Ryanair Baggage Size, Weight, Fees, Allowance & Policy 2022

Are you interested in the baggage you will have on Ryanair? If you are a non-priority customer/ buy a regular fare ticket, then your personal item will be up to 7 kg and the size it is approximately 40 X 20 X 25 cm.

We offer priority customer service, so if you are on the priority list, you get a bag weight of 70 kg for free.

Additionally, Priority Customers get two cabin bags. One will come with those who are not Priority and the other is a bag that is specially made for when you are flying Delta Airlines. For instance, a potential customer might purchase a 10 kg checked bag that they can pick up at their final destination. And as an added bonus, there is also a 20 kg checked-per-boarding bag which travelers can also avail on demand by paying for it.

Ryanair Cabin Bag Or Carry On Bag:

Ryanair has two types of ticket classes.

  • Non-priority customer
  • Priority customer

You can only bring a small bag with personal items – like a purse, laptop case, or backpack. The non-priority customer will get this 45cm x 45cm x 25cm bag only.

The question might be raised-who are the non-priority customers? Non-priority customers have purchased a regular fare ticket, Flexi Plus ticket, or connecting flight.

People who buy Priority Tickets can get two cabin bags that are specifically for their tickets. One bag is for passengers travelling with Basic tickets, and the other is for those travelling with Premium tickets.

One thing you’ll have to remember is that opportunity to score a good seat at one of these events is not often available. Do yourself a favor and get yours before it becomes sold out.

I need to know the price of the two cabin bags on Ryanair before I buy them.

The priority bag is the perfect size for everyday activities and includes a lifetime warranty. It costs €/£8 to €/£22, but there’ll be no risk in purchasing this bag because it doesn’t have a refund policy.

What do you get for your money when flying with Ryanair? The luggage on flights from Ireland

  • If your drone or quadcopter is powered by lithium batteries and you find yourself having issues with a stray battery over the course of operation, feel free to work within these restrictions so you can fly safe.
  • A self-inflating life jacket may be brought aboard before takeoff, or while checking your bags.
  • If you’re traveling by plane and need to bring something that does not exceed a certain size or weight, please check your luggage with the airline in advance.

How Much Checked Bag does Ryanair Provide?

Those who pay for priority likely won’t be flying Ryanair. If a non-priority traveler tries to bring it on the flight, they will end up paying extra money.

How to purchase checked bags?

There are multiple ways to purchase a checked bag on Ryanair. The process varies depending on when the customer intends to purchase their luggage. Customers can choose from purchasing at the time of booking an air ticket, during check-in or as an extra purchase on the website.

Do you know what the price of a check bag on Ryanair is?

The 10 kilograms checked bag in Ryanair. Keep in mind that this is non-refundable and depends on the routing/date. The cost for the non-priority customer is €/£45.99.

20 kg checked bag price:

20kg checked bag is priced between €/£ 20.99 and €/£ 59.99 depending on the routes and travel date, a high price can be charged if you purchase it by calling Ryanair’s call centre, airport or on the route with higher demand.

Ryanair baggage Price table

KGpricedimensionsTicket type
Small bag 7 kgfree40cm x 20cm x 25cm.Non-priority/priority
10 kg€/£ 12.99 to €/£ 35.9955cm x 40cm x 20cmFree for priority customers
20 kg €/£ 20.99 to €/£ 59.9981 x119 x 119 cm(height x width x depth)Paid for all
Extra per kg£/€11N/AFor all
2 cabin bags€/£8 to €/£22. N/A…N/A

Medical items allowance on Ryanair:

You need to obtain a medical equipment waiver before you go. You may be inspected by the TSA, and they only carry a limited number of personal items on board with them. It’s important that you keep your emergency medical supplies in your bag or separately, so they’re not lost or confused with other people’s, okay?

Sharing baggage allowance on Ryanair:

Customers can share luggage bags if their tickets are booked together. This means that if two customers purchase a 40 kg checked bag, they can share the luggage and take 15 kg in total, which equals to 40 kg.

Bag dimension allowance and restrictions:

Don’t be fooled by any amount at the airport weigh-in. This is not a guaranteed weight limit and you will have to pay a fee if the bag exceeds the weight limit.

When traveling, it is important that your personal item is not over 32kg and the max dimension is your bag should not exceed 81cm (height), 119cm (width) and 119cm (depth).

Sports equipment allowance:

  • Take your sports equipment with you when you book with us. All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the booking form and select ‘add extra equipment’ to tell us what you need.
  • If you’re traveling somewhere, and your sports equipment does not fit in the storage compartment, then you’ll need to check it in with the staff.
  • When your package not only exceeds 20kg but it also weighs more than 7 pounds, an additional cost of 0.25 pounds per kilo is automatically added to the total price.

Musical instrument allowance:

  • You can carry a different type of musical instrument if you have to add it as an option at checkout and then select the number of items.
  • We have to limit how much weight our musical instruments can be. If there is more than 20 kg, then the pax will have to pay a charge of (£/€11) per kilo.
  • Other than the interior space of an aircraft cabin, PAX will not allow a passenger to carry particular items in cabin prohibited.

Checked bag special declaration:

Baggage isn’t something to be ignored as it can affect a customer’s liability. The special declaration is to protect the baggage which increases the value of liability that checked bags must not be lost or damaged.


Frontier Airlines declines to offer a checked bag to all passengers who fly free because of an airline policy, not because it can’t.

One of the advantages of being a budget airline is that prices are kept low. Passengers can experience budget travel options such as shared economy and business Lounges.

How much weight and size does the Frontier Carry On hold?

It’s free for everyone when you purchase it no matter your priority, even if you are a regular ticket customer. The size will be 40 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm.

What is the price for ten kilos and twenty one kilos of checked bags?

Wherever you go, use your precious time and energy wisely by saving money at UberShopper when buying 10 kg – 20 kg & checked bags.

Do I need extra luggage? Here are some suggestions as to what you can do.

Airport pricing can be further looked up than through the website or in the airport. Our price calculator will show you this information.

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