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Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

Can I change the name on my Spirit Airlines ticket? With Spirit Airlines’ policy on name changes, travelers have wondered if they are able to switch passengers or if they accidentally entered a word that was misspelled on their boarding pass.

If your Spirit flight has to change, such as last minute reservations or a name change, then the airlines have the systems in place that will allow you to handle it. Such as by what time you can make those changes and how much they’ll cost. Let’s understand some of the important highlights now.

Rules to Change Name on Spirit Airlines Ticket

We will highlight the changes made to Spirit Airlines’s name change policy in a few sentences.

Spirit Airlines Name Change Fee

There is a fee of $25 per name change. The fee can be found on our website or in the fare rules for Spirit Airlines.

Fare Conditions Spirit Name Change Fee
Spirit Name change fee if you booked with the Spirit Airlines 225 USD
Rebooking fee once the Spirit Airlines name change request is completed 250 USD
Spirit Airlines name correction up to 3 letters 225 USD
Spirit Airlines name correction request for flight segment from different airlines in the booking 225 USD
Spirit Airlines name correction that requires special approval from the airlines 175 USD
Spirit Airlines changing the ownership of the ticket 200 USD
Spirit Airlines name change in a  genuine case of typo errors 150 USD
Spirit Airlines name change requests for Europe bound flights 250 USD

How to Change the Name on a Spirit Airlines Ticket?

Passengers can change their Spirit Airlines reservation names online or by phone. Let’s go over the process of name changes with two methods – online and on the phone.

Change a Spirit Airlines ticket online – It is easy to request that you are given a different name on your ticket. Almost all Spirit Airlines tickets will have this option, as they use Sabre reservations software.

Spirit Airlines isn’t the only airline that can change your name over the phone. With certain restrictions, you can avoid a penalty by changing your name with Spirit Airlines on the phone before your flight.

Spirit Airlines Name Correction Policy

To change flight tickets with Spirit Airlines, it is strictly prohibited to create any speculative booking that you are thinking Spirit Airlines might accept and then have a name change. When this is done, it is considered an abusive practice by Spirit Airlines that creates an abusive practice with no losses of spaces. Find the highlights here:

Spirit Name Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, as per Spirit Airlines name change policy, passengers can correct up to three letters on the first name, middle name, or last name. The combination of three letters shall not be misunderstood as separate three letters each for first name, middle name, and last name.

Spirit Airlines passengers can make changes to their reservation online or by phone. They’re able to change up to three characters on the rescheduling website, but for all major requests, they phone support.

Residents can change their name for free as long as they have an official legal name change, a travel itinerary, ID and proof of billing statement.To change the passengers name on record, please contact our Spirit Airlines guest services line.

Before you travel on Spirit Airlines, ensure your name is the one on your photo ID. Don’t forget to check with Spirit Airlines executives if you need to change the whole name in their records.

Spirit Airlines lets you change the name on your Spirit Airlines ticket by changing them on the Spirit Airlines website.

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to change their first name and middle name up to three characters by the airlines, but they are not allowed to be combined with the last name into 3 letters.

Calling Spirit Airline’s licensed, heavily monitored phone line is the best way to inquire about misspelled fares

No, a middle name is not required to be on your government-issued photo ID unless they ask you to include one.

Yes, Spirit Airlines change name reservation requests shall be understood as an alteration of a passenger’s last name, middle name, first name, or any/all combination(s) of them. In the case of tickets issued properly and legally, Spirit Airlines change ticket names is limited to cases where people legally changed their name.

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