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Spirit Baggage Sizes, Weight, Fees & Allowance Guide [2021]

Spirit Airlines offers many affordable rates for those looking for a cheap one-way trip. You can find some deals such as the kids fly free promo offer while traveling on Frontier Airlines.

The total costs for traveling can go up substantially if there are any additional fees involved. One of the factors that can add to the additional fees is your extra luggage. Depending on the size of your carry-on bags or checked baggage, you will incur some additional costs. If you’re booking a trip and listing your bag, you will need to pay around $30 for every checked bag, whereas one carry-on will cost around $35.

You can avoid paying baggage fees by watching your stuff in the airplane when you fly. Bring only the essentials with you so that you don’t wind up carrying a lot of weight or taking up too much space, which allows you to pay less for each trip.

Spirit Airlines Carry On Guide

Into the plane, you can bring a personal item and it does not count towards your carry-on. If you need something to take on the plane for free, like your coat or umbrella, you will have to purchase a permit for $35-$25 that attaches to your luggage. If you are in the $9 Fare Club, these costs will be a bit lower.

Choosing the Right Bag

Spirit Airlines charges fees for excess bags. But if you can stay within the basic guidelines for luggage, it’s a good idea to prepare a smaller-sized tote bag or backpack.

The small traditional backpacks that are used by middle schoolers are perfect for carry-on purposes. They are large enough because they stay within the backpack guidelines and they can fit into most bigger sized backpacks. If your backpack is a bit larger than the guidelines, most airlines might provide an exemption as Spirit Airlines does.

If your bag is over the limit for free shipping, you can’t ship it for free anymore. The original restriction was by an inch or so. If you’re exceeding the limit a lot, you’ll be charged. So, try to stick below that to avoid extra fees.

Carrying the Essentials

In order to travel with you and the airline’s guidelines, your suitcase must have certain dimensions. There are general items that should always be in your bag, such as your wallet, laptop, change of clothes and many smaller bags for carrying individual items. Your packing instructions may vary depending on whether you’ll be traveling with a lot of luggage or just a carry-on.

You can keep makeup and toiletries separate from your personal items as long as you store them in different bags. This will also save space, giving you more room and allowing you to pack an extra outfit or two.

Try taking your shoes off before getting to the airport. Not only does it take up less space, but it also can help you prepare for the possibility of running through security or changing terminals with your shoes still on. If you do end up needing a pair of flats and they don’t have any room in your carry-on bag and they’re not allowed in checked baggage, I’m sorry!

Supplies for Kids

You may have the option to cut back on how many bags of hair product, shoes, or clothes you are traveling with. But the supplies for your young kids are non-negotiable. You can carry an infant diaper bag aboard without any extra charge if you are flying with a baby. You also need to account for snacks, formula, diapers, wipes, and extra clothes for your kids, even if it is for a small flight on Spirit Airliner.

Pay for One Bag for the Family

If you are traveling without children or other family members, it might be feasible to avoid extra bags and carry-on fees while flying with Spirit Airlines. Certain rules apply, according to Spirit Airlines. However, if your trip also includes kids or other family members, it would be worth paying for extra baggage or checking a bag for the whole group.

The airline allows personal items to be taken on board for free. You will also be able to bring any other items through the bag you purchase. You could maximize your travel credit funds for this trip by using a travel credit card here

General Recommendations

You could personally load up your free personal item within the allowable weight limits to avoid extra charges. But it might be a good idea to remember that your personal backpack or purse might get really heavy by doing this. You might experience discomfort on your travels if you’re carrying too much in just one bag. If you want to avoid any baggage size problems, consider choosing an additional carry on bag so that you can use it when travelling as well.

If you have a physical issue, it is important that you consider the limitations of your condition. Many people are challenged by carrying heavy weights so you might have a different packing strategy if that’s the case. You should plan for kids and other family members who may be difficult to carry and take out of their gear while they’re wearing it.

Restrictions on the Number of Bags

Region: South America

Lima, Peru (LIM)

Date: All round the year

Region: South America

Colombia (AXM, BAG, BGA, CLO, CTG, MDE)

Ecuador (GYE)

Date: All year round

Weight and Size Limits for Bags

Spirit Airlines charges fees on certain bags they check so that they can keep their prices low. The fees are based on the weight of your checked bag, which is calculated by how much gas the bag requires to transport it. Your ticket also comes with one personal item that can fit inside a smaller sizer box like a small backpack or a purse. You will not be required to pay any additional fee if your storage box is smaller than 40 pounds.

Personal item

The dimensions of the crate should not exceed 18 x 14 x 8 inches. Any wheels or handles present, as well as any dishes involved, will be included.

Carry-on bag

If you’re traveling with a carry-on bag that might not be able to fit in the overhead storage compartments, or if you’re checking luggage too and your carry-on bag won’t fit under the seat ahead of you, an airline agent might tell a traveler that they must check that bag.

Checked bags

The maximum dimension of checked bags is 62 linear inches or 158 cm. This includes every part of the bag, like wheels and handles, and must weigh no more than 40 pounds or 18.1 kg. Carrying a bag that goes beyond these limits will make your checked baggage overweight or oversize and could result in an increase in the price you pay at the airport.

Items with Special Restrictions

There are certain requirements for passengers who want to fly with Spirit Airlines. Those requirements and the charges for different items will be detailed on their official website.

Carry-On Allowance for Pets

Spirit Airlines allows certain pets to be carried into the cabin for domestic flights. It would be best if you placed the pet inside a carrier with measurements equal to or lower than 18 by 14 by 9 inches. The total weight of the carrier and pet combined should not be higher than 40 lbs (18.14 Kg).

Charges for Musical Instruments

Spirit Airlines is a U.S. airline that will consider musical instruments as fragile items, and these items will be accepted as checked items if they are properly packed inside a storage case, box, or container. This container should have been specifically designed for shipping these items from Spirit to the customer’s home. And since shipping musical instruments can vary depending upon their size and/or weight, the total cost of checking in your musical instrument would include the required price of the checked bag along with any overweigh charges.

What Can Be A Personal Item?

To make it easy to travel with your luggage, Spirit Airlines gives their customers the ability to carry a personal item for free and charge it. Customers should have items that fit within the smaller box size when trying to be approved as a free personal item. If you find yourself with another personal item of any dimension greater than the standard size, then it will be considered charged as a carry-on bag. The maximum dimensions of the personal item are 1.

Child’s Car Seat and Stroller

I will allow you to check two children and one double stroller for each child without any extra charge at the ticket counter. If you are traveling with two children, you can check two strollers. In addition, if it’s too late to take your items from the baggage claim carousel out of the car, they can be taken with your luggage once you have found the aircraft where your plane is waiting.

Spirit airlines offer a child restraint system or animal harness that can go into the overhead compartment. You can put your child in this if it’s too big for the regular seat so that they’re properly strapped in. The airline helps you find an open seat so it doesn’t get too squished.

The FAA-approved car seats may not fit within the Spirit Airlines aircraft. The carrier does not want their safety belts to be inflatable, so the FAA-approved car seats will not be assigned to any seat that has an inflatable seatbelt. Furthermore, the FAA-approved car seats cannot be secured below or above those designated as exit rows. There are premium sections of seats on airliners called the Big Front Seats, which are available for customers who purchase insurance.

Some seats may be a little different on each flight. For instance, the Airbus 319 is 22” on the broadest seat width and 22” on the narrowest seat width. Deluxe Leather Seats are 17” on the broadest seat width and 151/2” on the narrowest seat width.


Spirit Airlines lets their passengers know how they value the importance of being financially responsible when traveling. They offer customers options to save when compared with other carriers on checked bags and offered free carry-on dimensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Spirit charge for a carry-on?

You can bring a personal item on Spirit Airlines that’s the same size as the smaller sizer box for free. You will be charged if you have an item or anything bigger, like a carry-on or even checked bag.

Can you carry-on a bag for Spirit Airlines without having to pay fees or any other hidden fees?

Spirit Airlines allows you to carry a small bag for their flights, with dimensions of 18 inches by 14 inches by 8 inches.

Is a backpack free on Spirit?

You won’t be charged for your backpack if it is within the standard dimensions of 18″ by 14″ by 8″. For bigger bags, you will have to pay an extra charge

What are the rules for carrying on bags with Spirit Airlines?

You need to pack carefully, as some of your items might be extra-heavy and require an weight charge. The airlines may also adjust the charges for sports equipment that is lighter than it should be compared with the linear measurements.

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