SpiceJet Air Baggage Allowance 2022 (Updated)

SpiceJet Airlines updates their baggage restrictions every day. They provide passengers with the new information and restrictions that go into effect that day, so it is imperative to familiarize yourself with what a passenger can and cannot bring.

With SpiceJet, you can take a carry-on with you on board each flight. There are restrictions on carry-ons due to the aircraft and flight size that you’re flying on. On a Boeing, the carry-on dimensions are 115 cm while on Bombardier flights they are 105 cm total linear dimensions.

SpiceJet Carry-on Baggage Allowance

It all depends on the type of aircraft instead of the seating classes. They first offer to allow you to take one standard-sized bag with you so that when it comes time to board, you might be able to take a little excess luggage with you on your trip.

AircraftNumber of bagsDimensionsMax Weight
Boeing1 standard bag
1 personal bag
115 cm in total7 kg total
Bombardier1 standard bag
1 personal bag
105 cm in total7 kg total

What Can You Take Inside Your Personal Bag?

SpiceJet allows passsenger’s to take along a personal bag. It can be anything from a simple handbag to a laptop bag. You should only have daily necessities important documents that you think you might need in your personal bag. In addition, you can also pack some more items like:

  • Travel documents and passport.
  • Wallet and ID.
  • Dry food in controlled amounts.
  • Toothpaste and tooth brush.
  • Toiletries.
  • Baby food.
  • The best way to stay warm is to apply layers and layer your clothes in case you feel colder than usual.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Checked bags are limited depending on the luggage weight and size, rules around bigger carry-ons, fees for overweight bags, how many pieces of baggage a ticket allows, etc. I will tell you more about these policies in the section below.

Domestic Flights:

AircraftNumber of baggageWeightSize
Boeing1 bag20 kg158 cm
Bombardier1 bag15 kg158 cm

The linear dimensions and the number of baggage allowed in international flights are 158 kg per bag and 2 bags. In addition, the final threshold for each baggage is 32 kg. Any bag you carry over this limit will not get to be checked in on the flight.

For international flights:

To/FromWeight allowed
Malé20 kg
Muskat30 kg
Bangkok20 kg
Colombo30 kg
Dhaka20 kg
Kuwait30 kg
Hong Kong30 kg
Riyadh25 kg
Jeddah25 kg
Connecting flights via India30 kg

Excess Baggage Fees

Baggage fees are one of many restrictions on international travel. In particular, note that the total weight for a single bag must not exceed 32 kilos under any means.

To/FromFee per Kg in INR
Hong Kong1200

Infant Policy

Passengers travelling with kids are welcome to bring a small stroller on board (no bigger than 62 cm per side) or a baby carrier. You’ll need to pack some baby food, since there’s no way the airline will have any for your child.

Spice Jet classifies those above 2 years old but less than 7 weeks old to be infants and they are ineligible for their infant policies.

Restricted Items

SpiceJet has a specific rule for allowed items and contraband that are restricted according to airport rules. These items are allowed in your checked-in baggage and carry-on bags.

  • Sharp or pointy items that could cause punctures. People should use caution when handling these knives.
  • Chemicals and poisonous fluids and soaps can be hazardous to people. People should care for themselves by using these products carefully.
  • You can’t bring matches or lighter in your bags. Any fire hazardous object is prohibited from being carried in purses, backpacks, and pockets.
  • These devices are capable of stunning and harming so many targets. They can be shot or used in a variety of methods.
  • You need to provide a government issued ID or some other form of proof, like a doctor’s note, before we can process your request.
  • We take up electrical devices like hoverboards, e-bikes, and solo wheels to get the safety brands consumers need.
  • No fruits can be carried into the theatre. Bringing any type of food is prohibited even in liquid form, so please stay away from them.
  • Fragile items like jewlery, glasswares and more are not difficult to break. They are delicate and can easily break on the least contact.
  • Radioactive or oxidizing materials.


What is the SpiceJet hand baggage allowance?

SpiceJet allows passengers to carry a single standard bag with a weight of 7 kg (pounds) and dimensions of 115 for Boeing flights, or 105 for Bombardiers. The passengers can also carry another personal bag or laptop bag.

Can you bring any weapons and ammunition in your baggage?

If you are carrying small arms in your baggage, you need a license and a payment. The total cost per sector can be up to 5000 Rupees. Passengers can only carry one firearm or gun with 50 cartridges.

What to do if you lose a piece of baggage or an item?

If you cannot find your baggage or item after it was checked at the airport, you should contact your airline’s lost and found authorities within 48 hours of missing. They use a form on the website to track items and they will try to find lost luggage before they are charged the maximum amount of 20000 INR (Only if they can’t find your luggage in 7 days).

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