Singapore Airline Inflight Wi-Fi & Internet Connection 2022

Singapore Airlines is the largest flag-carrier company for Singapore. It has an inflight Wi-Fi connection, just like other major airlines.

There are complimentary Wi-Fi options, but the cost can vary between costing 2 hours of chat time for 3.99 USD and service interruption for 15.99 USD per flight.

I recommend watching this video that might give you some ideas on how to carry out a solution.

Complimentary Wi-Fi

The complimentary Wi-Fi service is offered only to certain passengers travelling in VIP suites and business classes (the details for the complimentary Wi-Fi are shown in the table below).

Suites/First ClassUnlimited data time
Business Class / PPS Club members and supplementary cardholders100 MB maximum usage
KrisFlyer members in Premium Economy and Economy Class2 hours of chatting in SNS apps

KrisFlyer passengers can use the SNS services that they want such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, and others. In addition to this, in some cases, there are limited-time offers with free Wi-Fi for other passengers.

Singapore Airlines Paid Wi-Fi plans

Only passengers on the buses listed in the description can use their luggage to connect to Wi-Fi while flying. Any passengers who are not bus passengers would need to purchase one of the four available plans for using in-flight Wi-Fi depending on their needs and usage.

Since you have to use the Wi-Fi service on a second flight, remember that you won’t be able to get it again on that same payment for a connecting flight. In this to make sure you can always use the service, it is best if you purchase it again.

Our plans are designed to be as flexible as possible so we’ve drawn them out in a table below:

Chat (2 hours)Only for accessing SNS apps for chatting purposes WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Viber, Facebook messenger, iMessage and InstaChat. Cannot be paused once started.3.99 USD
Pro (100 MB max)Anything from browsing to checking your emails within 100 MB.9.99 USD
Premium (200 MB max)If you have any heavy work to do, you can use this to a maximum of 200 MB15.99 USD
Surf (3 hours)A 3-hour opportunity to connect to the internet to surf through your browsers. Cannot be paused once started.15.99 USD

How does one join the free wireless network Starhub is providing for passengers flying with Singapore Airlines?

Connecting to Singapore Airlines WiFi is easy. You just need to know how the switch on your laptop works.

  • Add KrisFlyer MembershipNumber or PPS Membership Number at the time of booking a flight ticket, at the airport check-in kiosk or check-in counter
  • Firstly, turn on airplane mode
  • Turn on wifi on your device
  • Search for ‘KrisWorld’ and connect to it
  • the claim complimentary access by visiting

Singapore Airlines offers wifi services to passengers. How do you connect?

There are steps needed to connect to any of these superior wifi services. We provide step-by-step instructions above the different packages mentioned.

  • Turn off airplane mode
  • enable wifi and roaming
  • Search for ‘Aeromobile’ or ‘OnAir’ mobile network.
  • tap “Mobile Services,” and you’ll be able to choose how you want your text messages to appear when they’re received.
  • You are connected now. Congratulations!
  • use data, send and receive email, text, and use the internet on your device

How to optimize your Wi-Fi?

The internet access available on airplanes is limited, but you can learn how to optimize your time on it. Check out these tips on how to use the internet as its designed to be used.

  • Many people share their internet data over wifi to their parent’s phone to save their phone’s battery.
  • Avoid data-intensive activities.
  • When connected to the provided Wi-Fi, only download or upload if you’ve confirmed that the person’s network is secure.


A) Yes! If you have the Wi-Fi turned on in your home, you should be able to use Zoom without an internet connection.

If you purchase the Premium Wifi plan, it is specially designed to be used for working and allow you to connect with friends, family, customers or co-workers. You can also use Zoom while connected to your Premium Wifi router.

A) Speed of the Wi-Fi onboard Singapore Airlines is listed in the inflight magazine, which can be found inside the seat pocket in front of you.

The download speed of our network is 10 Mbps. This means that changes in number of users, and the amount being used can result in a speed change between 6-8 Mbps.

I love watching YouTube online, but I am not able to when I’m connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Watching YouTube is best done over Wi-Fi, but it will run out quickly if you have a weaker connection.

Q) What are the country-specific airline companies that connect with Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines has two different Wi-Fi providers onboard depending on the model of the plane. These ISPs include SITA OnAir and Panasonic. The Boeing 737-800 NG fleets are not equipped wiht Wi-Fi but all other flights use one of these two ISPs aside from them.

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