Scandinavian Airlines SAS Inflight WiFi Guide 2022 | How To Connect To SAS WiFi Onboard?

Scandinavian Airlines, a major player in Scandinavian air travel, has regular flights to over 90 destinations and connecting flights to 109 destinations around the world. Copenhagen-Kastrup Airport is their primary hubs which means travelers from around the world can easily access their planes.

To stay connected to the world, Scandinavian Airlines offers inflight wifi service on a substantial number of their flights at a reasonable price. Business-class passengers and EuroBonus members will get FREE wifi access when traveling in business class.

Fact about Scandinavian Airlines:

Name Scandinavian Airlines
Alliance Star Alliance
Parent CompanySAS Group
Headquarter Solna, Sweden
Main HubCopenhagen-Kastrup Airport
Inflight Wi-FiYes 
Passenger Destinations168
Operating Aircraft123
Social MediaFacebook

Scandinavian Airlines Inflight wifi service:

Scandinavian Airlines offers high-quality, high-speed internet onboard for domestic and international flights. Customers also have the option to purchase curated wi-fi packages if they’re flying in any class of air travel. Business class passengers and EuroBonus members will get complimentary wi-fi while traveling in business class.

Prices of Scandinavian Airlines onboard internet packages:

FlightsDKKNOKSEKEuro USDEuroBonusCard point 
Domestic and Scandinavian Flights3949494.9071000
European Flights3949494.9071000
Flights to/from Asia & the USA11914914915193000

Connecting to Inflight wifi can be problematic. But there are a few different ways that everyone should know.

Passengers on domestic and European flights will be able to use high-speed internet on their smartphones or laptops for streaming videos, surfing the internet, checking emails, and using social media. European flights from/to Asia and USA will still not have high-speed wifi but they are suitable for normal browsing, emails, and social media. Just follow these steps to connect to the Scandinavian Airlines inflight wifi.

  • On flights from/to Asia and the USA, it can be difficult to connect to the internet after takeoff because of cellular service. On domestic and European flights, you can already get on your device right away.
  • Tune your phone to the flight mood and enable offline cellular access on your device.
  • Connect to the SSID of SAS Airlines
  • You can manually open the SAS Wifi portal by going to the SAS website and inputting the desired network name.
  • We offer tailored packages that are just right for you. You can choose between different plans and pay with either EuroBonus Points or another method of payment.
  • Enjoy surfing!

Scandinavian Airlines 3G Mobile Network:

If the passenger on a flight to Asia or the USA is traveling with a service provider that is partnered with AeroMobile, they can use their mobile phone in those countries. The charges for text messages and phone calls will vary depending on the service provider and will be added to the passengers regular monthly bill.

Scandinavian Airlines Inflight Entertainment:

All the flights departing from Asia to other countries

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Scandinavian Airlines have free wifi?

YES, Scandinavian airlines offer inflight wifi service on many of their domestic and international flights.

Is streaming Netflix possible while on your Scandinavian Airlines flight?

Scandinavian Airlines offers high-speed internet on domestic and European flights. Their planes have onboard Wi-Fi which allows people to stream Netflix while they’re flying. This high-speed internet offerings are not available in other regions, however.

We offer phone service across Scandinavia. Because we fly in all seven of the Nordic countries, you’ll always be able to talk, text and even explore when you’re on the ground or in the sky.

With AeroMobile, your cellular phone service provider has partnered with Aero communications so you can use Aero services from the same app on your phone.

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