Qatar Airways Check-In – 2022[updated]

You can now use the new Qatar Airways check-in system. The new system lets passengers select their seats at the airport and print boarding passes. It also makes it easier to drop off your bags to minimize waiting time at the airport.

Qatar Online check-in opens 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure. You have the option to check in at the airport 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

Qatar Airways is the only airline that provides its in-flight check-in option at the airport. This means guests can also transfer airlines leisurely and quickly. It is not available for flights operated with another airline, however.

Qatar Airways Flight Check-in Time

The time of Qatar flight check-in varies online and offline. In order to meet the deadline for the on-time transfer, flight check-ins will operate according to the Qatar Airways guidelines. Those who fail to comply with these guidelines may not board their flight or have a reduced or eliminated booking value

Online Check-in Time

Qatar Airways’ web check-in feature may enhance the travel experience. It will help people save time and security by allowing passengers to print the Qatar Airways boarding pass ahead of the trip, so when they land at the airport or cruise terminal there is not a long queue for check-in. They can head straight to baggage drop-off. Online check-in is now available for 90 minutes in advance for free on Qatar Airways.

  • Most flights across the United States depart 24 hours before their scheduled arrival time.
  • 48 hours before the announced departure, all flights regardless of their departure time will be interrupted for the other aircraft to arrive and get off.

To create an advanced passenger booking at Qatar Airways, passengers must go to the passengers website and use their booking confirmation code. At Qatar Airways, passengers provide their name, detail about what’s in their carry-on bag, decision to give up their seat on the return home, and if they’re willing to pay for extra legroom or a Business Class ticket.

  • Be prepared to have it printed before you arrive at the airport.
  • Via Qatar Airways boarding pass app
  • Receive the boarding pass via registered email

Mobile App Check-in Time

Taking the Qatar flight check-in app is easy and enjoyable. After installing it to your smartphone, you will always know when to run to the airport. This app will show you what gate your flight leaves from and if you need a seat upgrade over your phone.

Passengers looking for an easy and personal way to browse all their flights, find new travel opportunities, and get the latest info on all of Qatar Airways’ destinations now have amazing Geneva to Doha flight deals available via the app.

  • When completing a Qatar check-in request, they can point their camera at the QR code on their passport.
  • Use Qatar Airways Airpass at the airport and, when you’re ready to leave, add that into your wallet
  • Get to your destination luggage securely and quickly with the baggage claim counters at the airport.

Qatar allows international flights to monitor their package with check-in up to 2 hours before departure, and 1.5 hours prior to regular departure in the Middle East.

Airport Check-in Time

Travellers can check in for their flights at the airport. Their first class lounge, called The First Class Oasis, offers a variety of delicious international cuisine and is located alongside various connecting counters.

  • Qatar Airways is required to have travelers present at the boarding gate no later than the time specified by the airline when they check-in. For All Qatar Airways Domestic Flights Check-in Time – The eGate and self-check-in counters close 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. The boarding gate closes 30 minutes prior. All airlines recommend passengers being extra careful, but also presents plenty of opportunities for adventure.
  • For All Qatar International Flight Check-in Time – The check-in counters for Qatar international flights close 75 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. Qatar Airways airport check-in starts 4 hours before the scheduled departure. Passengers need to present at the boarding gate no later than the time specified by the airline when they check-in.

Qatar Airways Boarding Zones

Qatar Airways has a Check-in area, sometimes known as the Qatar Arrival areas (place of arrival), whereby passengers may get to know about their flight progress such as it being on time or delayed.

Passengers are required to carry all the documents at the Qatar Airways boarding gate. The Qatar Airways e-ticket, exit permit, and destination visa are only some of the documents that passengers must show.

Travellers reach the Qatar Airways boarding zone in a number of ways. The ticket type determines this fee including the price of transfers, luggage fees, etc.

  • If you’re flying with Qatar Airways as a First Class or Business Class passenger, passengers need to enter the departure gate through Gate 1
  • If you’re a one-world club member or Qatar Airways airport check-in service subscriber, just arriving or departing at the airport would see you in the third row.
  • In order to access the departure hall of this airport, all Economy Class passengers have to enter through Entry Gate 2 and 3.
  • Passengers who are flying with another airline and do not have Qatar Airways as their multiple segments should go through Entry Gate 4 as they cannot enter the Departure away from there.

Qatar Check-In Baggage

Qatar Check-In Baggage

When you book your flight with Qatar Airways, you’ll get our world-class baggage check-in process. We’ll have it all set up for you. Simply print out the tag and check in your bags through our easy process at the airport counter.

You can use a check-in baggage tag to have a hassle-free airport experience. Here are the considerations related to the use of a check-in baggage tag.

  • There is no need to check in luggage 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Your bag can be up to the size of a pet carrier and below the passenger allowance.
  • Each passenger can pre-print as many tags as they will need for one sector.
  • It doesn’t matter which connecting flights you choose when you book your next trip–or even if you want them to think about it for you; the airline will only allow you to access its baggage tags once you’ve already collected your checked-in luggage that was placed on your previous flight in order to skip the airport process.

Check in for your flight to your intended destination on Qatar Airways with these simple steps.

  • To find the check-in location, click on the Qatar Airways tab in the airline’s website and put in your reservation confirmation.
  • Once the check-in request is completed, the ‘confirmation page’ will appear. Select “more options” and “enter baggage details. Add a number of checked bags to confirm, and click “print check-in baggage Qatar.” Pass”
  • The plastic wallet provided at the Qatar Airways airport check-in counter contains e-tickets, boarding passes and baggage tags in a slick, easy-to-access way.
  • If you need your luggage to be shipped, your let us know in advance and it will be waiting for you at the airport.

Qatar Airways Check-In Baggage Dimension

A few airlines will tell you how many bags and the weight allowance for a flight. Find out for Qatar Airways by checking with them directly.

This Qatar Airways weight restriction chart may change depending on the route and class of service. Here are the dimensions for check-in baggage that you might need to know before leaving for your flight.

  • Our x-large baggage policy is only trumped by Qatar Airways. Our luggage carrying capacity is perfect for your next trip.
  • Airlines weigh each piece of luggage after check-in. Baggage over 32 kg weighs extra.
  • Please check the number of carry-on bags and any size limits for your flight. You will be charged extra if you exceed them.

There is an overview of the Qatar International Airport’s baggage allowances according to one’s class.The different classes of airport, and their baggage allowances for passengers will be given a little later on.’

Economy ClassicEconomy ConvenienceEconomy Comfort
To and from all international destinations1 piece (25 kg)1 piece (30 kg)1 piece (35 kg)
To and from the Middle East, and Africa2 pieces (23 kg each)2 pieces (23 kg each)2 pieces (23 kg each)
Carry-on baggage allowance1 piece (7 kg)1 piece (7 kg)1 piece (7 kg)
Business ClassicBusiness ComfortBusiness Elite
To and from all international destinations1 piece (40 kg)1 piece (40 kg)1 piece (40 kg)
To and from the Middle East, and Africa2 pieces (32 kg each)2 pieces (32 kg each)2 pieces (32 kg each)
Carry-on baggage allowance2 pieces (15 kg total)2 pieces (15 kg total)2 pieces (15 kg total)
First Elite
To and from all international destinations1 piece (50 kg)
To and from the Middle East, and Africa2 pieces (32 kg each)
Carry-on baggage allowance2 pieces (15 kg total)

How to Check-in on Qatar Airways?

Passengers can complete airways check-in at Qatar airport online, via web or mobile app, or through customer service number. Let’s understand the step-by-step procedure as to how passengers can complete the check-in with these methods –

Qatar Airways Web Check-in

Checkin is easy with Qatar Airqa site. Just answer a few questions to have your online rebooking request completed in seconds.

  • Visit, and locate your check-in tab on the homepage to begin your journey.
  • Enter your six-digit booking reference alongside the surname of the passenger in the required field and click on the ‘Check-in’ button.
  • Qatar Airways web check-in allows travelers to add their requests for seat selection and other travel-related services 24 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • You tell us where you’ll be and what time of day your flight is, and we’ll give you the best available meal service options for getting to your gate at that time.
  • Last, click on “Confirm” button to provide your Qatar airways boarding pass. You can print it right away or save the link in your registered email address to print it later.

Qatar Airways does not offer online check-in for passengers who have not travelled with Qatar Airways since he first been a passenger.

  • Passengers under the age of 18 who booked the Qatar Airways flight were unaccompanied
  • Passengers who would like to request a wheelchair or any other passenger traveling in special circumstances, we try our best to accommodate these requests.

Qatar Airways Mobile App Check-in

You can now check in for your Qatar Airways flight on the go with the staff check in mobile app. Apply for the staff check in mobile app for iOS, or search for “Qatar Airways” in Android, then download and install onto a supported device.

  • Launch the Qatar Airways app to get a location before move there.
  • Please enter the e-ticket number or booking reference along with the name of the passenger to retrieve the booking
  • On the next page, select your seat for your scheduled flight via the map displayed on your mobile phone. Also add a meal request alongside any special requests, if any.
  • After you click the ‘Confirm’ button, the mobile boarding pass is instantly generated. After you save it to your smartphone, you can view and download it when needed.

Qatar Airways Check-in Phone Number

If you’re a first-time traveler and cryptocurrency seems confusing, you can seek assistance over the phone for your flight check-in request. All you need to do is

  • To speak with a representative from the Qatar Airways customer service, call their dedicated phone number.
  • Ask for your flight check-in 3 hours before any initial departure. Completing a request in the last few minutes can cause serious delays at the airport.
  • We provide the Qatar Airways booking details so that your flight executives can easily find out any reservations that have been made.
  • Inform the staff members at the check-in desk and flight station of the meal preferences and seat selection.
  • Qatar Airways send an email after you submit the request. Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for it ping back, but finally your boarding pass will be there waiting for you as soon as Qatar Airways receive your request. You might want to print it now so you don’t have to wait until later.

Qatar Airlines Check-in Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Airline check in service starts to take off two hours before a flight departs. The Airline closes three hours prior to a domestic flight and 90 minutes ahead of international flight departure time.

To get access to your flight, check in 24 hours in advance or longer with the Qatar Airways portal. Passengers can select their seats and confirm them right on screen before they book a flight. Passengers will receive a Qatar Airways check-in boarding pass that can be printed right away or sent to their registered email address.

The check-in process for Qatar Airlines is much easier from the United States. They allow you to prepurchase your boarding passes and make reservation up to ninety minutes prior to take off.

With their Flight Tracker feature available on their homepage, Qatar Airways lets passengers view their flight’s current status. People can use this tool to determine whether they should be waiting at the airport that day. This control helps travellers and passengers avoid costly delays. In addition to that, Qatari Airways also provides an estimated arrival and departure time for flights scheduled online.

  • You can get your gate number, flight number, and seat’s information to make the booking process easier. Visit and enter the booking reference along with the passenger’s surname.
  • Check-in for your flight by clicking on the ‘confirm’ button. When the confirmation page appears, review where you need to go and what time the flight takes off from to give yourself enough time before the check-in window closes. You can also send a paper airline boarding pass to your registered email address or mobile number by sending it by clicking on the top right box in your confirmation screen that says ‘Print’.
  • Before confirming the details of passengers on your booking, you can decide which seats are suitable for you or make any changes to the order of booking.

Passengers can carry a copy of their Qatar Airways boarding pass if they are not traveling with the checked baggage. It is also possible to proceed directly to the security checkpoint on this form if he or she is trying to avoid re-packing his or her bag.

Qatar Airways has made it easy to check in. You can either print a boarding pass on your computer or send the details to your mobile phone or email address.

At the airport, passengers can simply visit the Qatar Airways check-in counter and ask one of the flight executives. If it is not a non-restricted fare, passengers would not be entitled to any refund. Passengers can also cancel Qatar Airways flight check in by calling at Qatar Airways customer service number.

To get on the plane, people need to complete their check-in, as per Qatar Airways guidelines. If people can’t finish checking in 3 hours before the flight departure, then the airline won’t let them take the trip. With no chance for compensation if they don’t show up, customers also lose all of their money too.

Check-in for Qatar operated flights is available within 48 hours of departure. As with other airlines, there is a 24-hour window for American reservations. When comparing prices, it’s important to know the policies before buying airfare.

Departures from Qatar may differ depending on the airport of departure. Qatar Airways recommends that passengers arrive 3-4 hours before the scheduled departure to avoid peak hours.

Once you arrive in Qatar, these are the first steps to take. By using our unique mobile app and hardware, you can check-in quickly and receive your boarding pass on your mobile device. This gives you more time to enjoy your trip.

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