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Ryanair Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

Ryanair allows passengers to correct and change the names of tickets due to a misspelling, something entered by accident, or if they want to travel with a different name. The policy works through certain guidelines so travelers can know what they need to do in order to apply for changes like changing their address and personal details.

What is Ryanair Name Change Policy?

The policy in the Ireland-based airline includes rules. It guides individuals to make several changes mainly to your name on your ticket. As per that policy, you need to make sure that the information for your trip is exactly the same as it is on your passport or government-issued photo ID.

There are other terms and conditions that would be different than just requesting the name change including…

Ryanair Gift Voucher Name Change 

Name changes and corrections are not permitted on the promotional fares, future travel credit, or any ticket booked with electronic gift vouchers. If you have already taken your outbound flight and wish to change the name of all passengers in a booking, you may contact us under our legal clauses and considerations

Seat Selection After Ryanair Name Change

After a namechange request is made, passengers should select their seats again as well as check-in for the flight. If the purchased seats are not available, passengers will get the option to select new seats themselves. There is no guarantee that passengers will have the same spots as they had previously booked. Assuming they have better seats available at a cheaper price, then those passengers will be liable for those higher prices.

Other Important Rules for Name Change

Ryanair passengers can change their flight booking to the lowest available rate for passengers travelling with a tight departure time without a fee. There are rules which need to be kept in mind before changing a flight reservation and violating the Ryanair policy.

Ryanair Name Change Fee

Passengers must pay a non-refundable fee per person per booking to change the name on their ticket. The deadline is the day of departure and such fees vary depending on ticket type (airfare, accommodation etc.)

As per Ryanair’s name change policy, passengers booked a flight on the airline’s website have 48 hours to change the minor error of their name spelling on their flight ticket. If this is done, no re-booking fee will be charged. However, if the flight is in a different class of service, it will need to be rebooked.

Within 72 hours before the scheduled flight departure, Ryanair lets passengers who haven’t done anything report their name change to their local airport and be changed on their ticket. Beyond this deadline, it will spell the new name on the ticket at a cost of $200 USD

When it comes to changing your name, there is no need to be afraid. We will take care of the website change, and you can feel comfortable knowing that all our changes are completely safe and secure.

Ryanair Name Change Fees Time Window Fee Application  (Online) (In USD) Fee Application (Phone) (In USD) Fare Difference to be Paid
Within 48 hours None None Yes
After 48 hours 200  250  Yes

Types of Name Changes with Ryanair

Ryan Air is a company which allows passengers to change or correct the name for several purposes or reasons. For instance, if you made a booking with a maiden name and now want to change it to your married name. This and more other cases of name changes are covered below in more detail that will give you insight into how much fees would be charged, and how you can make the name change request.

Ryanair changes are subject to terms and conditions associated with its name change policy.

Change Name on Ryanair Gift Voucher

You can only edit or transfer your flight reservation once you have purchased a ticket. When giving the passengers their options for their flights, gift vouchers cannot be changed and must be used by the passenger name printed on their currently purchased tickets.

Maiden/Married Name Change

If the passenger is traveling on their maiden or married name, they can change their name later thus paying an extra 200 USD insurance cost. They will need to submit their old passport as proof of the name change and a receipt for the exchange.

Legal Name Change

Our name-changers allow passengers to modify their booking in the event that a legal name change has taken place or if someone wants to change their name before departure. The name changer fee is also applicable to changing a booking, so always make sure you understand what this service entails when set your travel dates.

Minor Name Change

Ouch! The spelling of your flight can be changed up to 3 characters without any change fee at all if you go through the My Booking section. However, applicable fare differences may apply when using a non-refundable fare type such as a ticket with flexible date or date variant.

Middle Name and Surnames

Airline passengers don’t need to provide a middle name or another last name on their reservation. As long as it appears exactly the same on your government-issued photo ID, airlines don’t charge for name changes. Airline passengers must show proof of identity when requesting a change and may be charged for any extra expenses related to their change.

How to Change Name on Ryanair Flight Ticket?

Passengers have the option of changing, amending or cancelling their flights online. They can find more information about this here. If you’d like to also make a change on your flight by phone, please call us at

Change Name on Ticket Online

To change your name, update it with the airline if possible. Then email or call them to request the name change. For example, if your reservation is under Jerry Doavens, then email or call the airline to update it to JT Doavens

In order to change the passenger name on an airline’s website, you will have to follow these steps.

Please note that changed request made online should be accomplished under the guidelines mentioned in Ryanair name change policy.

Change Name on Ticket over the Phone

Sometimes, you are holding a flight booking that does not support the name alterations. Or sometimes it is challenging to navigate online when completing the request. Contact Ryanair customer service by phone to complete any name changes. The process will subject to their fares and penalties if there are any.

Please note that the change made over the phone is accomplished under the guidelines mentioned in Ryanair’s name change policy.

Ryanair Correct Name on Ticket – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can request a name change through the My Booking section. You can change up to three characters on your first name, middle name, or last name. Name changes are available up to 48 hours before flight departure. Any changes with more than three characters can be made over the phone.

Passengers can request the name change or correction online via our website. Enter the booking details, and it will show you which passenger’s details need to be changed and how to update them. Once finished, select “Pay Now” to update your changes.

The airline does not need to make any changes before issuing a ticket. You can travel as your government-issued identification card suggests, with or without an additional last name. You also do not need to mention needing a name change on the booking request; you will only be required to present your identity for those who are flying without changing anything.

Ryanair’s policy on passenger name changes dictates that you can change your name up to 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure. It is possible for passengers to adjust the spelling of their names up to 3 characters prior to the mail out. This service comes with a fee of 200 USD.

With many airlines crushing their rates recently, it can become more difficult to get the best deal on airfare and find the cheapest time possible. However, Luftverket charges a $20 name change for any refunded flights within 30 days after travel date.

If your name needs to be changed, you can change the name on your booking outside 48 hours of buying it. It is subject to the airline’s changed fee and the fare difference in case there is any.

Yes, according to Ryanair’s name change policy, if a passenger has named on their passport or government-issued photo ID before the date of travel, they are allowed to change the name. Passengers need to pay the name change fee of €200 and need to submit documents justifying the new name. The fare difference may vary.

Ryanair is the only airline that supports the name change in exchange for a nominal fee. All other airlines do not support the name change, but force passengers to cancel a flight in order to get a partial or no refund for their travel plans.

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