Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance, Carry On Size, Weight, Fees, Limits & Policy

Qatar Airways protects their travelers through the widest offer of services ensuring that their customers are safe during journey. Their prices for baggage amount is also well below the regular amount of 180 pounds.

All of Qatar Airways’s baggage policies are based on class of service and route. If you’re traveling through economy class, you can check up to 30kg and 300cm in size. The dimensions for travel with a personal carry-on bag should be 50x37x25 cm, but the weight doesn’t have to match this criteria. Carrying your child’s carry-on on with you wouldn’t be an issue, as it would not be checked separately.

Qatar Airlines Carry-on Baggage Guideline

  • Personal items will be free of charge.
  •  Standard carry-on bag:
  •  Economy class: 1 FREE suitcase up to 7 kg. If a person has more than 7 kg, they are charged depending on the weight of their suitcase
  • Enjoy our exclusive offer for  first and business class, you already get 2 free suitcases with a total weight of 15 kg.

 Size restrictions:

  • Qatar Air tickets are known for their affordable flights. There is a size limit for the items you can bring in the cabin, but there are no restrictions on what types of items this limit can include.
  • Carry-on luggage: typically designed to comfortably fit in one’s cabin or carry-on bag.
  •  carry-on luggage for babies on the lap
  • You can only take the size of your luggage or one personal item on each flight. Anything beyond that is considered an item of your children’s (grown-up) carry-on luggage.
  • For economy class, you can check in 1 item, such as a stroller or baby carrier, free of charge. On flights to/from Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the United States (USA), an infant can check 2 pieces of luggage up to 50 pounds each maximum weight. For Business class-holders who need further assistance with their luggage, regular fees apply.

Qatar Airlines Checked Baggage Policy

Qatar Airlines allows you to take on a certain amount of baggage which varies depending on the route and what cabin class your flight is in.

Business Class

  •  The checked baggage is allowed on all passengers’ flights in Business Class cabins, so the size of their baggage doesn’t have to be more than 158 cm in overall dimensions -length, width and height.


  • There are rules regarding the weight, size and type of baggage you can transport for flights to and from India. A maximum weight of 50 kg and a maximum length of 300cm must be transported in checked baggage. If you fly in business class, your bags won’t exceed 40kg, nor need they be any longer than 300cm.

Economy class

  • Travellers travelling in Economy Class on a Qatar Airlines flight can carry up to 30 kg of baggage, which must not exceed 300 quarts.



Qatar Airways will help you plan out your baggage beforehand so that you can use their services well.

For more information about the checked baggage, please visit

Baggage Weight Policy of Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways charges for excess baggage. People who carry more than the usual weight, size limits, and more will be charged an extra fee.

Maximum Free Weight

Bags weighing more than 23 kilograms are considered overweight and in Qatar they will charge market value fees to imposing bags. For bags weighing between 23.13 kg- 44.91 kg, the fee is $30 kilogram.

Maximum Free Dimension

There will be a fee of $ 75 which applies when bags exceed the 62-inch or 157-centimetre size limit (including wheels and handles).

Baggage Size, weight & Fee at a Glance

I will start by describing the different types of carry on luggage that you can use.

Below, there are up to 8 pieces of checked baggage you can buy at the airport in Qatar Airways.

Travel ClassBrazil and Argentina FlightsArgentina, US, Canada flightsFlights within Doha, Casablanca and MarrakechFlights from AfricaOther destinations
Economy2 pieces with a maximum weight and dimension of 23kg 158cm2 pieces with a maximum weight and dimension of 23kg 158cmMaximum weight and dimension of 45kg 300cmMaximum weight and dimension of 45kg 300cmMaximum weight and dimension of 30kg 300cm
Business2 pieces with a maximum weight and dimension of 32kg 158cm2 pieces with a maximum weight and dimension of 32kg 158cmMaximum weight and dimension of 60kg 300cmMaximum weight and dimension of 60kg 300cmMaximum weight and dimension of 40kg 300cm
First-class2 pieces with a maximum weight and dimension of 32kg 158cm2 pieces with a maximum weight and dimension of 32kg 158cmMaximum weight and dimension of 60kg 300cmMaximum weight and dimension of 60kg 300cmMaximum weight and dimension of 50kg 300cm

Items prohibited from being carried on flights

Qatar Airways customers should not bring any item to their flight that is too big for your hand baggage. If you have something too large, follow the steps below to make sure it’s easy to board your plane.

  •  The requirements when packed in a carry-on bag are that you can not carry any liquid containers with your in the aircraft cabin that are more than 3.4 ounces or 100ml. All your containers must be in a zip-up plastic bag and shouldn’t exceed one liter.
  • All weapons of any kind, including pocket knives, are not allowed on-board (whether a flight or car). This includes red balls, explosives and flammable materials like lighters and fireworks. Laptops also must remain with passengers at all times and lithium batteries in checked luggage should also be avoided.
  • Hand luggage must be present when carrying golf clubs and other blunt objects. Taking them with you to the game or on your trip could result in airport security issues.


What happens if my carry-on bag is slightly overweight?

The airline is a bit flexible about the size of your luggage, but there will be weight charges on over-sized luggage. The decision to take larger luggage is up to you.

How to avoid baggage fees?

You can link to the airline’s baggage policies before you travel. You’ll understand the strength of your bag so that you know how many items it can hold and what restrictions might be in place.

How strict are Qatar airlines about the carry-on size?

Travelers often get confused when they’re trying to figure out what can and cannot be carried on. But you should weigh the cost of going over the weight and size allowance so you know what to expect in return.

Will there be any compensation if my luggage gets lost or damaged?

They have a full day service for unwanted baggage. You should report your baggage within one whole day of arrival. If they fail to do this, they will compensate you. Also, if there’s any damages to your baggage, make sure you report it as soon as possible so that they can reimburse you with your conditions fulfilled.

Is there any way to pre-pay for my Baggage using Qatar Airways?

We provide an option for customers to prepay for their baggage online. Customers can receive up to 20% off the luggage fee. They can also do this by calling the airline via the call centre or at check-in since our fees are a little bit higher than online.

What is Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance to the USA Passengers?

Economy class passengers to the USA can carry a 7 kg (20 x 15 x 10in/ 50 x 37 x 25cm) carry on bag and 2 pieces of checked luggage, each of the bags can be of maximum 23 kg (50 Ib). For business class passengers, they have 1 carry on bag of 20 kg (25 x 15 x 10in/ 60 x 37 x 25cm) and 2 pieces of checked luggage.

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