Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

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Singapore Airlines offers a name correction policy that is simple and easy-to-process. It means passengers mustn’t have a hassle when trying to change their reservations.

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Singapore Airlines Name Change Process

The airlines want to make sure that travellers names match. People need to show their name on their passport or any government-issued photo ID in order for the name to match when booking a flight. Passport typos are only allowed at the pre-authorized airways check-in, not online.

Let’s understand how the process might work, where there is incorrect spelling for a passenger’s name.

If a passenger’s signature on their boarding pass does not match the name on their government-issued photo ID, a new traveler’s name must be created. An identical flight itinerary will then be used for the new name and it must match the correct last name. So if there are passengers with different first or middle names but the same last name, a new last name will be created within their fares.

PNRs will be maintained on the plane for as long as the same class of service is available in that particular plane. If a passenger has to book a lower class, they need to do so by themselves.

Both PNRs would be transferred to Singapore Airlines by the airline. The correct flight number will stay on the new PNR, while the incorrect one will remain on the old one.

The misspelled PNR would be cancelled – Any requests such as seats, meals, SSR requirements, etc. must be resubmitted in the new PNR once the seats have been transferred. Please make sure that the original PNR with the incorrect spelling is cancelled after that.

The name correction fee is reflected as a service charge on the new ticket. In order to request a different name on the ticket, in addition to all the applicable taxes, please use our printable form free at

If the same class of service is available, airlines re-booked and issue a new ticket and than a passenger would be asked to pay for their old ticket for a refund. The cancellation fee would be assessed as specified in the stated fare rules for published fares.

Type of Name Correction/Changes on Singapore Airlines Reservation

When it comes to changing the name on your ticket, you will probably need to get in touch with the airline’s Customer Service, provide a form stating that your name has changed, and are subject to a change of name fee. In most cases, if there is a typo (or your legal name has changed), you should be able to just do it without any help from them.

The Singapore Airlines’ name change policy states that there are two different meanings of a name change: an inadvertent misspelling, or requesting to include the new name in all public relations and marketing materials.

A name correction fee allows airlines to correct misspellings, married/maiden/divorce names, legal names, secondary last names, inverted names, and gender or age discrepancies between a legal document and the ticket issued. The airline would send the passenger a new ticket in an appropriate class of service with a fare adjustment or refund as required.

Singapore Airlines Name Correction

Singapore Airlines requires that applicants submit their application accompanied with a letter of consent. This letter is given by the owner of the change of name or support person if you are married, living in a domestic partnership, in a civil union, or widowed. Otherwise, it’s possible to or past family members to sign the letter but this is not necessary and not always granted.

If a Singapore Airlines passenger would like to change the maiden name to theirMarried surname, they must provide supporting documents such as marriage certificates, parents’ name changes and more. This will incur an additional fee of 250 USD.

The airline has a strict policy that requires both your name and the title on your ticket match up with the one on your passport. If you’d like to have your name professionally rewritten or misspelled, we can help you find a peaseful resolution.

If you forget to include your middle name on your flight ticket, you can add one by calling the Singapore Airlines customer service phone number. You would be asked to submit relevant IDs and documents for validation. A non-refundable fee of $300 USD is required. The Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD/DOCS) includes the updated first name, middle name, and last name of the passport holder.

Singapore Airlines typically change customers’ name to match their government ID in some cases. In order to ensure passengers travel without any problems, you should use your preferred last name when booking your flight with us. Your last name cannot be removed afterward, so if you are given a ticket using your first name as your surname, you will need to request the airline for an alternative destination that uses your last name instead.

When you legally change your name due to marriage, divorce, or other circumstances. To modify the ticket with a legal name change, call the customer service number; a name change fee of 250 USD would be assessed. When the name change request is approved, passengers’ tickets will go out for reissuance in the existing class of service, subject to availability. Fare difference may apply if the ticket type has been modified.

Singapore Airlines Name Change Fee

Singapore Airlines Name Change Fee

There is a flat fee for name changes that are within 24 hours of the order being placed. There will be a difference in fare for name changes generated after 24 hours of the order being placed.

Nominal Name Correction Fee

We make it easy for you to keep track of your bookings with just a few clicks. We split it up into our most popular currencies as well as offering rates for different types of search filters.

Singapore Airlines Name Change Fees Online Contact Singapore Air Airport
Name Change Not Allowed 250 USD + Fare difference Not Allowed up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure. Same change fee applied

Name correction is classified as one of the following by Singapore Airlines name change policy depending on which option you choose.

  • 3 Characters or Less Correction
  • Change of Suffix/Prefix
  • Correction of maiden/married names
  • The addition of a middle name

If the passenger is complying with the airline’s policies, they may travel hassle-free. If a passenger needs to change their flight on the day, they will be asked to submit proof of their flight such as image ID or credit card number, and occasionally an additional fare that would not have been charged but only paid if cancelled or missed in time. The said request may vary depending on what class ticket you have purchased.

Singapore Airlines Change Passenger Name – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

They do not allow you to fly if your name on your government issued ID doesn’t match the boarding pass. This is to ensure that all passengers have been cleared to fly after they are vetted against the government’s watchlist, and their reservation had complied with the Singapore Airlines name change policy.

If you find a mistake on your airline ticket, let the airline know. If that happens at the airport, go to their counter and give them your original ticket and ID. Don’t worry if you forget a middle initial: airlines usually only care when it comes to first and last names, and they have a fee for changing flights in addition to the difference in fare.

Airlines sell non-transferable tickets for security reasons. You can ask for a transfer of a ticket if you are paying more than the cost of one, or you have already received your tickets and made arrangements with friends or family to come along.

Singapore Airlines name change policy requires that passengers each have a different name on their ticket, according to proper documentation. The airline also makes sure passengers are in the right spot when they fly by checking that their name is on the boarding pass and on the I.D.

You cannot change the name of a person who already has an existing ticket without the risk of being charged a cancellation fee. If you want to add a more important person, please get in touch with us before your reservation when possible so that we can provide whatever extra assistance needed.

Only minor name corrections, such as correcting a typo or amending the ticket to reflect a legal name change, are usually permitted. For a variety of reasons, changes to transfer flight tickets are often not permitted. First, the airline must keep a tight eye on seat availability in order to guarantee that no one is left behind. Security measures sometimes prohibit changes of information after a flight has been confirmed.

To submit a name correction, passengers should call the Singapore Airlines name change phone number and ask the flight to see if their fare rules allow the changes or not.

The name change policy for Singapore Airlines kicks in after 24 hours. The airline charges 200 USD to make the correction. Plus, no applicable fare difference. Expect fines, surcharges, and increased rates to be imposed regardless of your justification for changing names, plus a charge with Singapore Airlines taking it all

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