lbs) 158 cm 2
Business(Royal Silk) 32 kg (70 lbs) 158 cm 2
Economy 23 kg (50 lbs) 158 cm 2
Infant not occupying a seat 23 kg (50 lbs) 115 cm 1

Excess baggage fee

Baggage allowances are different depending on where you’re traveling to. Your baggage allowance will sometimes be higher or lower when you travel internationally, just depending on which country you’re traveling to.

Domestic travel:

All the fees are in THB Chiang Rai Khon Kaen Surat Thani Udon Thani Chiang Mai Hat Yai Krabi Phuket Ubon Ratchathani
Bangkok 70 55 65 55 60 80 70 70 60
Chiang Mai 125

For international flights:

  To Zone 1 To Zone 2 To Zone 3 To Zone 4 To Zone 5 To Zone 6
From Zone 1 12 USD / kg 15 USD / kg 40 USD / kg 45 USD / kg 70 USD / kg 180 USD / piece
From Zone 2 15 USD / kg 40 USD / kg 45 USD / kg 55 USD / kg 70 USD / kg 180 USD / piece
From Zone 3 40 USD / kg 45 USD / kg 55 USD / kg 60 USD / kg 70 USD / kg 180 USD / piece
From Zone 4 45 USD / kg 55 USD / kg 60 USD / kg 70 USD / kg 70 USD / kg 180 USD / piece
From Zone 5 70 USD / kg 70 USD / kg 70 USD / kg 70 USD / kg 70 USD/ kg 180 USD / piece
From Zone 6 180 USD / piece 180 USD / piece 180 USD / piece 180 USD / piece 180 USD / piece 180 USD / piece

Different countries in Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East are given different zones. Russia and parts of Europe, North Africa and some of Australia fall under zone 1; the rest of Europe falls under zone 5. US and Canada, along with South American countries for which zones have not been created yet are placed in Zone 6.


Which items are considered restricted?

Different airlines have various restrictions on items that are allowed to be carried on their planes. For instance, an airline might explore using knives and other blades as carry-on items but another airline may not allow any kind of weapons at all. It is important to review what your specific airline does as well as international laws before traveling internationally.

How to transport sporting or musical instruments?

Every traveler has a choice in what they will take with them on their trip. Some can choose to travel with all of their personal belongings and certain items, while others are limited to what they can keep with them and require extra baggage only options.

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