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Saudia mobile internet services have a high standard of performance. This is despite the fact that Saudia is the third-largest airline in the Middle East.

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On your short and long flights, certain aircraft provide inflight internet service to passengers.

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Saudia WiFi Plans

Saudia responds to online requests for in-flight Wi-Fi. They will immediately make up the difference if you qualify for any of their financial rewards discounts.

When you are planning a trip, it’s important for you to know what transportation options exist. Check out the website and make sure to look at any given discounts in order to save money on your trip.

The following is a description of the typical plan to expect on board.

Plan NameLimitationCharge
Flight PlanNot More Than 300MB24.49 Dollars
3 HRS PlanNot More Than 100MB14.49 Dollars
1 HRS PlanNot More Than 50MB9.49 Dollars

Just like WiFi is not available for all aircraft, it’s also limited to just a few. Despite this, all of the airlines are working on implementing advanced WiFi into more and more of their aircraft in the coming time.

These are a list of the one people that do: along with the ability to sort them by alphabetical order, product, price, and popularity.

Aircraft TypeTotal WiFi Equipped Aircrafts Under the Type

You can purchase the plans in several different ways. We accept payment with Visa and Mastercard, and Apple Pay is available as well through the iOS app.

How to Use Saudia WiFi Free?

Saudi airlines offer their passengers different services and experiences to try and make their flights as worthwhile as possible. And they even introduced a mobile app so that passengers can take advantage of their in-flight Wi-Fi on the go.

This is meant to help passengers with their work while they travel. This app makes it easy for the traveler to navigate their way throughout their phone, and it is the first in its genre.

To use this app, passengers are required to print their boarding pass on a smartphone and have it scanned on the device. This should trigger the system to provide an access code that is exclusive for On-air users.

Some of these flights require no additional personal details to connect. These flights include international flights that operate on A330s and B777-300s aircraft.

How to Connect Saudia WiFi?

  • Turning on Airplane mode helps with the communication process.
  • Then start the WiFi on your device.
  • The university is currently retrofitting their network. After scanning the QR code, you can use the UON’s network blip to connect to that system.
  • In order to connect to the onboard WiFi, you should ensure it is properly connected.

Chill Out Before You Return to the Desktop – If you’d like a faster-loading desktop check for any background apps before returning.

Saudia WiFi Inflight Entertainment

Before you book your flight and head to the airport, it’s important to find out what’s included with the airfare before you check-in. Airfare is not the only bill that comes with getting on board an airplane.

Saudi Arabia provides a range of WiFi services and amenities in airplane planes. It is an easy way to use the convenience that comes from taking flights from Saudia Airlines.

The available individual screen allows you to pick from a wide range of programs that update themselves each month. Saudia claims they update their website to provide the different items in so many languages as well.

Contents available for Saudi WiFi include a variety of genres of films, at least a dozen of them. There are also radio channels, series, cartoons, and documentaries consisting of TV programs, flight stress relieving relaxation shows, national and international news, interactive games and Geovision for tracking/locating the aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Is Saudia Wifi?

The speed of broadband services at Saudi Arabia’s Saudia airline is typically around 56kbps. The speed can vary depending on many factors, including the number of people using their wifi and where they are flying to, among others.

Who Is Saudia Airline Wifi Provider?

On-Air is a recognizable WiFi provider partnered with Saudia Airlines giving passengers inflight internet access with good coverage across their planes.

Does Saudia Wifi Allows using Netflix?

Yes, you can use the WiFi in Saudia to stream Netflix. You are allowed to watch it on any device with no hassle at all.

Do they have an in-flight Wi-Fi service on their Saudi Arabian aircraft?

Not really! There are specific aircraft that provide WiFi access to the passengers who are on their way from New York to Milan. And the total number of these aircraft is slightly less than 100.

Is Saudia WiFi a non-subscription service?

You’ll need to purchase a plan in order to use the in-flight WiFi service. In this type of service, it’s not free so you may want to buy a plan beforehand.

Do vouchers have a validity time period?

Yes. Most vouchers usually last for 12 months – with the exception of some promotion offers that have a limited time in which they are valid.

Do I have to purchase the Wi-Fi facilities for my aircraft after I’ve boarded?

Yes, that is possible. You can purchase your plane tickets at the airport and then purchase what you need from a package on our site without any problems.

Can I Get Saudia Airline Wifi Refund?

In most cases, you can. But it will be necessary for you to visit the official airline website and then fill up the contact form with a refund request. The flight number and ticket number will make sure you are able to get your money back when needed.

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