Qantas Baggage Allowance, Size, Weight, Extra Baggage Fees Guide 2022

Before you embark on any journey or vacation, you’re going to have an idea of where you’re going or with whom. However the most important thing that’s already turning over in your head is the amount of stuff you can bring with you. Right! So now you’re searching everywhere for every little detail about it. And so this information pertains to you.

Is your family and friends are travelling with you? You must like knowing how much everyone can carry so you don’t have to worry about them not having enough baggage allowance. Some people might have stopped growing. There is a weight for different ages on the list of people you’ll go with: infants (0-2 yrs) can only weigh 10kg and children (3-17 years) need to weigh less, but not less than 15kg.

Qantas Carry-on Baggage Allowance:

When you’re travelling, it is best to bring a purse with you on board. But you should keep in mind that airport restrictions apply. Do not over fill your packing space or exceed the weight limits.

           Travel Class             Weight ( kg )        Dimension 
            First class                 10     56cm + 36 cm + 23 cm
        Business Class                10    48 cm + 34 cm + 23 cm
      Premium Economy Class                 7    48 cm + 34 cm + 23 cm
        Economy Class                 7     56 cm + 36 cm + 23 cm

Qantas Carry on Bag For Infant (0-2 years):

The airlines allow infants to take only a limited amount of luggage through the gates. 

          Travel Class         Allowance         Additional items
       First Class         10 kg  Plus 3 infant items
       Business Class          10 kg Plus 3 infant items
   Premium Economy Class          None Plus 3 infant items
       Economy Class          None Plus 3 infant items

Qantas Carry On Bag For Children (0-12 years): 

Every child is allowed the same amount of baggage when flying. There are different allowances for flights depending on where you’re flying from and which airline you are flying with.

          Travel Class         Allowance  Additional items
       First Class    Same as an adult  Plus 2 child items
       Business Class    Same as an adult  Plus 2 child items
   Premium Economy Class    Same as an adult  Plus 2 child items
       Economy Class     Same as an adult  Plus 2 child items

Baggage Allowance:

Airline baggage allowance depends on the flight you want to travel. You will receive a different weight allowance, depending on the type of plane you choose to fly in.

The Types of flights are:

  • Economy Class
  • Premium Economy Class
  • Business Class 
  • First Class 

International Flights Weight Allowance (For Adults):

                Travel Class               Weight (kg)
             Economy Class                   30   kg
       Premium Economy Class                    40   kg
              Business Class                     40  kg
                 First Class                     50 kg 
  • U-hundred and fifty-eight centimeters is the maximum dimension for each piece (each set of pieces should not be more than 158 cm)

Special Membership Baggage Allowance:

Now if you’re interested in joining the Lugg Club, your luggage can be on many different supports.

The type of membership is:

  • Members of Qantas Club can book flights on Qantas and Silver Frequent Flyers can reserve seats.
  • Gold Qantas’s Frequent Flyers.
  • Platinum Frequent Flyers 
      Travel Class Qantas Club Member       Gold      Platinum 
 Economy Class       42 kg         46 kg          50 kg
Premium Class       52 kg          56 kg           60 kg
Business Class       52 kg         56 kg            60 kg 
First Class        62 kg         56 kg             70 kg 
  • If your international and domestic flights are on a single ticket, you can use the same number of pieces of checked-in luggage when traveling across country borders.

Piece of Baggage Allowance:

Airlines will give you a restriction on how much luggage can you bring. With it, you can easily figure out the limit and decide what is best for your travel class.

            Travel Class          Amount           Weight (kg) per piece
       Economy Class          2 pieces                 23 kg
      Premium Economy Class           2 pieces                 23 kg 
       Business Class           3 pieces                  32 kg
         First Class           3 pieces                   32 kg

Extra Baggage Allowance:

When you’re travelling it’s important to make sure that everything for your trip is packed. Sometimes an excess of baggage will cause you problems with airport staff and airlines. What happens in those situations, depends on the airport and how much extra baggage you have. It can cost anywhere from a few airline pounds to an expensive taxi ride.

             Type Of Flights                  Charge Fee (IN USD)
   Between Australia Domestic                     25.95
 Between Australia and New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea                   40.78
 Between Australia and Asia                    70.43
 Between Australia, Europe and South Africa                     159.40
 Between Australia North or South America                      88.94

Medical Item Allowance:

If you have medical equipment with prescriptions and it needs to be taken with you on the plane, contact your doctor so that it can be arranged.

  • Wheelchairs are allowed on the Airlines. 
  • Our bags are now compatible with medical equipment and travelers citypass holders can carry a second piece of medical equipment without any additional charge.
  • If a passenger has a communicable disease or condition that could be transmitted to the passengers, then the passenger is expected to show the prescription and proof that it is not infectious to other passengers.

Prohibited things:

Every airline has a list of restricted items. They are items that are strictly forbidden and can not be brought on the airplane. People must stay away from those items.

  • Flares, Gun-powder
  • Fireworks, party poppers
  • Insect spray
  • Car-motor bike batteries


What should you do when you want to carry extra luggage? 

You need to pay extra if you want to check any luggage. The price will depend on your flight and how much weight that it is. You can also see the cost per kilogram by clicking the link provided on our homepage.

What’s the maximum weight capacity for carry-on luggage?

Qantas Airlines provide their members with the freedom to choose their luggage. If you choose a first-class and business class then you can carry 10 kg weight and if you choose economy class then you can carry 7 kg.

How many bags you can take on Qantas?

The weight of your luggage depends on the travel class you choose. If you choose the business class, you can take 2 pieces for up to 32 kg and if you choose economy, you can take 1 piece for up to 23 kg.

Can infants carry any hand baggage?

In Economy class, infants have less freedom to carry their hand baggage. So if you’re travelling with infant passengers, be careful and make sure that they know the rules.

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