Southwest Airlines


Southwest Airlines formerly known as Air Southwest, is considered to be the safest, on-time, and fastest airline service in the world. It has a good track record and because of its efficiency, it carries millions of passengers every year to different cities in the U.S. and to other international places. Southwest Airlines was incorporated in 1967, dated March 15. From its starting day, it is working for customers and for Nation too. With an average age of 9 years, this airline has more than 400 jets, which are very effective as well as efficient in finishing the task swiftly and on time. A Few of these are:

  • Shamu One, Two, and Three also known as flying killer whales,
  • Lone Star One painted like the Texas flag,
  • Arizona One is considered to be a symbol of the importance of the state of Arizona
  • California One which is a high-flying tribute to the state of California
  • Silver One used for the 25th Anniversary plane
  • Triple Crown One is dedicated to the Employees of Southwest Airlines for their marvelous achievements
  • Nevada One which is a high-flying tribute to the state of Nevada,
  • New Mexico One painted in the bright yellow of the New Mexico flag
  • Maryland One is the newest addition.

Southwest Airlines has won many accolades and also got an appreciation for its reliable and qualitative service in the field of airline transportation.

Southwest Airlines became the first airline to win the coveted Triple Crown –

  • Best On-time Record
  • Best Baggage Handling
  • Fewest Customer Complaints

They have won this crown more than thirty times and also five annual Triple Crowns consecutively from 1992 to 1996 creating a record of sorts that no other airline could match. Southwest Airlines has contributed more to the advancement of the commercial airline industry as they were the first airline that started the frequent flyer program to give credit for the number of trips taken and not the number of miles flown.

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