Spirit Airlines Check-In – 2022[updated]

Spirit Airlines offers the most convenient check-in, as they have large fleets and cover the entire United States and Latin America. They are one of the cheapest airlines to fly with.

Spirit Airlines Check-In Process

Passengers who book with our website can easily fill out their check-in forms and go through the process by using one of these options.

Spirit Online Check-In (Web Check-In)

Spirit Airlines offers an online checkin service for passengers who want to quickly and easily complete their flight check-in 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. Once passengers have checked in and chosen their seat, they will go ahead and indicate baggage is needed on their reservations so that the fee can be paid.

Spirit Airlines uses the curbside check-in option. If you don’t want to carry your bags with you throughout the airport, it’s easy to leave them at the airport and pick them up at your destination.

Spirit Airlines makes it easy to check in and board flights on their website. Their online checkins are accessible to both international and domestic passengers of every class type.

  • Someone checked prices and found they were affordable, so they booked the Spirit Airlines flight.
  • Spirit Airlines is a nationwide airline and was skipped on the first flight segment.
  • A flight itinerary doesn’t include more than four flight segments.
  • Book your trip with Spirit Airlines! They have many PNR restrictions and you can get great rates if you schedule it right.
  • The passenger has not made a request for special services before their Spirit online check-in
  • Passengers traveling on a Standard Fare ticket will have to check their luggage at least one piece and reserve their seat.

Once you reserve your flight with us, you’ll be able to book travel on SpiritAirline.com, which will require you to enter six-digits or thirteen-digits of your booking reference number and your upgrade code. You also have the option in booking travel online to request any of the following items:

  • Changing a flight
  • Updating the SpiritClub Mileage Number
  • Requesting and/or upgrading a seat change
  • Baggage check-in
  • Book your checked baggage or extra baggage allowance with your airline during the booking process so you have peace of mind.

After you book your Spirit Airlines flight online, it’s just a matter of minutes before the online check in opens. The online check in is usable at any time up to 30 hours before your flight.

  • Enter your name and date of birth and fill out the rest of a form that asks for personal information.
  • Proceed to the check-in page, click on the “Redeem” button underneath your name and enter the confirmation code, along with your last name.
  • Select the seat you’d like to sit on and then click on “Save Changes” to make them.
  • Declare your health status online.
  • It’s important that you carefully review the goods and materials we offer before placing your order.
  • To check in for your flight to Spirit Airlines, you must add your checked baggage and pay the $15 baggage fee with your credit card.
  • If you’ve finished picking your ticket, select the item and click the check-in button. If everything’s ready, you’ll get a confirmation email.

Spirit Airlines Mobile App Check–In

Spectators can complete Spirit web check in quickly and easily from their smartphone through Spirit Airlines mobile app. Spectators must complete the Spirit Airlines mobile check-in starting 24 hours and 60 minutes before scheduled departure, and then receive the mobile boarding pass on their device. Passengers with a smart phone, who have completed the Spirit Airlines mobile check-in task, are able to use their device if they need –

  • Passengers on the first flight segment have their ticket electronically booked and the airline they fly with is Spirit Airlines
  • Passengers may access the reservation with an e-ticket number. Passengers may also use a seven-digit Spirit Club Mileage Number or a six-digit reference code to make the reservation faster.
  • Our customers provide us with the needs of individuals. So, our customers can contact any attendant by just pressing a button if they need help.
  • Passengers who travel with Spirit check-in Mobile to the airport. It’s easy for them to go through security, drop off their bags and update switch boarding passes in a few quick clicks on a mobile device.

Spirit Airlines Flight Check-In with Voice

Spirit flight check in with voice offers a quick and easy way to check in for your Spirit Airlines flight booking at the airport if the passengers lack access to the internet or a mobile device. Passengers traveling on any domestic trip with less than ten passengers on their PNR are eligible for spirit voice check-in. On the day of, passengers should complete spirit airlines Mobile Check In starting 24 hours and 60 minutes prior to departure.

With voice-check-in, passengers can allow Southwest Airlines to make sure their bags get where they need to go. They also provide information about baggage allowances and arranging for their email or pick from a Spirit check-in kiosk.

To proceed with the flight check-in, call Spirit check-in phone number.

  • Let the Spirit Airlines executive know your six-digit reference code →
  • Check in with the airport agent before heading to the airport. They will update your flight information, which you can access at any time while on board the plane.
  • The agent will ask you to agree to the sale of the items and not to take possession of them until after the purchase is complete.
  • If you’re traveling by plane, give your checked baggage information to the person on the phone so you can pay for it over the phone.
  • You checked your email, and the agent is now sending you the boarding pass. Your web check-in has been completed!

Spirit Curbside Check-In

All passengers boarding on Spirit Airlines flights can check in starting four hours before departure time up until 30 minutes. Passengers are asked to have a government-issued photo ID and the six-digit confirmation code from Spirit Airlines, flight number, or e-ticket number to complete the check-in process. Visit the Spirit Airlines website for more information.

Spirit Kiosk Check-In

Self-service kiosks are available at every US airport. Passengers looking to check in for their upcoming Spirit Airlines flight should use the kiosk right up until 4 hours and 60 minutes before their scheduled departure.

Passengers can easily check in for thousands of Spirit Airlines airlines destinations at almost all of their US airports locations starting from 4 hours until 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Passengers may need a government-issued photo ID and the six-digit confirmation code from airlines, flight number, or e-ticket number to complete the check-in. How easy can it be?

  • Find more information at the airport ticket counter or go to the Spirit kiosk near the gate.
  • Book a flight with us and provide your booking details. We’ll make sure that your travel is booked smoothly.
  • Declare your seat selection to the agent, and also let them know if you’re healthy. They’ll update the airline flight record system.
  • Your luggage will soon follow you on a conveyor belt. After that, you’ll go through the security checkpoint and pay the correct amount for your boarding pass.
  • Present your passport along with the receipt to the security personnel at the boarding area entrance.

Spirit Check-In Boarding Pass Zone

Spirit Airlines has a super easy boarding pass check-in process. Most of the passengers are naive to flying and have no clue how boarding access works. Find out everything you need to know about Spirit Airlines boarding zones here with these simple steps.

Pre-Boarding Zone

  • Passengers who need special care and assistance
  • Passengers with disabilities

Zone 1

  • Passengers should come prepared to travel with a carry on bag
  • Passengers who are traveling with hand luggage

Zone 2

  • Passengers who have paid for priority boarding
  • Spirit Airlines passengers or frequent flyer passengers are able to benefit from availability of Spirit’s suggested extras.

Zone 3

  • General boarding
  • Usually the flights come and go through the same screening checkpoints.

Spirit Airlines Check-In Time

Passengers must plan ahead to ensure they reach the airport two hours before domestic flights and three hours before international flights. Passengers must stop at the ticket counter for a boarding pass beginning 45 minutes before domestic flights and 60 minutes before international flights.

Passengers can check in for their flights up to 24 hours and 60 minutes before departure.

Flights depart at the scheduled time, as well as on time. This is a way to reduce delays, as people can check-in online up to 24 hours before.

Passengers can use the kiosk machine to check in between 4 hours and 60 minutes before their flight during the scheduled departure.

Our luggage is not the standard size for most airlines so we need two hours of notice that you would like to check your bag.

  • The customer must purchase their tickets 1-hour before the departure time of Spirit domestic flights.
  • Fifteen minutes before scheduled departure time for Spirit international flights

Minimum check-in required with checked baggage 

  • 45 minutes before an international flight’s departure time on Spirit
  • The scheduled departure time for Spirit international flights is typically 90 minutes before the flight.

Spirit Airlines Flight Check-In – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Passengers can complete their Spirit Airlines check-in with the following options by paying online.

  • Spirit online check-in
  • Spirit Airlines mobile check-in
  • Spirit Airlines kiosks check-in 
  • Spirit Airlines check-in at the airport
  • Spirit curbside check-in
  • Spirit pre-check-in
  • Spirit self-check-in

If you’d like to reserve your Spirit Airline ticket in time, use our kiosk machine-it’s located at the US airports for 4 hours and 60 minutes before scheduled departure.

To make it easy for you to check-in, Spirit Airlines will give you the option to add a carry-on bag before printing your boarding pass. You will only have to pay the fee if you want your luggage exempt from going on the plane.

By using Spirit web check-in, you can save time and money. You can quickly prepare your on-board experience before your flight by checking in online with Airline.com — which begins 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure and ends one hour before. Holding your ticket will be cheaper than the airport when the package is purchased online.

Yes, passengers can complete Spirit web check-in from the convenience of their smartphone or through it’s app. Beyond just a mobile boarding pass, passengers must check in 24 hours and 60 minutes prior to their scheduled departure with whatever device they choose.

Yes, passengers can check-in for Spirit Airlines flights curbside at almost all locations starting from 4 hours until 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Passengers may need a government-issued photo ID and the six-digit confirmation code from Spirit Airlines, flight number, or e-ticket number to complete the curbside check-in.

Yes, people may check-in for flights on Spirit Airlines at time frames of 4 hours and 60 minutes before the scheduled departure. There is a 10 USD fee for Spirit Airlines checkpoint print boarding passes at the airport counter. These are fees that you’re paying if you do not present your ticket within this time frame.

Suggested arrival time – 

  • Arriving 1 hour before scheduled departure time is a way to ensure that your flight won’t be delayed.
  • Leave for Spirit international flights at 2 hours before the scheduled time

Due to limited space and in order to ensure a smoother travel experience, carry on baggage is only accepted if it arrives within the designated check-in time.

  • Spirit Airlines goes on a domestic flight every hour before scheduled departure time.
  • 2 hours before scheduled departure time for Spirit international flights

Minimum check-in required with checked baggage 

  • Spirit domestic flights departed exactly 45 minutes before the time of scheduled departure.
  • After 90 minutes before scheduled departure time for Spirit international flights

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