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Southwest Airlines Check-In – 2022[updated]

Southwest Airlines check-in process lets travelers finish their check-in and seat assignment entirely on the fly. Passengers can have a link to link directly to their mobile device emailed if they’d prefer. Use the boarding pass barcode at the airport and go about making your travel plans for Southwest Airlines.

Alternatively, passengers can catch a flight using Southwest Airways mobile app and just need to be connecting from Southwest Airlines to a flight on one of the 78 participating airlines carriers – passengers just need to be boarding another airline.

Passengers need to take care of the following things depending on their trip – before they go, check-in online, pick up their bags at the airport and make sure they’re on the correct flight.

Southwest Boarding Order

Southwest and other airlines do not always start boarding passengers 30-50 minutes before the scheduled departure, but instead they often start boarding 10 minutes beforehand. Furthermore, Southwest Airlines stops accepting check-in at 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure. If a passenger is not on board, the airline will release an empty seat and assign it. However, once the doors are closed, all window tickets are void. Here is a list of Southwest’s boarding groups for a destination:

Southwest Boarding Group Southwest Boarding pass type
Group A (Southwest Military Boarding) Active duty U.S. military with military I.D.
Group B Business Select Fare members
Group 3 Anytime Fare members
Group D Wanna Get Away Fare members Travelers who bought Southwest Early Bird Check-in & Priority boarding members

Southwest Check-In Time

Passengers are required to select their preferred seat 48 hours prior to the travel date and Southwest Airlines will reserve it for them. After completing check-in through the Southwest Airlines website, or a mobile app, they will be able to see their boarding pass on their mobile device.

Southwest Early Bird Check-In

Starting from 65 USD per person, passengers can access automatic Southwest Airlines early bird check-in that helps the travelers get access to more comfortable and convenient boarding positions.

Southwest Airlines offers different ways to save on flights so you can purchase them early or take advantage of trip meeting features for your specific travel itinerary.

How to Check-in for Southwest Flight?

Southwest Airlines enables customers to check-in 48 hours in advance of departure flights. It is not until 2 hours before departure that the final members on the aircraft will be allowed onboard.

There are many different ways to accomplish the Southwest flight check-in including online, phone or in person. See below at instructions on booking a flight.

Southwest Airlines Check-in Online

Southwest Airlines online check-in allows passengers to reserve their seats online, view leaked flight information, access Southwest Airlines print boarding pass requests, and more. Southwest Airlines reservations check-in is not available for travelers who use wheelchairs, unaccompanied minors, or infants.

Southwest Airlines helps its passengers in more ways than one with their online check-in process.

Southwest Check-in Kiosk

How do you check-in at Southwest kiosk? Well, the self-check-in kiosks that power Southwest Airlines are available at all airports across America. If passengers have their baggage checked in, they need to go to a separate counter that has a machine powered by the airline. This facility is available for both domestic and international flights.

Southwest Curbside Check-in

Southwest Airlines offers passengers a convenient check-in option, checkpoints with designated lines for the curbside person with hand luggage. And at selected airports, Passengers can also travel to the City check-in service.

Southwest Check-in Mobile App

Southwest airline has started a new Check-in Mobile from their website that allows passengers to check in for the flight with their phones, find out when the flights are leaving and how long they will take, and access contact center information. Additionally, the app can display boarding passes for those who get them.

Southwest Airport Check-in

How can I check-in with Southwest? To start, it’s important to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure. After collecting all necessary information before arriving, you’ll need to get physical when passing through security checkpoints. Then you’ll show up at the boarding gate for your flight and receive a printed ticket for that flight in exchange for checked luggage.

Passengers can obtain the check-in requirements for their flight on the information board after arriving at the airport. They can also ask about check-in procedures at the Southwest Airline airport check-in desks, which are usually found at bag drop-off area. Here is the step-by-step process–

Southwest Check-in Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Southwest Airlines starts boarding passengers 30-50 minutes before the scheduled departure, depending on destinations and trip types. There are two ways to check-in with Southwest Airlines: Online and at the airport counter. The window for check-in typically closes 10 minutes before the scheduled departure, then passengers need to get on board. If a passenger isn’t there by the time it starts boarding, they’ll be rerouted to their destination.

Yes, Southwest Airlines Early Bird check-in is an alternative to traditional checking. With this option, passengers can choose their boarding position ahead of the 24-hour deadline, which gives them a better chance for seat selection and early access to the overhead luggage storage compartment for carry on items.

Southwest Airlines has four boarding groups (A, B, C, D) and boarding positions starting from 1  to 60. The randomized boarding group and the group number will be displayed on the boarding pass when you check in. There is a numbered slot in your group indicated by the group letter to wait for an open gate position to board.

Southwest Boarding Group Southwest Boarding pass type
Group A (Southwest Military Boarding) Active duty U.S. military with military I.D.
Group B Business Select Fare members
Group 3 Anytime Fare members
Group D Wanna Get Away Fare membersTravelers who bought Southwest Early Bird Check-in & Priority boarding members

After completing the Southwest Airlines check-in process, passengers can view or download their boarding pass in a few simple steps. All you need to do is visit and enter your booking PNR, first name, and last name in the required field. Once downloaded, they recommend that you carry a printed copy or digital copy of your boarding pass when you arrive at the airport.

Customers who are traveling with Southwest Airlines have to complete their check-in before boarding their preferred seat. Passengers may begin boarding as early as 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. It is recommended to arrive in the gate area no later than 30 minutes as mentioned here.

Customers can check-in for their flights 48 hours before the scheduled departure with an open-briefcase electronic Bluetooth device to scan luggage tags on their mobile devices or with a web browser. After all the equipment is checked in, the travelers receive a boarding card via email.

Wondering how to proceed with the Southwest check-in process? Here are the following methods that you can avail to make your flight that much easier and faster.

It starts at 50 USD for Passengers who want to start their travel journey on Southwest Airlines early. Passengers can zoom in on better boarding positions, and access earlier access to the overhead bins.

Yes, Southwest Airlines offers a mobile boarding pass for people who want to get to the gates as quickly as possible. It’s easy and can be done from your phone.

Here is the step-by-step process that will allow passengers to complete their check-in for Southwest Airlines at one of the kiosks.

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