Spirit Airlines Carry on Size, Checked Bag Size, Weight, Fees & Policy 2022

The airline Spirit charges two fees: a check-in fee and passenger fees. These fees go towards keeping ticket prices relatively cheap by charging for the weight of your baggage.

What is allowed in small sized boxes and have a maximum total dimension of less than 45cm x 35cm x 20cm? Spirit airlines will not allow any items as a carry-on that you have to pay for other than the personal item. But if you bring along your personal item on board, it will be free of charge.

Carry-on Baggage:

Passengers can take one personal item as carry-on baggage with them on the plane. They are free of extra charge if all the items fit in a smaller-sized box and have a maximum dimension of 45cm x 35cm x 24cm or less than that.

The maximum size for all the sides of a personal item that can be taken on board is properly explained in the United States Airline Transport Security regulations.

Measurement of Personal Item:

Sides of a personal itemMaximum measurement
Length18inch/ 45cm
Width14inch/ 35cm
Height8inch/ 20cm

Spirit Airlines is the number-one airline for travelers sorting through cheap flights and discount business fares. But be sure to find a good deal on carrying-on luggage. This airline does not allow any carry-on bag into their planes that is free of charge other than the personal items because they say you may only take one carry-on with you. However, you can bring an additional item with an additional charge as a carry-on if its maximum size is 22 inches by 18 inches by 10 inches (56x46x25cm).

The maximum size for all the sides of an additional carry-on item is listed below in the form of a table:

Measurement of an Additional Carry-on Item:

Sides/Weight of an extra carry-on bagMaximum Measurement
Length22inch/ 56cm
Breadth18inch/ 46cm
Height10inch/ 25cm

Passengers buying a Carry on Bag allowance online can expect to pay USD 41 if they were to buy their allowance while booking the flight. If customers bought the allowance online during check in, the extra cost this will be is USD 50. Those buying the item at the airport can expect to pay USD 55 for an extra baggage, and those buying it at the gate can expect to pay an extra USD 10.

On a per item basis, the charges for requiring that an additional carry-on item be checked in with you on the same flight vary by destination.

The price of the item depends on where you’re going and what type of luggage you have.

Destinations of the additional carry-on itemVariation of prices
During Booking (standard fare)USD 31
During books (USD 9 Fare Club)USD 40
During Online bookingUSD 41
During check-inUSD 50
At the airportUSD 55
At the gateUSD 65

It is important to pay attention to the size of the personal item, because if a passenger exceeds the maximum dimension that is allowed, they might get charged up to USD 100 at the entrance.

You can only carry-on luggage that does not have any liquids or gels, you cannot carry-on any type of weapons.

Prohibited Sharp Objects:

*Scissors and Cigar Cutters are allowed.

Prohibited sporting goods:

Prohibited Firearms and Guns:

To be noted:

  • Ammunition must be double checked before it is allowed in your baggage at any airline. Retailers are usually better able to answer this question than the airlines themselves.
  • If you are carrying a firearm or flare gun on your person, make sure that it’s unloaded and put in a hard sided container. Put in the front pocket of your carry-on bag; it needs to be declared at check-ins if authorized.

Exception: E-Cigarettes are allowed as carry-on baggage.

Other restricted items:

  • It is once again important to note that all tools were not permitted. Additionally, screwdrivers and pliers which are less than 7 inches in length, were allowed by the rules of the club.
  • Weapons such as martial art weapons are not allowed as carry-on baggage because they can be a safety hazard.
  • Explosives are prohibited as carry-on and checked baggage. They are dangerous explosives, such as dynamite, plastic explosives, etc.

Rules concerning Carry-on liquids:

The rules on what liquids you can take on board your flight with you are not regulated by Spirit Airlines. A sign may say “TSA 3-1-1”, but that is the limit—not Spirit Airlines.

  • If a traveler is carrying liquids, they can carry up to 3 oz. Travelers may only bring 6 liquid-based or gel-like substances at any one time.
  • These containers cannot hold more than 3.4 ounces at a time. This switch was mainly due to environmental concerns.
  • The container has to be able to fit in all types of bags, including the type that is resealable and quart-size.

The bags are available in either a resealable zip-top bag or rather a light-weight vinyl material.

A few airlines offer a service where aerosol cans are restricted. Refills are usually not allowed, and travelers must buy a can at each stop for take-off and landing at their destination.

Allowed Foods in Carry-On Bag:

Allowed FoodNecessary instructions/ comments
Alcoholic beverages, GravySpirit airlines allow alcoholic beverages as long as their quantity is less than or equivalent to 3.4 oz/ 100 ml.
Baby FoodBaby food is allowed in Spirit airlines but in reasonable quantities. It is necessary to remove these items from carry-on bags while screening to be checked separately.
Baby FormulaBaby formula is allowed but in reasonable quantities. It is necessary to remove these items from carry-on bags while screening, as food will get checked separately.
Bottled waterBottled water is allowed on Spirit Airlines as long as its quantity is less than or equivalent to 3.4 oz/ 100 ml.
Bread, Cooked Food (Meat, vegetables, seafood)Spirit allows solid or dry food, such as bread, to be transported both in carry-on or checked bags.
Candys, Crackers, Dry fruits, Cereals, Gums, Cookies, Fresh eggsSince these foods are dry, they are allowed by Spirit Airlines.
Chocolate, CheeseThe airline will allow chess/chocolate. The cheese/ chocolate is creamy will be allowed as long as the quantity is not more than 3.4 oz/ 100 ml if it is creamy in nature. If the cheese/ chocolate is solid, the quantity is not of concern.
Live LobsterIf someone wants to bring live lobster, they should consult with the airline firs

*Rules for Carrying Fresh Seafood, Meat and Frozen food:

Food that is allowed in either your carry on or checked baggage can be brought onboard.

  • Experience this process with your frozen food. Take them out of the freezer and bring them through airport screening to ensure they don’t get ruined.
  • Frozen food will not be brought on board if the pieces of ice melt partially and water accumulates at the container’s bottom.
  • The airport provides carry-ons for people to carry their fruits and vegetables. They can freeze them in dry ice before flying home.
  • The passengers are limited to a small amount of dry ice by FAA. It has to be adequately packaged and then marked with instructions on the package, size and weight

Spirit Airlines Carry-On Pet Policy:

Spirit Airlines offers a variety of options for traveling with your furry friends. They provide services for cats, rabbits, birds and other small animals.

  • Pets under ten pounds are allowed in the passenger section, as long as they are in a kennel or wrapped.
  •  Because pets are allowed to be with the passengers, an animal-sniffing canine will not be trained to detect them and is not an option for screening.
  • Spirit Airlines does not allow spiders, snakes, hamsters or potbellied pigs to fly with them.
  • You are allowed to bring your pet in one carrier, but you are only allowed harder cases.
  • Airlines are becoming more accommodating with the number of pets you can have- but still, a limit is always there.
  • One must be 8 weeks or older to fly. Pets below this age are not allowed on the flight.
  • Make sure you have your animal with you and choose to sit in the best place for them. We’ll show you where not to sit so that your pet has the utmost comfort.
  • All passengers without a Pet Disability Health Certificate are required to submit their animals’ health certificates by the date of travel.
  • I think dogs, cats, and small pets can all fit under your front seat; it may just not fit too good.
  • Pets are not allowed to carry soft containers on the plane. They should be allowed to fly in their normal carrier and crate, but with a travel blanket that is less than one inch thick.
  • The absolute maximum dimension of the pet carrier is 45.72cm x 22.86cm x 9cm (18inch x 35.56cm x 22.86cm).

Maximum Size and Weight (including the pets) of the Pet Carrier:

Sides/Weight of Pet CarrierMaximum measurements
Length of the carrier18inch/ 45.72cm
Width of the carrier14inch/ 35.56cm
Height of the carrier9inch/ 22.86cm
Weight of the carrier, including the pet40 pounds or 18.14kg
  • The combined weight of carrier and pet must not exceed the weight limit of 40 pounds or 18.14kg.
  • Spirit Airlines is the preferred airline for traveling with your pets. You will be glad to know that there are 6 total pets permitted on a flight.
  • You should make sure there is enough space in the cargo hold for your pet.
  • We were surprised to see the airline charge USD 110 per traveller for a one-way flight.
  • The only exceptions are on international flights where people have medical problems, if they have psychiatric conditions, or if they’re traveling with an emotional support animal.

Assistive Devices:

Measurement of Assistive Device:

Sides of the Assistive DeviceMaximum Measurement
Length of Assistive Device39inch/ 99cm
Width of Assistive Device26inch/ 116cm
Height of Assistive Device11inch/ 63cm
  • ALL flight passengers are allowed to carry one manual folding wheelchair per flight. When they arrive they can find out how many need to be checked in on the next group of passengers.

Infant’s Baggage:

Baby equipment on the aircraft may include a folding stroller or an infant’s carrying basket. If a stroller is chosen it has to be one of the two allowed baby equipment. These items are both included as one of the two allowed baby equipment.

Measurement of the Baby Bag:

Sides/ Weight of the Baby BagMaximum Measurements
Length of the baby bag45cm
Width of the baby bag35cm
Height of the baby bag20cm
Weight of the baby bag5kg

Checked Bags:

There are maximum linear inches you can have on your luggage. Weight is also an important factor to consider when booking a bag. If the value of your suitcase or bag exceeds those limits, it will invalidate its status and result in it being filtered out in security checks.

  • Spirit Air Airlines takes safety seriously and do not accept bags that are heavier than 100 pounds or 45kg.
  • If you are going to be wearing a bag that will take up more than one seat on the plane, you must go through pre-check before getting on the flight.

Measurement of Checked Baggage:

Dimension/ WeightMaximum measurement
Maximum size of checked bags62 linear inches
Maximum weight40 pounds or 18.14kg
Limitation of the weight of oversized bags100 pound or 45kg
Limitation of the size of oversized bags80 linear inches or 203 cm


  • We allow travelers to bring one baggage with a maximum weight of 35 pounds or under on flights to South American Countries.
  • We sell additional single items of the product. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Checked bag fees will differ based on how long the passenger keeps their allowance in their account.

  • If the allowance is purchased while booking the flight, then fees for the first checked bag are usually $26 USD, fees for the second and third checked bags are $36 USD and fees for a carry-on bag are $81 USD.
  • When flying with United, if you book the allowance online before your flight, fees range from USD 30 to USD 145. Luggage fees – second and third checked bags are USD 50 and USD 95.
  • An expansion of system limits means that the price of a first bag checked through the airport and at the security checkpoint has increased to USD 50, two bags checked in one go will now cost USD 60, and a third bag checked in one go will increase to USD 100.

For better understanding, the variety of additional charges for the other carry-on item at different destinations is shown in the table.

Price of the Checked Baggage based on Destinations:

Destinations of the additional carry-on item1st Checked Baggage2nd Checked Baggage3rd Checked Baggage
During Booking (standard fare)USD 26USD 36USD 81
During booking (USD 9 Fare Club)USD 35USD 45USD 90
Before Online Check-in (standard fee)USD 36USD 46USD 91
At the airportUSD 50USD 60USD 100
At the gateUSD 65N/AN/A

Extra Baggage Fee

When you purchase your Spirit Plane Ticket, you will receive a list of the baggage allowance that is included with your ticket. Some airlines charge additional fees for exceeding the airline’s baggage weight or size standards.

If the dimension of the bag is between 68 and 80 inches, the fee is USD 100, and if over 80 inches, the price is USD 150. If the dimensions are under 68 inches, there is no fee to avoid negotiations.”

Chart of Extra Baggage Fee:

Extra baggage weight/ dimensionAdditional charge per bag
41-50lbs (18-23kg)+USD 35
51-70lbs (23-32kg+USD 60
71-100lbs (32-45kg)+USD 100
68-80inches+USD 100
Over 80inches+USD 150


Is a laptop bag free on Spirit Airlines?

When booking a flight, passengers will not have to pay to take a laptop bag on Spirit Airlines as a personal item. But this is only available as long as the bag does not exceed the maximum dimension of 18″ x 14″ x 8″.

How much baggage can you take as checked baggage on Spirit Airlines?

You can take a maximum of 62 linear inches or a total of 158cm of checked baggage free of additional charge. The maximum weight is 40lbs or 18.14kg. If the weight or dimensions of the baggage cross the limits, you would need to pay additional charges.

Can a passenger bring his/her child’s car seat or stroller?

Spirit Airlines will allow passengers to bring a stroller and a car seat into the ticket counter, without having to pay any extra charges. If you are travelling with two children, one can be checked at the gate.

Do Spirit Airlines charge prosthetic devices?

Spirit Airlines does not charge for any assistive/ prosthetic devices. Assistive devices are not counted towards the carry-on baggage allowance and can be brought without any additional fees. Passengers can bring portable oxygen concentrators, ventilators, etc., onboard following the provided guidelines/instructions. The prosthetic device must not exceed the maximum dimension of 39inch x 26inch x 11inch

Do Spirit Airlines let its passengers bring carry-on baggage free of charge?

Spirit does not allow anything that is not a carry-on that is free of charge unless it’s a baby or person with disability. But people can bring an extra item as a carry-on for an additional fee. One maximum dimension must match the size for the personal item.

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