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Southwest Airlines Carry-on Size, Weight, Fees, Policy, Limit & Restrictions 2022

Do you plan to travel? What comes to mind when you start thinking about your trip? You might be thinking of what to pack, maybe. When you decide which airline you’ll take as your flight, you have to be aware of the baggage policy so that you’re packed according to it. Now do you want to travel on Southwest Airlines? You can find out the baggage allowance they have here and be free of tension.

I’m curious how much weight you can carry? You may be wondering whether or not the people in your family and friends are similar. They might not all be the same age and surprisingly, even babies, children, and adults have different weight limits. You will need to consider that Southwest airlines is a carry-on only airline; there is no luggage larger than 15 inches long by 10 inches wide by 7 inches tall (outside dimension).

Carry-on luggage Allowance Limit

Can I carry on my bag with handbags? Each country sets different weight and dimension requirements for carry-on bags. You must visit the website of your desired airline to see what they require. Southwest Airlines has a specific size chart for their customers.

                      Baggage            Size of Baggage
             Standard Baggage             10+16+24 inch
              Personal Backpack             18.5+8.5+13.5inch

For infants and children

We cannot decide a child’s age until they’re two years old. Children must be at least 2 years of age to be at this club.

Carry-on Allowance items

You can carry some personal belongings you need with you in your carry-on luggage. These are items that are typically allowed on the plane, yet not too bulky.

Checked-in Baggage Limit

You can calculate your own baggage allowance depending on flight. The airline company will give you a set minimum and maximum, but it is up to you to decide how much weight to take.

If you choose Air Canada, they have some limitations on weight in all itineraries. Because weight and size restrictions vary depending on the flight, you should refer to their website for specific details that include round-trip dates, departure airports and destinations.

Over-weight Allowance

Before a trip, it is important to start organizing your travel plans. This will help you be ready for whatever might happen. You might not be able to pack every single item that you want if your bag is too heavy. In this case, you can pay an extra fee for a bigger suitcase and carry the baggage on another flight. The cost depends on which country you’re visiting and additional checked baggage fees will apply even if your checked baggage falls within the limit allowed by your airline.

Restricted and Prohibited Items

When you’re travelling on an airline, you have to check what you can and cannot bring with you. Air Canada has rules about how much luggage you can bring with your family.

Pet Allowance:

Southwest Airlines offers pet baggage policies. You can easily travel without your pet with you on an airplane.

Instrument of Music Allowance:

Musical instruments are carried on planes. They can be carefully monitored and everyone is allowed to carry one so that you can enjoy playing it on the flight.

Equipment For Sports Allowance:

You don’t have to worry about carrying sports-related items onto your airplane. We get them for you as long as you book a trip during the appropriate sporting event.

Medical Equipment Allowance:

Southwest Airlines will carry your medications for a fee. Other than prescription, you have to check out what items are allowed to be taken on the plane with you.

Allowance for human corpses:

You are not allowed to carry corpses on Southwest Airlines, because it is a low-cost carrier.


What should you do if you cross your baggage limit?

If you overpack your luggage, you will have to pay an additional fee. To determine whether or not your bag is overweight, weigh it on the TSA allowable bag scale when you check in at the airport. If it’s overweight, a $75 USD fee is charged for luggage that is carrying more than 70 kilograms (~155 pounds).

What is the maximum weight limit for carry-on luggage?

You cannot exceed the weight limit for carry-on luggage when traveling. Luggage is something travelers can typically steer clear of by simply having an awareness about what types of bags that are allowed and why.

Can you carry any medical equipment with you?

Your prescription medical equipment can be allowed on board an airplane. You must avoid carrying any types of overdosed medicine, including recreational drugs, medicine which are considered to be a drug.

Do military personnel have to pay any extra charges for extra luggage?

Military personnel are supported by their military organisation when they need to carry oversized or overweight luggage. The army will reimburse them for any extra baggage they’re carrying when on duty.

How many bags can I carry in my carry-on luggage?

Carry-on luggage can be a combination of personal items and carry on baggage. Each piece of carry-on luggage is subject to a baggage limit which must be met. It’s important to maintain the sizes for both pieces of luggage and pack them well in order to avoid getting charged excess baggage fees at the airport.

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