Southwest Lost and Found – 2022[updated]

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Passengers who fly with Southwest will be glad to know that their bags reach the airport without being exposed to any theft or damages. Each passenger can relax knowing there’s a safe and reliable airline, who care about their beloved bags.There are many opportunities for things like accidents to take place. And when they do, Southwest reacts smoothly by covering any losses incurred.

  • Until their baggage is returned, travelers can’t expect to get their luggage.
  • Other passengers receiving the baggage in the damaged condition
  • A lot of the time passengers who have checked their luggage after a considerable amount of time have to meet with personnel to receive baggage.
  • Passengers receiving the baggage with missing contents/articles

Southwest Airlines covers lost and found for domestic flights. The airline helps customers avoid the time and stress involved in having to resolve the loss of items in person.

Southwest Airlines Lost and Found Information and Tips

Here are some precautions that passengers should take to help avoid Southwest lost-and-found disruptions or minimize them.

  • Another reason to avoid packing valuable items (jewellery, cash, wallets), critical items (medicine, passport, photo ID), or fragile items (electronic devices, glassware, glasses. contact lenses) when you travel is so your luggage doesn’t go missing when traveling air.
  • Prior to travelling, you should contact Southwest and tell them what happened with your bag. This could help prevent the damages and losses that may occur while travelling.
  • People should use lock that are approved by TSA. They can prevent costly damage to the baggage through fraudulent opening by security personnel.
  • Searching for a person’s lost baggage is usually difficult when all you have are the identification number on an airline ticket. Our recommendations are to include your name and contact info on a small piece of paper that will help deliver your baggage.
  • It is possible that your luggage might not fit in the overhead cabinet, sometimes. Call Southwest Airlines and ask them what their lost and found team will do with heavy items if you can’t take them out of the cabin luggage.

For making the lost and found application and following up the older application regarding all the baggage disruption, passengers need to approach Southwest airlines baggage claim and tracking team. Until the Southwest lost baggage application is concluded, passengers need to keep their luggage tags and boarding passes with them.

Southwest Airlines has assigned an agent to be responsible for managing the process of providing passenger information, documents and property that has been lost/delayed or stolen during flights.

Southwest Lost and Found Locations

The latest information regarding the Southwest lost baggage disruption can be found here.

If your baggage is not delivered to your final destination or stopover, you can request that it be delivered through the Southwest Lost and Found. The information below will show the airline’s contact details by airport.

Airport Offices Airport Codes
Dallas Love Field Airport DAL
Los Angeles International Airport LAX
Chicago Midway International Airport MDW
Oakland International Airport OAK
San Diego International Airport SAN
Baltimore International Airport BWI
Denver International Airport DEN
Phoenix International Airport PHX
Houston Hobby International airport HOU
Atlanta International Airport ATL
Orlando International Airport MCO
Las Vegas International Airport LAS
Tampa International Airport TPA

In addition, if the passenger attends their new flight without finding out what happened to their lost bag, they will be given a Property Irregularity Report.

Passengers must keep their ticket so that it can be used for acquiring their luggage. It also has what time the flight will leave, as well as any extra fees.

How to Apply For Southwest Lost Baggage?


If your baggage is lost, Southwest Airlines will only allow the replacement of essential items if you apply to the lost and found office at their destination airport or contact customer service before your flight home. The Southwest airlines will provide a thorough search for your belongings as well as do everything possible to provide compensation.

  • The “Southwest Lost and Found Office” is where you submit your documents quickly when you can’t find your baggage. You should never lose hope, either! After submitting your documents, you’re provided with the PIR with a lost and found tracking number at the time of collection.
  • How to get my bag with full price in Houston, Texas – West we went on an internship, and when the time came to get our backpacks and miscellaneous items that had been left at the airport in Dallas, it seemed a little bit difficult until I discovered Southwest lost and found online application.

If passengers do not make contact with baggage at the Airport Southwest Airlines will consider your content a passenger disruption and may be liable for any fines or fees.

Southwest Lost Baggage Registers are located in the baggage claim area of each airport. If your luggage is not where you left it or if you didn’t take it out of the bag, please call Southwest Lost Baggage immediately before leaving the airport.

Expanded Southwest Baggage Tracking Process

There is a complete process that people should be aware of before filling out the Southwest airlines lost and found form.

  • As per Southwest airline baggage policy, the luggage would be tracked by Southwest airline on routes you’ve travelled during the first five days.
  • Southwest’s baggage tracking system makes it easy to manage lost and found baggage from overseas. It may find that most of the bags are already located within 24 hours and delivered to your home soon after the search.
  • If processing procedures are unable to accommodate the passenger’s luggage while they wait, they will be compensated in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Passenger shall be asked to report lost baggage. The passenger shall also provide a detailed and priced list of the items covered in that lost baggage, in order to expedite the re-tracking process.
  • In the case where passengers have not been responded to by the airline after 5 days, passengers can visit the Southwest baggage lost and found online tracking portal and create a notification.
  • Petition you to add your message for their notification. Simply follow the steps described and attach the documents for documentation when you have a chance!
  • Passengers need to provide details about the appearance and content of lost baggage. For the baggage to be more readily identified, it is important that they do so quickly.
  • Under the law of lost baggage, Southwest guarantees generous compensation. If a customer’s luggage is lost during travel, it will be looked for and found in 21 days.

Southwest Lost Baggage Compensation 

If your luggage is not delivered by the airlines, you can email Southwest Airlines at or go to their office at the airport and receive a reference number for your luggage. You must then file an application for expenses within fourteen days of arrival in person or online with the documents related to expenses incurred throughout delivery.

Add to that, when you are not able to find your luggage after it was lost during transportation on a Southwest flight, you must use the official documents such as invoice, credit card, etc or the documents proving the expenditures in order to submit them during the Southwest lost baggage application.

To ensure the smooth ride with Southwest Airlines, here are the laws that apply when your luggage goes missing, gets delayed, or is damaged; the law applies to international travel.

  • If you fly with Southwest, your baggage won’t cost more than $3,800. If something happens to your luggage and you don’t have the money to cover it, then it’s just not worth the price.
  • Airlines cannot charge over 3800 USD for the check in bag. They can only charge up to 1250 dollars from this value list.
  • The items that are not covered by the Southwest lost and found policy are money, but also jewelry, photographic, video, and optical equipment, computers and other electronic equipment, computer software, silverware and china, fragile or perishable items, liquids (except for water) and other precious gems which come from places outside the United States.

If you have luggage that is damaged or delayed, the airline will calculate your lost value of your award ticket and provide a discount for it.

Southwest Lost Baggage Claim Business Select Anytime Wanna Get Away
Lost Checked Bag Upto 3800 USD Upto 3800 USD Upto 3800 USD
Baggage Fee in case of loss of the baggage Refundable Non-Refundable Non-Refundable
Delayed Baggage Reimbursement Compulsory Expenditure up to 100 USD (invoices need to be submitted) Compulsory Expenditure up to 75 USD (invoices need to be submitted) Compulsory Expenditure up to 50 USD (invoices need to be submitted)
Baggage Fee refund in case of delayed baggage Refundable Non-Refundable Non-Refundable

How to Submit Southwest Airlines Baggage Claim Online?

We provide the newspaper with information on how to find a lost baggage delivery form and get your luggage delivered as quickly as possible.

  • If your baggage is delayed and no one has taken ownership of it, contact the Southwest Airlines representatives to apply for a file reference number. Once you receive that in hand, you can use that to track down your lost bag.
  • Get Southwest baggage fee rebate while you wait – passengers who are delayed by 12 hours or more may be eligible for a Southwest electronic travel rebate in the amount of their delay if they did not receive their luggage.
  • We provide an expense reimbursement service for checked-bag delays. Please choose the “Out of Pocket” tab on your baggage claim form to use for payment of incidental expenses incurred. Reimbursement for substantial costs, such as the cost of the hotel stay during a Lost Bag Delay, will be determined at Southwest Airlines Cargo Services.
  • Southwest Airlines offers compensation for lost luggage. Passengers just need to submit the receipts that validate the value of lost luggage.

Southwest Lost Baggage Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All passengers who have an issue with their baggage can escalate the situation in-person or contact the Southwest Airlines customer care service to inquire about their bag.

If you haven’t received your baggage after an appropriate amount of time, please notify the Southwest Airlines baggage claim desk or call 314-634-8214 for assistance.

We check for baggage lost and found through our Southwest international tracking system. All of your luggage is identified within 24 hours, so you’ll get it as soon as possible.

If you realise that you left something on the plane, contact the Southwest lost baggage desk or the airport counter before leaving the airport so that flight executives may be able to retrieve the items.

If any passengers lose their luggage on our flights, we will reimburse them for up to $3500 as long as they submit a receipt or valid documents that show that the items were not recovered. These items are subject to depreciation because they were lost on a plane ride.

Southwest Airlines luggage policy says that their responsibility is only for major defects and that minor defects from what they call “normal wear and tear” such as scratches, dents, cuts, punctures, and dirt are not covered by the airlines.

In addition, Southwest has included a compensation cap before the loss of, damage to, or delay in the delivery of the checked bags. The limits are up to 3.8k USD.

Southwest Airlines is a major airline. Their baggage comes automatically on its schedule. If you haven’t found your bag, Southwest has a contact number that can be used to check the status of the delayed baggage.

Southwest Airlines offers a lost and found service. If the passengers haven’t received their baggage after the flight, Southwest can help you find it. Passengers must show the baggage tag and boarding pass as well. Call 1-800-LOST (1-800-567-8376) or visit their website for additional help.

Southwest airlines tracks luggage lost on any routes passengers have traveled during the first five days. The search and screening process is through our Southwest baggage lost and found international tracking system for the most part of luggage commonly identified within 24 hours delivered to your intended location.

Passengers are responsible for submitting an itemized list of the items that were lost on Southwest Airlines to be eligible for reimbursement. Sometimes as little as a receipt from a local store showing the type and size can make boarding an easier process. However, please note that some items have limited reimbursement guidelines and cannot be accepted.

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