SUN COUNTRY CARRY ON SIZE, Weight, Limits, Fees Guide [2022]

We try to avoid excess baggage fees wherever possible. Airlines vary in whether they allow the same number of items if you pay to take those on board or not. Some let you take more if you’re willing to pay while others will completely reject your luggage as soon as it exceeds its size limit.

Let’s find out the allowance limits so you don’t have any issues while traveling with Sun Country Airlines.

Sun Country Airlines offers baggage categories and weight limits. They provide this information on their website so travelers can pack appropriately.

Sun Country Airlines is a budget airline that doesn’t offer baggage for free. The bag size has to be 50 lbs and the bag should be within 62 inches by on all four sides in length and width. And if there is an excess weight or one that is too big, Sun Country Airlines charges an additional fee.

Sun Country Airlines only carry on size and weight restrictions. They do not carry any baggage.

Sun Country Airlines has a policy that allows only 2 carry-on items in the plane’s cabin. The first item is free, but any carry-on must cost less than $10

The carry-on bag should be no more than 24 inches in length, 16 inches in width, and 11 inches in height. Each piece of the luggage if it has handles or other parts that could stick up while traveling must not weigh more than 33 lbs. The carry-on bag can fit into an overhead bin during transport.

A personal item at work could be a laptop bag, purse, or laptop. The item should not extend eighteen inches, nor be more than eleven inches wide and eight inches tall. It will be possible to find out if your personal item is oversized by talking to the airline’s luggage checker

Expect your bag to be tagged as checked baggage if there is no more room in the compartment. This happens when the bin of an airplane is filled and people will not have to pay for overweight bags.

Sun Country Airlines offers a relatively large amount of space allowance for traveling with the family pet

Domestic pets are allowed inside the cabin of an aircraft provided you still reserve a place on your animal. This is only possible if you purchase a  place for your pet in advance and are willing to pay a total of $125. This fee is non-refundable until you have your pet with you.

Airlines allow you to bring only 1 pet per flight, but a request is denied if there are already 4 overall pets on the aircraft. Depending on your situation, the fee for that request could be as low as $19.

Sun Country Airlines offer a lower excess baggage fee than other airlines.

Generally, Sun Country Airlines charges fees for checked baggage. It cannot weigh more than 50 pounds and the dimensions must be 62″. The fee is $20 online and $25 at the airport. For one extra piece luggage, it will cost you $30 online. This price increases as needed depending on the number of pieces of baggage.

Baggage fees are typically charged for anything you bring on the plane that doesn’t fit under your seat. It could be just a personal item or a combo of carry-on and checked baggage.

If your checked baggage weight is more than 50 lbs, you would be charged an extra $20. The maximum weight allowed is still 60 lbs. This would happen if the bag weighs almost 100 lbs.

The line is long with people carrying oversized bags at the airport. Expect to get slapped with a $100 fine if you bring your bag on the plane that exceeds 62 linear inches.

Passengers weighing over 100 lbs cannot travel with the airline, so please make sure your suitcase’s weight is under this limit.

Sun Country owners can travel with family or friends at no extra cost by purchasing a “Travel Companion Support Program”.

Some items are allowed in your carry-on bag that do not fall into other categories. If you are only going to be checking one piece of luggage, those items will count towards the checked bag and not result in an overweight baggage fee for example.

Musical Instruments

Instruments like guitars, drums, and other musical instruments can be brought on board Sun Country Airlines if there’s enough space in the overhead compartment or if you’re sitting in the seat.

If the musical instrument you are carrying cannot fit inside the cabin, passengers will have a few options. They can either leave it in the compartment and put it back on board before disembarking or they may choose not to check their luggage in and must be ready to carry their instruments with them during their journey.

Playing an instrument while flying is a common practice. Travel insurance that provides protection for instruments is, try not to create an accident when taking your instrument was purchased, where you have to put it in a proper case or no chance of injury to other passengers.

You are not allowed to carry some instruments in the cabin of a aircraft. These are toxic chemicals, ammunition or something like an ax. In order for your instrument to be brought on board, you must contact the airline staff beforehand and find out if there is a seat without a driver’s side air bag.

Generally speaking, musical instruments that fit in a standard suitcase or backpack go with you on the aircraft. You will be asked to verify them with your airline before going through security. Additionally, musical instruments are considered liability items because of their delicate nature and must be given by your flight crew in the baggage hold at load and remain there until the aircraft lands.

Sports Equipment

There are some restrictions on the number of items you can bring with you on the airplane. If your sports equipment is too large, it won’t be allowed to be a part of your checked baggage, and will therefore have to be swapped out in place of one that fits under the maximum weight limit like weapons or firework powder.

“I’m flying with a few things, will my luggage be counted as one checked baggage?” No worries. Companies now allow you to put your entire dance-floor set in a single checked bag, so you’re all good.

Sometimes these restrictions mean that the bike has to be too big. Sometimes the bike needs to have it’s own fare class and you have to pay extra fees which can range from $25 all the way up to $99 each way.

Ammunition Policies

What’s included? Sun Country Airlines offers exemptions for checked baggage for airline passengers carrying firearms and ammunition as long as the following criteria are met: firearms have been rendered inoperable; ammunition has been separated from their firearms; and applicable paperwork has been completed.

Locked cabinets are to keep firearms away from thieves. Thieves will find it hard to steal guns if they need breaking into a locked cabinet.

For ammunition, you could merely bring it as it was packaged when you purchased it. However, if you wish to keep your ammunition in a special manner that might fit better with your personal needs or plans for the day, such a process is also acceptable.

If you are bringing ammunition in, make sure to pack them securely. If not, these items will not be allowed into the airport.

Policies For Military

Those who serve in the US Military are able to claim two checked bags with no charge as long as they have their military ID card and inform the Airport Authority before boarding.

Military personnel are allowed on some airlines to bring a free carry-on bag. If a military person’s baggage is overpriced because of the checked baggage fee, they can avoid this expense by bringing their own bag instead of checking with Sun Country which only allows two bags no matter how many you want to bring.

We have a strict policy for all carried-on items, so please make sure to read our article on baggage policies before you travel.

You are allowed to bring a few items on the airplane with you. You can usually carry something like a water bottle or personal items, but you might need to include any bag you buy in your list and inform the authorities days in advance that you will be carrying them.

Liquid Items

You are allowed to bring in one or two small items with liquids inside. It has to be less than 100 milliliters and it has to be completely see-through before you travel. You can put these smaller items into the bag, but anything over 100 ml has to stay in an individual container.

There are certain liquids you must bring with you when traveling. These include necessary and important medicines. You should also bring any prescriptions your doctor has given to you, and always pack the medicine in a plastic bag in case of leakage and spills that might occur. Juice and gels are also allowed on planes, so long as they are packed in a way or container that doesn’t require airline staff for inspection.”

Support Items

If you’re traveling and need a support device, such as crutches, canes, etc., or even braces, don’t worry because you can bring your device onto the cabin in excess of your baggage allowance and personal item. The Federal Aviation Administration has standards set on how these items should be stored and you have to follow them. It would also do to inform the airlines before booking your travel that you are in need of these aids.

If you have an infant in need of a stroller, check it in before your departure. You can get it for free if you arrive early enough before the gate. If your check-in is too late then the stroller will be counted as one of the (x) number of pieces of luggage that you carried with you to boarding.

Carry-on Food

It would be preferable if you brought food with you, or you would have time to pick up something during your layover at the airport. However if you are worried about the liquid foods forbidden by US airline rules at international airports, look for a get-food-for-a-service deal in the terminal.

Liquids are those things that can splash or spill inside the cabin during flight. So, even if you have something like gelatin with you, please follow the rules of carrying it in a 100 ml container.

Sun Country Airlines, a major airline in the US, only allow a small number of items that can be purchased with their checked bags.

We travel light and bring only the essentials on board. This means that every item is allowed on board for this reason, as long as it does not present a threat to the aircraft or other people on the plane.

Lithium batteries can not enter the cargo if you drain all of the batteries. That includes fireworks, liquid oxygen and other hazardous materials. They have to be properly packaged and labeled before they’re allowed aboard. Other items like lighters for cigarettes are allowed inside the cabin provided you don’t use that one.

First, we advise not bringing anything that can be potentially threatening to other passengers. This means no knives, scissors or baseball bats such as those with particularly sharp or blunt heads. This advice helps ensure the safety of all passengers on the plane.

Online Check-In

Check-in for your flight begins 25 hours before the flight is scheduled to take off. At about one hour before the flight leaves, you can no longer check-in. Contact Sun Country reservations for more information or to make a reservation on the website or by calling the number provided there.

Using the online check-in is usually the best option. There is a discount on paid reservations, and it’s just easier to get all of the information online than if you are checking in at an airport desk.

When you are slated for departure, there are a few options for the rows that might be available. Additionally, if you are concerned with space or mobility requirements, have time to wait, and need an exit row seat with extra leg room and comfortability, we can help you reserve your seat before arriving at the airport.

If you have a musical instrument that you are taking on a carry-on, or you have booked a seat with it, you need to remember to ensure that the airport authorities work out how to accommodate this. The main reason they will do this is so your instrument doesn’t pose problems for other passengers.

Final Thoughts

The airline has policies that are quite different from other airlines flying from the United States. Sun Country Airlines is one of the few airlines who don’t charge for checked baggage on international flights and to get away with that, all we get is that when you travel, you can take as much baggage as you want without paying any extra fees.

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