Smartwings Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

Our Smartwings cancellation policy is considered to be the most flexible. You get your money back without any hassle, and we also levy a minimum penalty on anyone who cancels their reservation.

Here are the details on the important considerations and guidelines when requesting the cancellation, airline’s penalty for all fare types, how you can claim the refund on your existing reservation, and more.

Smartwings Ticket Cancellation Rules

The cancellation of a flight is governed by the terms of the fare categories in which they were purchased. The Smartwings cancellation policy says the cancellation is generally subject to the guidelines that you can find on their website before making a decision to cancel.

  • Our LITE fares are non-refundable outside 24 hours and no refund is permitted if you purchased travel essentials with the booking. Only unused airport taxes and surcharges are refundable.
  • If your fare is less than 150 USD, you might have some flight segments that were not flown. If this happens and you want those flight segments to be refunded, please adjust the cancellation fee when reserving your return ticket with FLEX.
  • If you have purchased a ticket on Smartwings and wish to cancel your flight, you should contact the original point of purchase.
  • Our Smartwings cancellation policies are listed on our website in the terms and conditions of your purchase.

Smartwings 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your reservation or if the reservation must be changed, you are entitled to a full refund without penalty.

Cancel a Smartwings Flight
  • You can request for your flight to be cancelled up to 24 hours before departure.
  • A cancellation fee is charged for each departure more than 7 days before the scheduled time
  • Entering a group of 9 or more people will result in your reservation being canceled.
  • You can’t purchase any discounted items with the flight (including eGift cards, rewards miles, or credit vouchers).

Please note: within 24 hours of purchasing your ticket, you can also request a change here. Only the difference in cost would apply.

How to Cancel a Smartwings Flight?

The airline allows you to cancel your flight online by submitting the form. They also have a phone number where you can call and cancel your flight.

Method 1: Cancel Flight Online

The airlines offer the facility to cancel the booking online. You just need to fill out a ask for a refund form by clicking the link provided here or through Smartwing’s official website. Once you have submitted your ask for a refund, the airline will approach you at the registered contact number and proceed with canceling your booking. A cancellation fee may apply.

Method 2: Cancel Flight over the Phone

Heart broken? Nobody wants to fly home that day only to be let down because the airline changed their mind. Face reality through Smartwings’ help by calling the cancel flight number.

Method 3: At the Airport

Use the Smartwings website to find a flight that is perfect for you. You can also visit the Smartwings airport counter as early as 3 hours before your flight leaves – and if you have any changes, cancel up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure.

Smartwings Refund Policy

Smartwings refund policy has rules designed to help and protect the customer, including what happens if the airline does not fly, or if it gives you a full refund.

Smartwings Refund Policy
  • If an airline cancels a flight and you get reimbursed for some of the amount spent, you will get the adjustment from the difference between your total ticket price and the fare for which it was used.
  • In the event of the death of an immediate family member there will be a reimbursement of the amount paid by those on a bereavement ticket.
  • Airlines are allowed to refund people who were on the ticket – or the parties listed on the tickets if more than one person bought it.
  • When you buy a ticket to a flight that is refundable, you’ll get your money back in the same currency you paid with.
  • Airlines may refuse to issue a refund to the ticketholder or person who paid for the flight until they provide proof of payment.

Smartwings Cancellation Fee

Change fees are different for each ticket type. For instance, a cancellation for a LITE ticket requires at least 24 hours before travel. A PLUS ticket can only be cancelled online or with the help of a travel agent.

Smartwings doesn’t allow changes to airline tickets that have been purchased. In other words, they make sure passengers don’t get stuck wasting their valuable time or money to fly.

Cancellation fee (in USD)Not applicableNot applicable150 USD
No-show cancellationRestrictedRestrictedRestricted
24-hour cancellationAllowedAllowedAllowed

If you’re looking for the best honest carrier, then Smartwings has the most flexible policy in case of cancellations. But according to their cancellation policy, you want to secure your refund, search for another flight that suits you and get confirmed on it. Also if your departure time changes then also they’ll give you a refund.

Smartwings Ticket Cancellation Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Airline X requires a 24-hour cancellation period for all bookings. Customers can receive a full refund for the flight if it is cancelled with less than 24 hours of purchase.

It is easy to cancel flights with Smartwings. You have 24 hours from the time you purchase your ticket to cancel it before taking off, as long as we are contacted first. We will also provide a refund for you and we do not charge any cancellation fees.

If the airlines cancel your flight, you will get the cost of the ticket repaid. If you do not want to fly, then do not buy a ticket.

The refund policy can be checked by those who booked a flight with a credit card and did not redeem the value of the ticket before the expiration date.

We offer LITE and PLUS flights. These are the only flights that are non-refundable outside 24 hours of purchase. Only unused airport taxes and surcharges are refundable. Your FLEX fare will be refunded if an unused flight is cancelled but you must pay a cancellation fee for every adjusted segment flown.

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