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Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

Southwest Airlines takes the names of their passengers seriously. This allows them to make changes to the flight reservation up to four characters if they need to change their name as well. There are also no third-party agents who are allowed to alter a passenger’s flight reservations and hope that Southwest Airlines will accept it voluntarily.

Passengers are allowed to change their Southwest Airlines reservation name from American to British, or British to American. A customer service representative can help them change their name for a one-time fee without any worries about disrupting their travel plans.

Airlines don’t allow travelers to change the name they’re traveling with in the PNR of an airline online. If change is required, you’ll have to cancel your booking and claim a refund, and then find a flight that can be booked under a different name. Here are the following approaches that will work for processing the request:

Here are the important highlights from Southwest Airlines’ new policy – it’s a name change.

Southwest Airlines Change Name on Ticket

Here are the three main things you should understand before requesting Southwest Airlines’ name correction on your ticket:

Before The Ticket Is Issued

After The Ticket Is Issued

Southwest Name Change Fee

Southwest Airlines may collect a name correction fee of 150 USD if the requested correction is made within 24 hours of booking. The representatives may ask for photocopies or other meaningful documents or to see any other evidence that supports the application.

After 24 hours, only name correction up to 4 letters is allowed for a Southwest Airlines name change fee of 200 USD. After the name correction, the ticket would be sent for reissue and would be rebooked in the same available class or higher class in the same cabin. In case of ticket reissue in a higher class of service, the fare difference may apply.

How to Change a Name on a Southwest Airlines Ticket?

Find out how you can change the name of your airline online as well as over the phone by going to Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Name Change Online

We have specific steps to follow for people who want to change the name on their Southwest Airlines ticket.

Southwest Name Change Over The Phone

Comments for name corrections can be completed by calling our customer service number.

FAQs Related to Change Name on Southwest Ticket

If there is a typo or misspelling error on your first, middle or last name while booking with Southwest Airlines, you can fix it yourself via their website or app. You have a few options. First, if you are travelling with minors – it includes them as well – you can contact the airline to fix your reservation before departure and receive points for it. To see if your accommodation has been accepted for request, please check this page regularly. Any seat listed on the same flight can be changedover from that seating assignment in our app’s ‘ Seat Change 4 Your Flight’ tool

They can all be fixed for spelling Mistakes, via Southwest Airlines Customer Service. You’ll need to submit either a Marriage License, Divorce decree, or Old government issued photo ID with new government issued photo ID.

With their new policy, Southwest Airlines does not allow you to change the name of the passenger or enter a different name. However, if you booked a ticket with an incorrect name on it or if you need to change the passenger’s name, then you can cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking. You will also be able to receive your refund for returning that particular ticket as well.

If the name correction was requested within 24 hours of booking, a fee of 150 USD would be collected from customers. Southwest Airlines representatives may ask for express copies of legal documentation or any other information that reflects the correct name.

If you book your flight on Southwest, you can use the Southwest Airlines website to edit your name on the ticket without service charges. All changes are eventually visible to other people who have purchased tickets for that trip and using this website for your edits and requested changes will automatically update their reservation as well.

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