Royal Air Maroc WiFi Onboard & Inflight Entertainment Guide 2022

Morocco’s national flag carrier airline Royal Airmaroc that is also the biggest airline in the country can be found here. Royal Air Maroc uses Mohammed V International Airport as it’s main hub. The company regularly operates scheduled flights to over 103 destinations all over Morocco and the world.

Royal Air Maroc Boeing 737 planes have inflight wifi connectivity. This allows passengers to use the internet without worrying about a hotel connection or other costs.

A Glance at Royal Air Maroc

Name Royal Air Maroc
Alliance Oneworld Alliance
HeadquartersCasablanca-Anfa Airport, Morocco
HubMohammed V International Airport
Focus CitiesMarrakesh Menara Airport
Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport
Inflight Wi-FiYes (Boeing 737)
Inflight Wifi
Passenger Destinations103
Operating Aircraft52
Social MediaFacebook

Royal Air Maroc Inflight WiFi: Sky-RAM

Royal Air Maroc collaborated with, who provides inflight entertainment for the Boeing 737s operated by RiAer Maroc. Passengers can use their device to take advantage of the wifi service to access movies, games, music, reading materials, shows and much more from an online server on board.

Royal Air Maroc does not provide wifi for the internet and it is impossible to use email, social media, or any other online activities.

Royal Air Maroc Inflight WiFi Cost:

Royal Air Maroc provides a free internet to the passengers on their short and medium-haul flights. The airport offers a variety of internet content for passengers’ entertainment. Royal Air Maroc currently does not offer Internet packages that can be used inflight.

To connect to the Royal Air Maroc In-flight WiFi Sky-RAM, we need an internet connection called a hotspot.

Passengers can enjoy inflight wireless entertainment on their own device using the Royal Air Maroc Inflight wifi. Our mobile services paired with our special routes allows for a great connectivity experience for all.

  • Download the SKY_RAM Player app on your device to turn it into a wi-fi access point and use it with your mobile data.
  • Enable the flight mode on your device.
  • Connect to the network ‘Sky-RAM’ if you want to get on the internet
  • You can quickly open your default browser, type in the address bar, and you’ll be there in no time
  • Log in to set up your profile and fill in the boxes on my profile.
  • Review the terms and conditions to see if they are suitable for you before accepting.
  • Enjoy your favorite latest content.

Do you want world-wide wifi on your flights? Royal Air Maroc has you covered with complimentary, unlimited access.

Royal Air Maroc is a European airline with Aemtradam and other European destinations. They fly Boeing 737-800 aircraft with inflight wireless entertainment services if you want to connect on your flight.

Royal Air Maroc has 787-8 airplanes that are regularly used for destinations in the U.S., specifically Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Denver, Cleveland and so on. The cabin onboard these planes doesn’t have a broadband connection. However, the airline provides all sorts of entertainment on the screens during flights in case people want to watch their favorite movie series or TV show.

Royal Air Maroc Inflight Entertainment:

Passengers at Royal Air Maroci can enjoy entertainment and Quran on their 8.9-inch screens in economy class. There are also larger screens in the business class that provide access to 45 programs (Arabic films, Hollywood films, documentaries, and TV shows) and 150 albums of different genres of music.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there any social media restrictions on fares for Royal Air Maroc flights to America?

Royal Air Maroc doesn’t offer wifi service on their flights. You can use it if you’re connected to the ground internet or if you want to call home and stay connected with family.

Does Royal Air Maroc provide free wifi on board their flights?

Royal Air Maroc’s 737 aircraft has wifi that is meant for passengers to only stream media from their own device. There are certain restrictions on what content can be streamed when using Royal Air Maroc’s in-flight wifi.

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