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Saudia Airlines Baggage Allowance, Fees & Sizes Policy Guide [2021]

If you’re flying out with Saudi Arabian Airlines this year, make sure you know what’s included in your baggage allowance. There’s nothing worse than realizing at the airport that you need to pay more for baggage fees! We’ll share what your baggage allowance is regardless of where you’re going on your intended journey- so keep reading!

Who Are Saudi Arabian Airlines?

Saudia Airlines, also known as Saudi Arabian Airlines, is the national airline of Saudi Arabia. They are based in Jeddah with one hub at King Abdulaziz International Airport near Dammam. They offer both domestic and international flights and cover a wide variety of destinations around the world.

Saudi Arabian Airlines Baggage Summary

Saudi Arabian Airlines has a Carry-On Baggage Policy for Economy Class

When flying from Saudi Arabia, in most cases there is no price difference on an economy ticket versus a saver or basic ticket. For example, say one person buys a Saver fare for an international flight that ranges between $200-600 for two people. On this route you will find the bag weight and size restrictions are mostly the same.

Should contain almost everything you need for international flights with you to make traveling a little more comfortable. Unlike other airlines, the hand luggage allowance is easier to fit in. The personal bag size specifies that the garment bag or suitcase fits under the seat in front of you or the overhead rack.

Saudi Arabian Airlines have their carry-on baggage policies. They are fairly clear with the specifications and rules for traveling with cargo.

If you’re a frequent flyer of Cathay Pacific, flying to Asia, Africa, Guangzhou, China or elsewhere in the world, you’ll enjoy an increased free carry-on baggage allowance. In business class when traveling any place in the world such as their East Asia routes you’ll enjoy an increased allowance of 12 kg for your hand luggage. You’ll also be delighted with the dimensions that come with flying in a premium cabin.

There may be some changes to the baggage policy with first class. However, your hand luggage weight limit is once again 12 kg, and you can just take one item. This applies to both Flex and Semi-Flex first-class tickets with Saudia. One important note is that if you are flying to the USA or on their Canada to Saudi Arabia route, you’ll only be allowed one carry-on bag.

Go ahead, bring a little extra luggage with you while on your journey with Saudia Airlines.

Regardless of what class you are flying in, there are certain free baggage allowance guidelines that must be followed when traveling with Saudi Arabia Airlines. For example, if your bag can fit in a closed overhead locker or underneath the seat in front of you, you will reach your 12kg limit before reaching your 20kg limit. Additionally, please ensure that none of your baggage exceeds two pieces of one article with no dimension exceeding 100 cm (more than 50 inch)

Saudi Arabian Airlines Cabin Baggage Personal Items

Saudia Airlines security rules are slightly different than other airlines. There is a list of items allowed to be shipped with your carry-on luggage and Saudia baggage rules will always have that information on their website.

Saudi Airlines state “However, if you’ve upgraded your guest class to first or business class, you receive a proper hand baggage allowance.” It must not exceed 18 x 8 x 14 inches. Items other than briefcases and bags are not allowed on board the Saudi Airlines flights. Your 9 kilo limit is tied to a briefcase or document bag.

Saudi Airlines Hand Baggage Policies Domestic Flights

If you are flying domestically within Saudi Arabia, you must abide by a weight limit on your baggage. If you fly in economy class, your free baggage weight limit remains at 7 kg for economy, but for passengers flying in business or first class, you receive a slightly smaller allowance when flying within Saudi Arabia and your hand bag must not exceed 9 kg in weight.

Saudi Arabian Airlines are cautious about luggage and will provide tips to help customers save some money.

Domestic Flights

As far as your baggage allowances for checked-in luggage, these will vary by class and whether you are flying internationally or domestically. For domestic flights, economy class is always subjected to a 23 kilogram weight limit. Saver fares do not include a bag, one piece of baggage is included with a Basic fare, and then four additional pieces of baggage are added if you purchase a Flex ticket.

It is recommended to upgrade to business and first class if a passenger wants to upgrade to international flights.

The Saudi Arabia policies for domestic flights are very generous with many tickets. You can always travel with the same baggage allowance regardless of whether you are a small child or an adult.

International Flights

Bags are not allowed above the bag limit for international passengers in designated economy class on a flight to a foreign destination.

Purchasing Excess Baggage

When traveling with Saudi Arabian Airlines, be sure to book excess luggage online as soon as possible. Depending on where you’re travelling, it has different rates at the time of booking and once purchased, your baggage can’t be changed or refunded. You pay an additional charge for buying excess luggage through the airline website.

Sporting Equipment Allowances for Checked Baggage

For international flights, the dimensions for all baggage should not exceed 158 cm or 62 inches. For domestic flights, you can check in up to three bags at the same time if they are within the required size and weight limit. You will still only be allowed to carry two of your bags into the cabin, and you need to pay an additional $67 USD per pack if you have more than one bag exceeding this weight. It’s also important that you aren’t transporting cargo on a domestic flight so it’s important that your bag fits within these boundaries.

Saudi Airlines is a Middle Eastern airline that connects the international community. It has different allowances for travel depending on where you are traveling in the world WHCW encourages you to check their baggage allowance in advance of your flight this year to avoid additional charges for your checked-in baggage or handbag upon arrival at the airport.

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