Southwest Airlines Carry-on Size, Weight, Fees, Policy, Limit & Restrictions 2022

Do you plan to travel? What comes to mind when you start thinking about your trip? You might be thinking of what to pack, maybe. When you decide which airline you’ll take as your flight, you have to be aware of the baggage policy so that you’re packed according to it. Now do you want to travel on Southwest Airlines? You can find out the baggage allowance they have here and be free of tension.

I’m curious how much weight you can carry? You may be wondering whether or not the people in your family and friends are similar. They might not all be the same age and surprisingly, even babies, children, and adults have different weight limits. You will need to consider that Southwest airlines is a carry-on only airline; there is no luggage larger than 15 inches long by 10 inches wide by 7 inches tall (outside dimension).

Carry-on luggage Allowance Limit

Can I carry on my bag with handbags? Each country sets different weight and dimension requirements for carry-on bags. You must visit the website of your desired airline to see what they require. Southwest Airlines has a specific size chart for their customers.

                      Baggage           Size of Baggage
             Standard Baggage            10+16+24 inch
              Personal Backpack            18.5+8.5+13.5inch
  • Maximum dimensions include wheels and handles. 
  • Carry-on luggage may have limitations on what it can hold and be weighed. When you overfill your bag, you may need assistance getting it be weighed.
  • For trips where you’re traveling with a child in your lap, you will be able to bring an additional standard article instead of a stroller.
  • Your carry-on baggage allowance does not include a jacket, umbrella, diaper bag, duty-free items, or assistive devices (wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, strollers, child restraint seats, and so on).

For infants and children

We cannot decide a child’s age until they’re two years old. Children must be at least 2 years of age to be at this club.

  • Infants can take an optional baby stroller bag or car seat from Southwest Airline. It’s a one-time fee of 17 USD, and it has the size of 42 20.5 12.5in.
  • Passengers traveling with an infant can take advantage of the United States’ policy and save on travel as long as they place their infant on a flight.
  • A medical certificate is required if a baby is to be out of the house unsupervised.
  • Every person travelling on an international flight has to pay taxes, whether the person is a minor or not.
  • A child of 40lbs or less should have a seat belt or a car seat, and must ride in the back with the passenger seat reclined.
  • If you’re traveling by plane, you must have your own seat for kids over 2 years old. They will be given the standard baggage policy at no cost to them.

Carry-on Allowance items

You can carry some personal belongings you need with you in your carry-on luggage. These are items that are typically allowed on the plane, yet not too bulky.

  • One book of matches per passenger.
  • It is illegal to carry marijuana on a plane, so it’s important to remember to leave electronic cigarettes stowed and unused in your carry-on luggage.
  • The company makes it easy for the people to carry snacks for when they go out to eat. All food must be in a container or wrapped.
  • Infant care items. 
  • coat or other outerwear.
  • Strollers with a maximum width of no more than 75 cm (30 in) and a maximum diameter of no more than 25.5 cm (10 in).
  • Our child restraint system is simple, affordable, and gives your child the safe travel they deserve.
  • It is impossible to travel with large purses. Airlines only allow a total of about 45 inches when the carry-on bag allowance for personal items such as purses and bags is 50 inches.
  • Any sharp object is not allowed. 
  • Cameras are allowed in your carry-on bags.

Checked-in Baggage Limit

You can calculate your own baggage allowance depending on flight. The airline company will give you a set minimum and maximum, but it is up to you to decide how much weight to take.

If you choose Air Canada, they have some limitations on weight in all itineraries. Because weight and size restrictions vary depending on the flight, you should refer to their website for specific details that include round-trip dates, departure airports and destinations.

  • Maximum Weight: 22.67 kg (50 lbs.).
  • maximum dimension of 62 inches.
  • You have the option to check baggage up to two pieces, but you should allow extra time for delays.

Over-weight Allowance

Before a trip, it is important to start organizing your travel plans. This will help you be ready for whatever might happen. You might not be able to pack every single item that you want if your bag is too heavy. In this case, you can pay an extra fee for a bigger suitcase and carry the baggage on another flight. The cost depends on which country you’re visiting and additional checked baggage fees will apply even if your checked baggage falls within the limit allowed by your airline.

  • Oversized items weighing more than 23kg are classified as overweight. If a customer has an item weighing more than 45kg, they have to pay an extra 75 USD.
  • Oversized items over 62 inches cost more. In order to make sure that you get what you pay for and garments fit, any clothing item over 62 inches will be considered oversized and we’ll need to charge an extra 75 USD.
  • The kind of products that can fly and are over 45 kilograms would need to find a freight shipment method.
  • Passengers of the United States who are travelling on their active day, if they are a member of the military, will not have to pay for their extra overweight fee.

Restricted and Prohibited Items

When you’re travelling on an airline, you have to check what you can and cannot bring with you. Air Canada has rules about how much luggage you can bring with your family.

  • Aircraft carry a maximum of 20 batteries. Passengers however may be limited to carrying a certain amount of batteries.
  • You are not allowed to carry flammable liquids, including products such as gas, petroleum spirits, oil-based paint, lacquer, stains, shellac, oils, wood alcohol and lighters in carry-on luggage or checked luggage.
  • Depending on the type of travel bag you are packing (carry-on or checked in), different items should not be packed inside it.
  • For the safety of our passengers, Air Canada does not allow people to fly with any type of chemicals on their air transportation.
  • Air Canada forbids you from using oil-based paint or latex paint in the immediate vicinity of their aircraft.
  • Flying on public transportation is a safe way to make your trip go smoothly, but you must keep certain things out of your luggage.
  • Checked baggage that is under a certain amount can include sporting items but are limited to carry-on luggage.

Pet Allowance:

Southwest Airlines offers pet baggage policies. You can easily travel without your pet with you on an airplane.

  • You have to pay 95 dollars whenever you want to go on a trip with your pet.
  • If you’re going for a walk and need to carry two dogs or a cat, there are carriers which you can use.
  • All Southwest passenger carriers are understanding of animals and personal items. As long as you have the correct fare, your pet will be able to fly with you.
  • You can find a carrier for your pet on Southwest Airlines. The carry-on cargo is a cost of 58 USD, including the tax. But you should know that the unrefundable purchase of this service cannot be undone if you have already made it.
  • The dimensions of the pet carrier are 18.5in x 8.5in x 13.5in. We make it easy to find the right one for your pet size and lifestyle.
  • Your pet carrier must be made to fit your needs. It should have the soft-sided loading with a seat belt and tough-sided devices, such as a tether and handle on the opening door.
  • Leaking liquids can be a fire hazard that could lead to serious injury. You need the proper ventilation to allow for proper gas exchange in your aquarium.
  • You should carefully measure the size of a carrier before purchasing in order for it to fit in front of your seat.

Instrument of Music Allowance:

Musical instruments are carried on planes. They can be carefully monitored and everyone is allowed to carry one so that you can enjoy playing it on the flight.

  • The dimensions for musical instrument are10inch+16inch+24inch.
  • A passenger can replace one bag with one instrument. The instruments do not count towards their weight limits and they can be carried on overhead bins or in the hold at no additional cost.
  • You can bring a musical instrument on Southwest Airlines with you, or store it safely below your seat. However, there is a height limitation to the total amount of items that can be stored overhead.
  • If your musical instrument exceeds dimensions, you’ll want to add it to your check-in so we know how much space you need. If it’s oversize, there can be an extra charge.
  • An oversized or overweight baggage/personal items charge will be added if your musical instrument is between 62 inches and 150 inches. Or, the weight of the musical instrument crossed 74kg.
  • The instruments must be soft-sided and in their hold bags to avoid damage. That would also make transporting them more convenient.

Equipment For Sports Allowance:

You don’t have to worry about carrying sports-related items onto your airplane. We get them for you as long as you book a trip during the appropriate sporting event.

  • Archery players can carry a bow, arrow, and target with them. They should not be too big to fit all of their gear in one bag.
  • Baseball and football players can make sure they have the equipment they need to play with when traveling.
  • Passengers are given a carry-on golf bag that typically includes clubs, balls, and shoes to help them travel with their gear. Golfers can bundle their golf bags with the Squishy Bag or purchase an all-in-one eGolf Carry On Neck Pack instead. If you’re over 22kg in weight, these options will cost more.
  • In place of a carry-on or checked bag, a skateboard can be utilized. If the skateboard fits beneath the seat, it does not need to be in a bag, but it must be kept with wheels up so that it does not roll when pushed along. To avoid damaging other things, a skateboard must be kept in an overhead storage space with the wheels up and in a bag or with the wheels covered.
  • You may bring bicycles with you when traveling on Jet Blue. Each item will be weighed at check-in. We need the dimensions of your bike to know if it’s too big or too heavy. As soon as it’s been packed in the hard-sided case, we’ll scan it and let you on your way. Check the Department of Transportation website for more information on luggage guidelines and how to pack a bike safely.

Medical Equipment Allowance:

Southwest Airlines will carry your medications for a fee. Other than prescription, you have to check out what items are allowed to be taken on the plane with you.

  • All drugs, even those which states they are safe on their prescription, must be carried by n.o.s’ers and personal protection officers
  • All drugs require a prescription. Be sure to carry your prescriptions and follow the guidelines.
  • Always carry your prescription with you. If you have a medical emergency, getting your medication to the right place can be crucial.
  • No one who requires oxygen can use the service on Southwest Airlines. This includes people with breathing difficulties, asthma, and other conditions that require oxygen.

Allowance for human corpses:

You are not allowed to carry corpses on Southwest Airlines, because it is a low-cost carrier.

  • When you’re traveling, cremated human or animal remains cannot be transported as checked luggage by Southwest Airlines. In the same way that a carry-on item can be carried, cremated humans and animals can also be transported on domestic or international flights under certain conditions.
  • To go through the process of scheduling a shipment of ashes, we need to know when your loved one will be cremated. Additionally, it takes about 24 hours for us to receive the cremated remains and begin processing the transit. If you have more questions about our acceptance policy or shipping, please contact us at Southwest Cargo Customer Care Toll Free: (855) 886-2003.


What should you do if you cross your baggage limit?

If you overpack your luggage, you will have to pay an additional fee. To determine whether or not your bag is overweight, weigh it on the TSA allowable bag scale when you check in at the airport. If it’s overweight, a $75 USD fee is charged for luggage that is carrying more than 70 kilograms (~155 pounds).

What is the maximum weight limit for carry-on luggage?

You cannot exceed the weight limit for carry-on luggage when traveling. Luggage is something travelers can typically steer clear of by simply having an awareness about what types of bags that are allowed and why.

Can you carry any medical equipment with you?

Your prescription medical equipment can be allowed on board an airplane. You must avoid carrying any types of overdosed medicine, including recreational drugs, medicine which are considered to be a drug.

Do military personnel have to pay any extra charges for extra luggage?

Military personnel are supported by their military organisation when they need to carry oversized or overweight luggage. The army will reimburse them for any extra baggage they’re carrying when on duty.

How many bags can I carry in my carry-on luggage?

Carry-on luggage can be a combination of personal items and carry on baggage. Each piece of carry-on luggage is subject to a baggage limit which must be met. It’s important to maintain the sizes for both pieces of luggage and pack them well in order to avoid getting charged excess baggage fees at the airport.

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