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Qatar Airways Baggage Policy – 2022

Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance

Complete Guidelines About Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance

Carry on baggage is available for purchase by anyone traveling with a Qatar Airways ticket. The following information will help you determine the size you can take with you, as well as the airlines’ policy and associated weight allowance.

Qatar Airways Checked Baggage Allowance

Given that the weight of items you are bringing on Qantas is curbed, you will still be able to purchase a travel route, where the weight concept will apply. It does not matter if the limit for a specific amount of pieces are less than what is allowed in Qatar Airways’s policy;

Recently, Qatar Airways has new guidelines for their baggage and passed them by our team to make sure they are followed.

Baggage allowed in Qatar Airways Economy Class

Economy Classic Economy Convenience Economy Comfort
Flights to/from all destinations 25kg (55lb) 30kg (66lb) 35kg (77lb)
Flights to/from Africa or America 2 pieces (23kg/50lb each) 2 pieces (23kg/50lb each) 2 pieces (23kg/50lb each)

Qatar Airways Business Class Baggage Allowance

Business Classic Business Comfort Business Elite
Flights to/from all destinations 40kg (88lb) 40kg (88lb) 40kg (88lb)
Flights to/from Africa or America 2 pieces (32kg/70lb each) 2 pieces (32kg/70lb each) 2 pieces (32kg/70lb each)

Qatar Airways First Class Baggage Allowance

First Elite
Flights to/from all destinations 50kg (110lb)
Flights to/from Africa or America 2 pieces (32kg/70lb each)

Qatar Airways Carry-On Baggage Limit and Allowance

 As per Qatar Airways, passengers are allowed to carry their carry-on luggage as well as a personal item during the flight if necessary.

Please note the dimensions and limits below are in accordance with Qatar Airways baggage policy.

Qatar Airways Baggage Fees

Here is a list of all the baggage fees for Qatar Airways. These are their baggage fees that you will be charged from domestic and international destinations.

Baggage category Fee Max Weight Max Size (L+W+H)
First checked bag 30 USD 50 Pounds 62 Linear Inches
Second checked bag 45 USD 50 Pounds 62 Linear Inches
Third checked bag 150 USD 50 Pounds 62 Linear Inches
Fourth(+) checked bag 200 USD 50 Pounds 62 Linear Inches

Qatar Airways Excess Baggage Policy

Qatar Airways is offering a route with specific fares in mind. These fares are meant to help customers experience Qatar. Here are the most important aspects of their extra baggage policy –

Passengers can save up to 20% with the buy offer on excess baggage. To make the purchase people should go in-person at the airport counter and talk to a different Qatar Airways check-in agent than they saw when they checked in. This will give them 3 hours prior to takeoff to purchase bags but not more than 45 kilograms per person. There is a summary of that information below including this time period and cost –

From/To Europe South/East Asia Central Asia Japan,Korea Australia Iran Qatar
Europe and USA USD 30 USD 30 USD 30 USD 40 USD 50 USD 25 USD 25
South/East Asia USD 30 USD 30 USD 30 USD 45 USD 50 USD 25 USD 25
Central Asia USD 30 USD 30 USD 30 USD 50 USD 50 USD 30 USD 30
Japan, Korea USD 40 USD 45 USD 50 USD 50 USD 70 USD 35 USD 30
Australia USD 50 USD 50 USD 50 USD 70 USD 70 USD 40 USD 40
Iran USD 25 USD 25 USD 30 USD 35 USD 40 USD 15 USD 15
Qatar USD 17 USD 20 USD 21 USD 25 USD 30 USD 14

Qatar Airways Missing Baggage

Some people might experience a delayed suitcase. In the case, the airline won’t be able to find it, passengers’ delayed baggage would be received within 24 hours and can be delivered to your home, office, or hotel.

Qatar Airways makes baggage claims easy. You can let the airline know while you’re in the airport and they’ll dispatch a driver to pick up your luggage, or you can let them know at the airport before leaving.

Qatar Airways Lost Baggage – In case of baggage, the company is required to take care of your lost bag items within 7 days. The airline also helps you find your lost baggage online if they become unable to deliver it in person.

Qatar Airways Baggage Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Qatar Airways’ passengers have four options when it comes to overstaying their luggage: 1) Buy a prepaid baggage online through the website, 2) Get an extra bag online three hours before departure or at the airport counter and pay half-off of the Terminal Handling Fee, 3) Take an additional bag with you and pay a liability fee of 60 USD per excess piece, or 4) Give up the extra baggage.

Yes, Qatar Airways is quite compassionate with their infant baggage policy. Passengers are entitled to carry two pieces of carry-on luggage weighing a maximum of 10 kg on all domestic and Gulf travel routes. Travelers traveling to the USA, Canada, Europe, and South America are entitled to carry one carry-on bag weighing a maximum of 10 kg, and one little extra bag we

Qatar Airways is trying to make it easier to pack as much luggage as the airline allows. Here are some helpful suggestions and do’s & don’ts. One, you can pack items up to 50 kg if you upgrade to Premium Class or Business Class during check-in. Two, please don’t break the rule on baggage allowance. Check your suitcase weight before packing anything else in case it weighs more than 32 kg. Three, any excess baggage is charged at a fixed rate which starts from 43 dollars each way per kilogram of luggage and applies for checked baggage only

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