Qatar Airways Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

Qatar Airways does not allow passengers to create a speculative flight reservation with the hopes that their name change request will not be entertained at a later stage.

However, passengers can request name changes where they only have to change up to three letters of their name with Qatar Airways. If your name is changed and completed by calling the number or contacting an office, you must print out this piece of information.

In general, Qatar does not allow a whole name to be altered or changed to another traveler on the existing PNR. This would require cancelling the existing PNR and issuing a new reservation in the same class of service or using the current availability.

  • Qatar Airways name correction rules – It should be understood as the correction of a passenger’s last name, or title due to misspelled name or missing part of a passenger’s name due to type error.
  • Qatar Airways name change policy is by donating their tickets to charity. They can change their current name on the ticket at no cost, except for where passengers need to be legally allowed to make the personal changes.

Qatar Airways are switching the name of its airline brands to  “They offer a lot of sweet-tooth surprises.”

  • You may not request Qatar Airways to spell their name in anything other than the Roman alphabet and you will be required to forfeit the reservations you have made under FFP Privilege Club.
  • Transfer of ownership is not permitted.
  • All Qatar Airways reservations would be reissued once a name correction request has been actioned. Reservations could then process for the new route and change fees.
  • Qatar Airways booking cannot be accommodated all the time, even with interline or codeshare agreements. It is resolved by reissuing the PNR in the same or lower available class, subject to fare rules and availability.
  • Qatar Airways is renaming and reorganizing from the old QAIR to qatarairways. When you select your seat after the change, it’s only for that particular flight.
  • The name correction policy says that any flight segment associated with the wrong name has to be canceled in order to avoid no-shows. It is possible to claim a refund for an e-ticket and other such refunds can be made too.

Name Corrections Before A Ticket Is Issued

  • As per Qatar Airways name correction policy, the passenger’s first name and last name can be corrected up to 3 characters. The count of 3 characters is combined total and shall not be understood as the 3 characters each for the first name and last name.
  • Mr. Peterson was very careful in the three characters in their title that the passenger and space correction.
  • A flight change requires three characters; you may add or eliminate any of the following: date of birth, altitude, cabin class, major airport code.
  • For all of the corrections in excess of 3 characters or last name changes on a Qatar Airways ticket, please contact us at Qatar Airways’ customer service phone number.
  • Qatar Airways needed a document to ensure passengers have permission to change their first name, last name, title, or/any combination of them.

Name Corrections After The Ticket Is Issued

  • For requests concerning Qatar Airways name change, price changes, as well as correction, deletion, or modification of infants on the ticketed PNR booked exclusively on Qatar-operated flights, please contact Qatar Airways name recognition phone number.
  • Qatar Airways’s name is spelled with an incorrect first name. So if you want to legally change your name for the airline, a legal document is needed to do so in accordance with Qatar’s rules.

Qatar Airways Name Correction Fee

Qatar Airways charges a fee of $150 if passengers request a name change within 24 hours of their scheduled flight. The name correction has to be made with the help of a legal document, and this must happen on the same day as the original PNR, or within 24 hours. Passengers have to make sure that they also book a new ticket for their trip at the same or lower available class in order to avoid being charged an additional fee.

Qatar Airways charges a 250 USD name correction fee for passengers who request to change their name up to 3 characters beyond 24 hours of the flight.

How To Change The Name On The Qatar Airways Ticket?

You can change the name on your Qatar Airways flight online, as well as over the phone. Here is the step-by-step process to help you do so.

Change Passenger Name On Qatar Airways Booking Online

Here’s what you need to do – 

  • Visit, one of our top airlines. On the home screen, there is an option to ‘Manage Booking’. Click on this and choose your next flight.
  • Find your booking: Go to the PNR page for the reservation you’re trying to update, enter the last name of the passenger and click ‘Continue’.
  • After the booking is retrieved and entering the corrections, click on the name correction tab. Click next to the passenger’s name and type them into the designated field. As per Qatar Airways name correction policy, passengers may have up to 3 letters in their first and middle names changed.
  • Is this your ID? Enter the correct name that matches exactly with your government-issued photo ID (ID) or passport.
  • Occasionally our payments for non-Qatar airways flights will fail to be accepted. If passengers need to pay the name correction fee, it should be done in the text box on the checkout page.
  • Not only do Qatar Airways customers who send requests receive confirmation of the response, but they also receive the confirmation of their request on their registered email.

Change Passenger Name On Qatar Airways Booking Over The Phone

Send a message to Qatar Airways using the form at the bottom of their website and wait for the agent to get connected.

  • If you have a six-digit booking reference or 13-digit ticket number, please provide them so the agent can retrieve your booking and do the necessary changes.
  • Ask the agent to change your name to Qatar Airways. The Qatar Airways name change policy allows an airline representative to count 3 characters and only three characters of your first, middle, and last name along with your full names can be changed.
  • Pay the Qatar Airways name change fee. Your ticket needs to be changed because the name on your ticket has been changed. The fare difference may apply when you do this.
  • Name correction confirmation. Once the process is completed, you will receive an email. This email will let you know the name correction change was successfully entered into our system.

Qatar Airways Name Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Individual’s first name, middle name, or family name may only be changed on Qatar-operated flights if it is up to three characters in length. Please note that spaces and titles are counted in the individual’s request. May not be approved if there is no ticket stock with 157 in the beginning of the order.

Qatar Airlines bookings must be cancelled before they can be moved. You must process a refund and purchase a new flight reservation within seven (7) days of booking to have the original passenger’s reservations refunded.

Qatar Airways handle name changes just like other airlines. There is a special phone number that passengers can use to make any necessary changes or have their name printed on the boarding pass.

You need to use first name, middle name, and last name as it appears on your Qatar Airways travel document at the time of booking. When you do this, you must check with our team to see if your name has already been taken or if you can change your last name to one which is not in use. We’re sorry but we cannot accommodate changing the middle name.

Qatar Airways requires a 150 USD name correction fee after booking if the change is requested within 24 hours from the date of booking. Beyond this point, a 250 USD name correction fee will be applied as they recommend.

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