Surinam Airways Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

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Get a maximum flexibility with an ease of handling your Surinam Airlines flight cancellation, or refund! Now flights with this airline are also more affordable. There is even less hassle with the airlines boosting their cancel-and-refund policy.

  • In the case of all airline cancellations which are attributed directly to them, passengers will get a full refund of their flight reservation and compensations which are not less than any expenses that you had to bear as a result.
  • To claim a refund or travel credit according to the airline’s ticketing rules, please visit the ‘Manage Booking’ section on the airline’s website or Surinam Airways cancellation number by phone.
  • Surinam Airways has a useful guide for all passengers on their website. Follow this guide to find out if you should file for a refund, reschedule your flights or transfer flights into your account.
  • Surinam Airways, not including the cost of cancelled flights or those flown on a limited option class of service, would cover all refundable and non-refundable fares regardless of the ticket’s fare type and a person’s choice.
  • If you cancel your reservation for a flight with Surinam, the policy may be different depending on what airline operated the plane. In the case of flights operated by Other Airlines (OAL), you will be subject to the normal guidelines for travel.
  • After the airline flight cancellation is approved, the refunds of people affected would be directed to their original payment methods within 7-10 business days.
  • For more clarification, you may be wondering if the cancellation fee difference is applicable per passenger or simply per booking given the different fare rules?

Surinam Airways 24 Hour Cancellation

As per Surinam’s policy for 24-hour cancellation, seven days or more prior to the booked date is required for cancellation. If a customer cancels their reservation within 24 hours of this deadline, they will lose one day’s worth of commission. Here are important points to consider.

  • 24 day refund policy. Surinam Airways makes sure that all fares are refundable, regardless of what type of fare, how many people are travelling and even the class of service.
  • If you are flying to or from Brazil, Surinam, or Venezuela on a flight originating out of the US and Canada, your flight can be cancelled within 24 hours if you have purchased your fare with our service.
  • If you cancel your trip with Surinam Airways within 24 hours they will not have to apply miles back to your account.
  • In the event of canceled flights, Surinam offers cancelling 24 hours in advance. Travel credit vouchers are not covered under this policy.
  • All group bookings, not covered by Surinam flight cancellations within 24 hours, will be subject to the group contract.
  • Within 24 hours of the cancellation, we will process all refunds. After 1-7 business days, the original form of payment for the purchase will be credited back to the consumer.

Surinam Airways Cancellation Fee

The Surinam policy on cancellation fees applies regardless of fare rules and class of service, so a 200 USD fee will be collected at the time of cancellation. Here’s everything you need to know about it before letting the airline surcharge your credit card.

  • In the event of Surinam Airways cancellation fee between 24 hours prior to arrival, the ticket portion will be refunded.
  • Everytime someone books a flight with SoftAir Surinam, they are entitled to a free cancelation fee of up to 24 hours if the cancellation is made within 7 days of their original departure or 30 days after they arrived.
  • After collecting the Surinam Airways ticket cancellation fee, if you cancel your flight, then the rest of the refund will go through the same method of payment.
  • If a ticket purchased in advance is non-refundable, and the fare collected from the Surinam flight cancellation fee is less than the rest of the total cost of the booking, any future credit will remain valid up to 365 days from date of purchase.
  • If booking from Surinam is denied, any Surinam flight cancellations attributed to bereavement or any other flight cancellations which are synthetically goal-oriented entirely then the passengers would be eligible for the waiver.

How to cancel the Surinam Airways flight?

You can cancel Surinam Airways flights online, over the phone and at the airport counter. In this post, we will explain how you can avoid hassles and make things easier when cancelling a flight with Surinam.

Cancel Surinam Flight Online

Passengers need to do a few things in order to cancel their booking with Surinam Airways.

  • Visit flys.LM, and click ‘Manage my Trip’ from the Products menu, to browse or search for flights.
  • Select a six-digit reference number and then the last name of the passenger who is making the reservation. If there are multiple parties who are making reservations on the same form, click on the ‘Search Reservation’ button to see who needs to be contacted first.
  • Visit the calendar and cancel a particular flight for which you already have a reservation. If there are more passengers on the reservation, someone else can alter it online by creating and submitting their own Surinam flight cancellation request.
  • Surinam Airways has a refund policy. They will give you a refund and process your cancelation if your flight was cancelled.
  • Want to know if your reservation is refundable? Click on the ‘check my reservations’ button and contact our customer service team.
  • If you decide to cancel a trip, you will get the refund amount displayed on the screen before you confirm your selection. If there is a fee for flight cancellation, the airline will take the cost out of your refund.
  • Just click on the “I need to cancel this” button. You will be asked for additional information about your flight cancellation.
  • After the request has been completed, passengers will receive a cancellation confirmation for their Surinam travel booking.

Cancel Surinam Flight Over The Phone

If you have trouble finding the Surinam trip cancellation phone number, you can contact one of our executives by calling the refund phone number.

  • I need to contact the Surinam Airways executive. I will provide them with your 13*-digit ticket number
  • Request a refund for your reservation. If required, the agent can process your request and issue a refund based on the rules of your booking.-
  • The agent will give you a refund on the money you paid for the Surinam Airways flight (after collecting the cancelation fee).
  • Our policy on refunding tickets is to allow passengers to claim a refund for unused permitted portions within the ticket purchase.
  • When you agree with the refund option, ask someone in the airline’s call center to cancel the ticket.
  • Surinam Airways will process the refund for passengers who had already paid by credit card or other payment option.
  • We will notify you if the reservation shows up in our system before your departure, which will let you know whether your trip has been cancelled.

Cancel Surinam Flight At The Airport

If you want to cancel your last-minute flight, head to the airport. There are a few steps -but they can make the difference between a successful trip and one without any memories.

  • Head to the Surinam trip cancelation counter.
  • Organizing your next travel plans could get much easier with Surinam Airways. Not only can you find and book your flights online, but they also operate a steep fare refund policy in case of cancellation.
  • The travel agent will give you accurate information on how much refund could be generated on your booking after collecting the click and forfeit fee.
  • You can claim a refund on unused portions of your ticket if you’re not happy with your purchase or if something happened that stops you from traveling.
  • We offer to process for you – cancelled flights. Surinam is just a click away from our home page.
  • Once the request has been completed, passengers will receive the Surinam cancel reservation confirmation on the email address provided at the time of booking.

Surinam Airways Cancellation in case of Delayed Flight

Sometimes when the airline has overbooked a flight, passengers are not willing to board for any other flights that are available. But in order to ensure that the travel is canceled and passengers receive a refund, they will be compensated

Travelers are not entitled to a refund if there is any reason for them to need to be refused a seat on a plane, such as if they have health issues or don’t have all the required documents, among others.

Passengers who have an unexpected delay of more than four hours in the time period will receive compensation in the form of a refund, or they can submit a request for a full refund on their catalog of flights.

Surinam Airways Delayed Flight

If any of the above-mentioned circumstances are faced by a passenger, they can choose between being bumped from the flight or being compensated.

  • You can change the date of departure on your flight ticket. You can also make changes to your stopover or final destination without delaying your departure and will remain covered by the terms and conditions of the original booking.
  • If your journey is cancelled, if you don’t use the remaining one-way tickets to get home, we’ll refund the unused part of that journey.

If there is a cancellation or termination of an international flight during a trip booked and paid for, passengers are entitled to reimbursement in the form of –

  • Unlike most other online flight and hotel booking websites, we make it easy to provide your extended stay at the venue with affordable rates.
  • People and their guests can choose from a range of food options to eat from before and after the training session.
  • We work with people who can also make international phone calls, emails and internet access.

Surinam Airways Refund Policy

The Surinam policy on refunds tells everything you need to know about the rules for that country.

  • In case of a refundable fare, you can collect the Surinam Airways ticket cancellation fee and the rest of the balance would be processed as a refund in the original method of payment.
  • If you have not yet been refunded for your unused Surinam flight after canceling your ticket, the remaining balance may then be added to your next credit card transaction.
  • Surinam Airways will credit back the difference in a few days. If you have lost your flight, or have started a package that was originally inclusive, we’ll make the money back within seven to ten business days.
  • If purchasing these things such as seat selection, baggage fee, and more along with the flight reservation can be processed under Surinam’s Refund Request policy.
  • According to the Surinam Airways refund policy, the flight cancellation and the associated refund can be claimed on the unused portion of the ticket only.
  • If the person associated with the reservation, or the person who paid for the ticket cancels the reservation, they would be entitled to a refund – and are not bound by any restrictions.
  • When customers purchase discounted travel packages with Surinam Airways, flight and hotel refunds are provided according to customer’s rights.

Surinam Airways Flight Cancellation Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It’s important to be aware that Surinam Airways does allow passengers to cancel their flight within 24 hours and receive a full refund for the tickets that they have purchased.

  • It is required to originate flights. It is required to have the flight originate in the United States.
  • The cancellation period for immediate flights are 24-hours or more at the time of requesting the departure.
  • If the Surinam Airways booking is not part of a package, you will be required to fill out and submit an individual application form.
  • If the reservation was not booked via travel credit voucher or frequent flyer points, then you have the option to purchase a ticket at the full fare.

Go to, scroll down to “Subscription Features” and click that. You’ll be able to see Subscription Features: You can manage your subscription in here.

You can make a reservation to call the Surinam ticket cancellation phone number, which makes the transaction process easier.

We work with airlines. Our support phone is 801-868-5566. If you don’t want to waste your money on a ticket that is less expensive than other options, please feel free to reach us before purchasing tickets.

Please note as per Surinam Airways’s refund policy, passengers are only eligible for a refund on the unused portion of their flight.

The cancellation fee for Surinam Airways is 200 USD. If the customer cancels a ticket, then they will be refunded the original fare minus this fee plus any charges on their credit card.

In order to claim the refund and compensation, passengers should prove they cancelled their flight with Surinam Airways. They should approach the airline at the airport’s reservations counter.

If you have any questions about the refund options, you can contact us on our airlines phone number where they relate to flight cancellations.

Payment refunds can be completed via the telephone number on our website. Every refund is subject to the fare rules, and we will give your money back in 7-10 business days.

Here are the following scenarios that allow cancellation at no charge – The Surinam Airways airline ticket fare.

  • If the reservation has been canceled from the date of booking by midnight, we will not honor it.
  • In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, AirWay and its affiliates are there to provide their customers with the best possible customer service and fair monetary settlement agreements on contracts.
  • If passengers have been denied boarding

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