Sunwing Flight Change Policy – 2022[updated]

Changes are final, so when we have a change in our travel plans, it’s just making things more stressful than they ever were before. The reason being, sky-rocketed change fees and long waits over the phone. Unlike other airlines, Sunwing offers affordable changes and flexibility. So next time when you have a change in hopes for getting the ticket you want, put your trust in the people at Sunwing Air

  • Sunwing’s policy on changes to bookings is that they only accept changes on online transactions, transactions made at the airline’s airport counter, or requests through the Sunwing Airlines reservation phone line.
  • You would only be eligible for a partial refund if the change you made was not possible on your originally purchased ticket.
  • Because of changes to the flight time, date, and destination, Sunwing Travel has made changes in their pricing.
  • When Sunwing, one of the world’s leading vacation companies, issued a restricted fare in its ticket terms and conditions, no changes to the ticket were allowed.
  • To rename our flights, travelers have to have up to three spelling mistakes in the name before they can request an adjustment.
  • The rates given in this document are intended to be applied depending on Sunwing flight’s departure time, arrival time or destination.
  • If you are a passenger traveling with different airlines including Sunwing Airlines then the most restrictive terms and conditions would be applicable.

Sunwing Booking Change Policy

Sunwing offers a great policy for changes. Owners will leave up to 24 hours notice.

  • If a passenger books their travel with Sunwing Airlines and protects it with the non-restricted fare promise, they will then be eligible for future travel credits and a full refund up to one year after their original booking.
  • For example, last-minute alterations — such as changing a flight — can be made up to 1 hour prior to departure by calling our customer service team. Our 24/7 customer service department is always willing at your disposal.
  • Sunwing only covers any changes made to flights that aren’t restricted with a different carrier or airport in the dark hours on Friday before 5pm.
  • If Sunwing customer finds a booking that they like, but their own schedule changes and is not able to fly with Sunwing, they have the option of transferring their reservation without paying extra fees.
  • You have a change in plans and can request a refund or reschedule within 24 hours of booking. Only the difference in ticket prices would be applicable.

Sunwing Name Change Policy

To change your booking name or make corrections, passengers need to pay the amount of fee. Here is all you need to know about the Sunwing name change policy.

  • Sunwing charges you a name change fee of 25 USD per passenger. Make sure your reservation is made 21 days or more prior to the scheduled flight departure.
  • Most changes with Sunwing last up to 8 days. On the rare occasion that there is an overrun, for a fee of 50 USD, we will assess your change until the new flight number is established.
  • If Sunwing name change request is made within 7 days prior to your scheduled flight and the booking is nonreletable, $5 per person cancellation fee will be applied.

Sunwing Flight Change Fee

Here are the facts to consider before paying the change fee as per Sunwing’s flight change policy

  • If you need an itinerary that is going to cost more than the one that you paid for, then Sunwing will waive the change fees.
  • In order to change flight dates, passengers have to pay 100 USD. That’s the same amount that Sunwing itself would charge for booking a new ticket.
  • If their scheduled departure date is less than 20 days before the new one, any change in a flight reservation is considered a monetary loss and Sunwing charges 3 times the airfare price.
  • Tickets purchased with Sunwing airlines are issued in the form of transportation and hotel. Changes would only be applicable to your flight booking and can be made up until 24 hours before departure.

Sunwing Airlines Flight Change Process

When changing your flight plans, it’s not too often that you can do it online. However, our guides make the process simpler, answering important questions and getting you ready to change any of your Sunwing plans you need in just a few minutes.

You may be charged a change fee if you request a new flight before your initial Sunwing flight. You’ll want to review this in advance to see the policies and options associated with changing flights. Here are three steps you can take before requesting changes.

Passengers may request to change a flight online up to two hours before departure time or reserve other services like taking different seats or booking extra baggage. You can even bid for an upgrade if you think it’s possible.

  • Make your travel plans with Sunwing by visiting to manage your account and book flights
  • Changing a booking date on Sunwing flights is easy. Bookings have different options of changing departure and destination, choosing your class, or changing your connection.
  • On the next page, add the new flight request and enter your airline preference. Click on ‘OK’ to review new flights options as per your travel preference.
  • Calculate the cost of adding a flight to your itinerary. Find out if it will cost you more to book a new trip by finding out the change fee for Sunwing flights and the difference in fares before you book any trip.
  • If passengers have a Sunwing airline credit card, they can pay the applicable change flight charges. If the transaction goes through successfully, passengers will receive an email with their new flight itinerary.

We have a 24 hour emergency travel change phone number for Sunwing bookings. If you and your travel situation needs to get resolved via phone, use the number to reach an agent who can help fix the problem.

  • We want you to make the most of your vacation. You can get connected to our Sunwing booking change agent as soon as possible to take advantage of our already low prices.
  • Ask how much it will cost to add a flight at the beginning or end. Check whether you qualify for pre-existing rates, and the best available options for a new flight only after pricing and reservations have been confirmed.
  • There are no restrictions on changes for a passenger. You can make changes for a single passenger over the phone for one or more passengers at the same booking
  • Sunwing charges vary depending on your flight and you can pay your change fees via debit/credit card over the phone.
  • When the transaction is successful, passengers will receive a flight itinerary change confirmation message without needing to book new flight dates.

Airlines customer service officers can change a ticket up to 2 hours before departure. Passengers need to contact their Sunwing customer service representative by phone or the airport customer service desk and have this arranged.

  • Head to the departure airport boarding area at the Sunwing Airlines, at the check-in counter.
  • You can change your flight if it’s your preference. We provide you with the six-digit booking reference number to make this easier.
  • Before you book any flights, search for notices about flight refunds. If you’re enrolled in our Rewards Program, make sure the rates don’t go down after booking your original flight.
  • Guests can pay the required Flight Change charges with cash or, if they are interested in using a debit/credit card, via the available plastic cards.

Sunwing Schedule Change Policy

Sunwing Air tries to operate commercial aircraft as fast and safely as possible. If there’s a delay or disruption, it may be compensable if you’ve purchased air transportation that was schedule to go on the general public

  • If Sunwing reschedules your flight, you have 14 days of advance notice to find a new flight. You can change your ticket for free within two weeks of the original departure.
  • Passengers have the option to claim a full refund of their flight if they were denied boarding.
  • If the duration for delay and cause would be concerning, because people will be provided with meals and refreshments, hotel accommodations, and airport transfers.
  • If you are denied boarding, we will arrange alternative arrangements with you as soon as possible, or we will book alternative flights for you to your destination and provide reasonable compensation.

In case of a Sunwing change in schedule, you can use your extra time to experience exciting and different locations. With our compensation in hand, you can choose where to go without any additional costs.

  • This flight is a bargain when arriving at the final destination less than six hours after the original ticketed time.
  • In cars, you can expect to reach your destination in 6-9 hours. To speed up the wait, get accommodation early before arriving.
  • It will cost more than 2000 USD to arrive at the final destination nine hours after the original departure schedule.

Sunwing Change Flight Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can change your flights.  We offer free or cheap flight changes and the difference in fare if there is one. To do so, go to, select your booking on the ‘Manage booking’ page using your six-digit booking reference along with the last name of the passenger and hit “update”.

Sunwing is changing your flight due to a delay or cancellation. You can ask them to make the changes up to two hours before. Or, you can ask them to change your seat, request that they add take-off baggage, etc. They also offer an upgrade bidding feature on their website.

You may make changes in the booking before departure, but please keep in mind that these changes will be made for you and for all the other travellers on the booking. To make a change for only one person, feel free to contact us at Sunwing booking support number.

Sunwing changes flight policy states that if you wanted to change your booking and there are certain restrictions like if it’s a single fare, already in check-in or group bookings and itineraries with multi-city flights you need to contact the phone number on the website.

Passengers who need to make changes to their flight within 24 hours of their purchase are not required the change fee if they choose a new flight. McFrankies’ policy on changes is that they waive the change fee if the price of the originally selected flight is higher by 100 USD or more.

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