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Southwest Inflight WiFi Guide 2022 | How To Connect Southwest WiFi?

Southwest Airlines provides high-quality internet to their customers who fly onboard the aircraft. They offer both wifi and non-wifi equipped flights at a lower price than other airlines with more perks like gate-to-gate interconnectivity and fully Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft.

Southwest Airlines has become the world’s leading airline by global market valuation. In its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, they operate over 4,000 flights daily with around 747 planes.

Located in the US and ten other countries, Southwest has over 100 destinations. It is also their one airline that carries more domestic passengers than any other airline in the United States.

Southwest Airlines Overview

Name Southwest Airlines Co
Founded 1967
WiFi Yes
WiFi Provider Panasonic Avionics
Operating Bases Atlanta
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
Phoenix–Sky Harbor

Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi Timeline

The Dallas-based air carrier has been experimenting with Row 44 (a company later bought by Global Eagle Entertainment) as far back as 2009.

In 2010, Airtran began offering its satellite-based in-flight Wi-Fi that started with a $5 per flight charge, as well as the ability to connect with other passengers at a whim. Airport plans remain to complete by the close of 2012.

2013 – 2019

On November 20th, 2013, the airline marked a milestone by becoming the first U.S.-based airline to offer gate-to-gate interconnectivity aboard its fleets serviced by its network partner and Global Eagle Entertainment.

Then on 13th December 2016, Panasonic signed a deal with Southwest. Their partners Shanghai Global Eagle Entertainment will boost the quality of in-flight connectivity and entertainment for air travellers.

However, the Southwest-Panasonic partnership ended in 2019 for undisclosed reasons. The airline’s spokeswoman, Michelle Agnew, only stated that the separation was mutual from both sides because of many complaints about inconsistent Wi-Fi service received by passengers. Yet, some people speculated that the fall-out might be due to many complaints about lack of Wi-Fi service received from customers onboard.

2019 – Present

Southwest replaced the outdated system with Global Eagle Entertainment’s. As of mid-2019, Southwest Airlines will be using this new Wi-Fi service.

The low-budget airline has undergone its entire fleet with top-speed, satellite-based Wi-Fi and other fantastic features increase continually.

Wi-Fi-equipped Southwest Aircraft

Southwest Airlines is one of the few airlines with a fully Wi-Fi equipped aircraft. It operates 747 fleets made up of only Boeing 737 aircraft, which make it the largest operator of those planes in the world.

This was the total number of aircraft present in Boeing’s 737 fleet as of December 2019.

Aircraft Type Number owned Wi-Fi Status
Boeing 737-700 506 Fully equipped
Boeing 737-800 207 Fully equipped
Boeing 737 MAX 8 (temporarily grounded) 34 Fully equipped

How To Detect If Your Flight Provides In-flight Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Provider For Southwest Airlines

Though Panasonic Avionics worked with Southwest for some period of time, Global Eagle Entertainment is currently the only service provider for in-flight satellite-based Wi-Fi to Southwest.

Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) designs and manufactures customers’ telecom equipment. They offer powerful satellite internet connections for the hospitality, aviation, and maritime industries.

It is a formal merger that brings together various internet companies. It also acquires the following: Row 44, a satellite-based network provider of Southwest Airlines and expanded its operations.

Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi Price

As a famously low-cost airline, Southwest offered its top-speed satellite-based Wi-Fi price of $8 for each device per flight. The fixed rate is on the affordable side considering the perks that come with it:

Previously, passengers paid $2 per device and other messaging services for a full day. But now, Southwest offers FREE messaging services to their flyers inside the plane. The new service is only available on iMessage and WhatsApp, however.

There are special perks and fares, just like Southwest. Alaska Airlines and Delta are both available through our website, with more options in the United States only.

Free Wi-Fi is now available to all A-List Preferred Members on Southwest Airlines. Free rewards that accompany this elite status will allow for free Wi-Fi on all flights, plus some extra benefits that members receive when logged in with their Rapid Rewards account details.

Other Features Of Southwest Wi-Fi

Steps To Connect To Southwest In-flight Wi-Fi

In-flight Entertainment Services On Southwest Airlines

Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE), a long-time partner of Southwest Airlines, insists on maintaining notable and high-quality experiences for its client’s customers, who have made series improvements to the airline’s in-flight entertainment service in the past.

Southwest Airlines launched its free in-flight entertainment offering onboard planes. In 2019 there was no need for customers to pay for Wi-Fi when using the airline’s aircraft before the innovation that allowed for the 100 per cent free in-flight entertainment offering on all planes with Southwest Airlines.

The Southwest app provides movies. In this case, it is Wi-Fi that you will need to purchase if you want to watch the movies on offer.

Again in 2020, GEE, following adjustments to the entertainment web portal scraped out the need to download the Southwest app. Air travelers can choose their entertainment options right from the entertainment portal without downloading the app.

Southwest offers a variety of entertainment options inside the cabin. If you are in an airport with Wi-Fi, you can search for what you would like to watch on their portal.

These options include the following:

Free Movies

We offer more than 30 free movies accessible on our channels. We constantly update those movies with new releases and classics for the people who watch the bouquet.

Live TV

There are lots of different channels of live tv available on the screens in Southwest planes. There are news channels broadcasting stories from around the world, sports channels showcasing live games for passengers to watch, movie channels that allow their eyes to rest and some children’s channels for when kids travel by themselves.

Customers of Southwest can watch their favorite TV shows on demand.

Free Music

With iHeartRadio, passengers can enjoy Southwest’s music for free. They can use the service to listen to their favourite playlists and the entire music library on a one-month trial.

Other In-flight Entertainment

By tracking routes and finding out about their destinations from the in-flight entertainment web portal, customers can also learn more about their flights.

Other Features Of In-flight Entertainment On Southwest

List Of Supported Devices And System Software

You will need a device or system capable of running our website to experience the full benefits of our companies.

Regularly updated browsers are the most up-to-date versions of Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is Southwest Wi-Fi Free?

Fliers can pay $8 a day if they want to surf the internet on Southwest Airlines. But, those with A-list Preferred Traveler Status can always access the Wi-Fi for free.

Which Airplane Offers In-flight Wi-Fi?

Southwest Airlines provides their passengers with the in-flight Wi-Fi aboard each of their Boeing 737 fleets.

Will I get a refund for poor Wi-Fi service?

If you’re experiencing a poor Wi-Fi connection on your cruise, please call our customer service representative and they will be more than happy to assist.


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