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Shandong Airlines Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

Shandong Airlines was established on March 12, 1994. It began operations in September of the same year and joined the New Star Aviation Alliance together with five other small Chinese airlines to improve their services in September 1997. The airline headquarters are in Jinan, Shandong and they operate a huge network connecting important Chinese cities such as Jina.

Shandong Airlines Flight Cancellation Provisions

Shandong Airlines is an airline targeted to travellers due to their flight modification and cancellation policies. They keep the queues at a minimum, while also driving away with them and giving some other perks too.

Shandong Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy 

Want to cancel the ticket? Please delete this sentence or re-work your sentence with the following points on our 24 hour cancellation policy and have a successful refund.

Shandong Airlines Cancellation Fee

When the risks of letting someone just fly when they want to expire (which can take up to two years), they might get hit with N/A fees. So, the airlines manage their smoothly by charging this fee.

Get an idea of the Shandong Airlines cancellation fees. Also, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay the exact amount shown below. Get help from the local officials and Shandong Airlines customer service by calling their number for full information about the cancellation fees.

Shandong Airlines Cancellation Fees
Class of your e-ticket Shandong Airlines ticket cancellation request received 6 hours or more before departure Shandong Airlines ticket cancellation request received 6 hours or less prior to the scheduled departure
First, Business Class Free charge 5% of fare charge
Economy Class, Y Free charge 5% of fare charge
10%-40% discount on Economy 20% of fare charge 30% of fare charge
45%-60% discount on Economy 40% of fare charge 50% of fare charge
Below 60% discount Non-refundable Non-refundable

How To Cancel Flight Shandong Airlines?

There are a number of ways to cancel your Shandong Airlines ticket. You can use Shandong Airlines call centers, online channels, and in-person at the airport.

Before the airline’s cancellation policy is illustrated, we would like to inform you in advance that you may have to pay service fees or other associated fees if you cancel your tickets using the offline method.

Shandong Airlines Ticket Cancellation Online

Ticket Cancellation Over The Phone

Ticket Cancellation at Authorized Center or Airport

Shandong Airlines Refund Policy

To receive a full refund, the passenger must cancel between 24 hours and one week before the reservation date and still be within 30 days of when they made the reservation. There are a few simple points about Shandong Airlines’ refund policy that you can learn more about by continuing.

Frequently Asked Questions – Shandong Airlines Ticket Cancellation

As per the Shandong Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy, passengers will need to pay a cancellation fee if their booking is canceled within six days of departure. As for cancellations made during the cancellation risk-free period, passengers can receive a full refund in three weeks’ time.

To get a refund with Shandong Airlines, you need to know your fare type, destination, or number of passengers if traveling internationally.

We want our customers to be fully satisfied. We refund your money when you cancel a booking within 24 hours of making it, through the authorized channels.

We never cancel flights due to bad weather, government orders, or other reasons. It’s because of operational concerns that we go ahead with cancelling flights.

Getting a refund for flights with Shandong Airlines is simple. Once you’ve contacted the airline and asked for your money back, the representatives will give you an option of either crediting your flight to a new credit card or currency, or refunding you in cash.

In the case of flight cancellations, you will need to pay service and administration fees added to the cancellation charges if you opt for offline or self-service methods.

No. There are authorized channels where you can make a booking for the aforementioned service. The refund will be initiated to your passenger account within three weeks of initial purchase.

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