Tame Airlines Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

What’s your strongest reaction when you think about cancelling your Tame Airlines ticket? We are scared, aren’t we? That fear of losing our refund amidst the cancellations scares us and we don’t question why. Booking their tickets is easy with an airline like Tame that has a great policy and smooth process. With constant improvements to enhance the passengers experience, Tame Airlines guarantees a comfortable ride

For more information about the cancellation process, make sure to go through this guide. We explain the cancellation rules in detail.

Tame Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy: Key Highlights 

Our airline, tame Airlines, provides its travelers with a convenient cancellation policy. If there is an emergency, travelers can cancel their tickets for a full refund without worry about any penalties that might come along with the cancellation.

  • Tame Airlines has a cancellation policy where 24 hours before departure will allow passengers to reschedule their flights for free.
  • You can only receive a refund of your whole order if you ask for it at least 7 days before the departure date. You cannot get back any unused segments or changes as airline needs time to change reservations.
  • If the airline allows you to cancel after the free cancellation period, then there are no fees. But if you need to cancel your bookings after the free cancellation period ends, you’ll be charged a charge.
  • Tame Airlines allows cancellation of flights “in a number of ways”. However, in order to cancel your flight, you must use the source of booking.
  • In the case of group bookings, passengers can directly contact the airline to make their cancellations. They can also separate individual bookings from those in the group list
  • If the passenger doesn’t want to go on their trip, they can reach out to the airline and rebook for free. The airfare is cheaper on the new flight.
  • People who have booked their tickets with the help of an agent must cancel the ticket in the same way. The airline does not take any responsibility for making the cancellations directly.

Tame Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy 

This policy is a lifesaver for all passengers during emergency. It’s called Tame Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy, which postpones their cancelation charges and the consequences of their cancellations. Read on to find out more about the policy.

  • If you read our policy, your chances of getting a full refund for your ticket shrinks. Still, we offer you the permission to cancel the ticket within a day for no charge. However, reading our policy would help you out with that process.
  • If a customer purchases a plane ticket before a week from the departing date the policy strictly applies to all plane tickets purchased for that flight.
  • There are many variations to how this rule would apply. This is a good policy in certain conditions, so please make sure that you understand the process before getting frustrated.

You can figure out if your ticket falls in the 24 hour category at the time of booking. Read the Tame Airlines cancellation policy to find the information you need.

Tame Airlines Cancellation Charges 

Tame Airlines Cancellation Charges

The airline has set some boundaries to make it easier for their customers to enjoy the benefits of their discounted fares. But, if you break the rules, they will have to charge you a fee in order to get your money back.

  • The airline usually charges somewhere between $50 to $200 for making the cancellations.
  • If you are going on an international flight, you should ensure your ticket is covered. The airline may not pull any punches if they need to charge something back to you after the event.
  • Cancellation charges vary depending on the cancellation time, whether you’re purchasing tickets for a single class or for all classes on the same day, and the destination.
  • If you are taking a domestic trip from certain airlines, the cancellation charges will be less than on international flights.
  • You would have to pay a service fee of 50 USD if you contact customer service or the ticket centre.
  • If the flight does not leave on the stated departure date, the airline will cancel your entire ticket. The price of your ticket will go from the price you purchased it for to zero and you will not be charged a part or full refund.
  • The court cancellation fee is usually taken from the fare of the ticket that was canceled. The remaining amount of money is transferred to the account of the people who were traveling on it.

How To Cancel Tame Airlines Flight Ticket 

If your airline doesn’t provide enough ways to cancel, you’ll have to try harder than Tame Airlines does. Luckily we just used the word imagine- meaning if you’re approved for cancellation by an airline then you get as many chances as possible. But for most airlines, including Tame Airlines, follow these steps to help with cancellation procedures.

Cancelling Tame Airlines Flight Ticket Online 

If you’re someone who likes to take care of your own stuff and doesn’t need others in your corner while making bookings, this process is exclusively for you. Bookings are easy—just follow the steps on this screen to start using Point6 To-Go.

If you would like to cancel your flight with Tame Airlines, please send a cancellation email at contact@tame.com.ec and include a supporting document, such as a bank statement, indicating that your flight has been cancelled. Our team will initiate all necessary processes and provide the best option to complete your refund as quickly as possible.

Cancel Tame Airlines Ticket Via A Call 

We usually use the internet to cancel your ticket, but sometimes we have to do it the old-school way. You might have a better chance at getting to see your concert if someone calls or emails you about their cancellation.

Tame Airlines allows you to cancel your ticket by walking down to the nearest ticket centre. The procedure is the same as canceling by voice. Contact a representative by phone or visit their office and ask for help. There’s a small service charge if you’d like to use their services.

Tame Airlines Refund Policy 

You get a full refund from Tame Airlines. One of their policy is simple and they state that all their passengers must abide by the rules in order to receive a refund.

  • You can prove that your ticket cancellation was made by following the airline’s rules to get a full refund. You can choose from several ways that Tame Airlines offer for refunds.
  • It usually takes 7 to 12 business days for the refund to show up in your bank account. If you paid via a credit card, the airline will initiate a refund as quick as a jiffy.
  • When you purchase your airline tickets via cash or cheque, you should submit full documentation with your request for a refund. You will get your money back after 20 days.
  • If you have purchased a ticket for a service that is not refundable, the airline cannot refund it when you cancel. The customer must claim from the airline sales status during regular business hours.
  • If you have purchased your ticket with Tame Airlines, they will always refund your reservation the day after it has been canceled.
  • If you are planning on canceling your trip because it is just not up to your expectations, you must book your tickets at least 7 days before the departure of the flight in order to receive any refund.
  • If you cancel your ticket, you need to fill out and send the airline a refund form for your cancelled flight. If a passenger does not submit that, the company does not initiate refunds.

Tame Airlines Cancellation Compensation 

Tame airlines take any cancellation of flights very seriously. By following these rules, be it from passenger side or from the airline’s side, people can understand the various situations where a full refund can be obtained.

  • If your flight gets canceled, the airline is going to do whatever they can to make sure you find a better way of coming home right away. That includes giving you a free second option or just full refunding the ticket all together.
  • If flights are delayed, the airline compensates for your inconvenience by providing free food and beverage coupons. If delays last more than 4 hours, you also get airport accommodations.
  • Tame Airlines policy is straightforward and clear; it states that its passengers will not be able to seek compensation if the airline has notified them about the cancellation/delay before 14 days.
  • If your flight is cancelled, contact the staff on the ground to help you find another flight and also to provide input as to how to return home if a different destination is chosen.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Tame Airlines Cancellation Policy

Yes. As per Tame Airlines cancellation policy, if you are making the changes within 24 hours of booking you can do it for free. However, if you miss out on the risk free cancellation window, the airline would levy certain charges on you. Please note that cancellation charges also depend on the type of tickets you are purchasing (refundable or non-refundable). If you are buying a non refundable ticket, cancellations could incur charges from the airline.

Airlines provide as much freedom and privileges for their passengers as possible. However, in some cases the airline customers would not be able to make cancellations on the purchase of their ticket in any way they want. Meaning, the person actually made a reservation before buying the ticket at that time. If you are going by purchasing your ticket from a travel agent you can only cancel onboard if you contact agents directly. Airlines make it impossible for anyone to find out who is actually responsible for providing services or cancelling tickets.

Yes, the airline is following all the safety precautions to ensure that COVID does not happen. The passengers would be given face shields, masks and instructions for what to do in case of an emergency. Regular sanitization and social distancing are practiced so the passengers always feel safe on board.

Ιf you don’t want to fly the airline anymore, we will grant you a full refund for cancellation within 24 hours of your ticket purchase.

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